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My tongue piercing experience

Now to clarify that it was not 6 months ago, it was seven months ago and go strong. My decision to get my tongue pierced was a week prior to my birthday. My parents had asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I hadn't decided what I wanted for my birthday, which is unlike me for I want the world. I told them let me think about it. They told me okay and let me watch my TV. While I was watching Mythbuster (Love that show) I saw for a myth that one of the mythbusters (I think it was Adam) had to get their tongue pierced. On whim I decided I wanted my tongue pierced. Now I love to try and freak out my parents, so when I told them I wanted my tongue my intensions were to see if they would flip. Of course my dad just asked if that's what I really want, and my mom said it was up to dad. Now I was the one flipping! My parents were going to take me to go get my tongue pierced!

My mom found the place for us in the phonebook, and found a coupon in the phonebook for them too (the Yellow Pages rock;])! The coupon was, get one piercing get a second one, less or equal to the first one, free for you or a friend! So then my parents said I could get two piercings! So my awesome mom called the place for us. The place was called Sick Dogs "for the sick dog in you" (They also have a website! It's sickdogs.com). They told her all I need was an ID or something to prove my age and a parent since I was just barely going to be 16, and she set up an appointment for me. Lucky me, my school ID card has my birthday on it so I was just going to take my school ID. I was so excited to be getting my first real piercing! I had my ear pierced since before I could remember, and had pierced them a second time, totaling to two piercing per ear, myself. When my birthday came I was so excited, my best friend, in the whole universe, was going to come and spend the day with me for my birthday and we were going to Disneyland! My mom works at Disney so she could get us in for free, and she worked that day! I was so stoked I couldn't image a better day!

The night before my birthday my dad and I went to go pick up Kaitlyn (my best friend). We took my dad's '07 Mustang GT to pick her up. When we drove up she was so stoked to see she got to go in a Mustang (she likes cars, and Mustangs are her favorite), and because we hadn't seen each other in a while. We listen to music, talked, and laughed all night.

We woke extra early the next morning, and ran around my house singing. Finally, the time came to go and get my tongue pierced! We got back into my dad's mustang and drove to the place. When walked in the atmosphere was clam and professional. You can tell by looking around that they were clean place. They do tattoos too and while my dad filled out the papers for the piercing Kaitlyn and I looked at the tattoos, and they had some binders out with tattoos and piercing they had done. When my dad was done filling out the form I signed my name and showed them my school ID. They told us to wait a little to get things set up, so Kaitlyn and I looked around. When they called me I was so excited!!! I can't remember the person's name that pierced me, but it he was really nice and professional. My dad is a baby at seeing thing needles so Kaitlyn went with me while my dad looked at the tattoos (my dad has three tattoos). I walked into the back piercing room with Kaitlyn, and saw some more pictures of tattoos, two chairs, one rolling one and one regular sitting chair, and a bed like thing you see at the doctors. He told me take a seat anywhere so I sat in the regular chair and Kaitlyn stood at the door. He washed his hands put on some gloves and gave me some mouthwash to rinse my mouth. Personally the worst part was the mouthwash. It was the kind at burned and makes your eyes water. I had to rinse for half a second. Kaitlyn counted to 30 and I spit it back into the cup he gave me and threw it away. I wiped away my tears and looked at Kaitlyn. She gave me a sympathetic look and smiled and I smiled back. He then told me a little about the equipment and procedures and showed me the barbell I was going to get. It was a simple plain barbell since their piercings come with the basic jewelry. He told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He marked my tongue and made sure it was even and clamped it. Then he told me to take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. 1-2-3. Done! I winced a little because I felt the needle go through, but it didn't hurt one bit! He put the barbell in easy and smoothly. He told me I was one of his best and fastest customers! He told me to rinse my mouth with mouthwash everyday and it could be without alcohol. I thanked him and got up and hugged Kaitlyn. When we walked out of the back my dad was still looking at tattoos and was shocked it was done and over with so quickly. He told me to show him so I stuck out my tongue. He asked if it hurt and I said no. I was amazed that I didn't talk funny and my tongue hadn't swelled up at all yet. Kaitlyn did a little test to see if I could talk just fine. I couldn't say my T's right though, but I got everything else! Then my dad decided to get his tongue pierced using my coupon!!! I laughed and said go for it. He went back with the guy and Kaitlyn and I looked at the art again. He came out a few minutes later talking funny with his tongue pierced! He asked if mine hurt at all and if it was bleeding. I said no, but could taste a little blood in my mouth, only enoug Disney was awesome! I was kind of hungry, so I ate a kid's meal chicken strips slowly, and had a small drink with a straw. Kaitlyn was laughing a little since when I eat I tend to talk a little while eating, but I didn't want to rip my tongue after only having it pierced for a few hours so I didn't. She joked at how now my eating habits will get better with my new piercing. We got some frozen lemonade later, and then later we went to Downtown Disney to get some Jamba Juice. The girl working cash register at Jamba Juice had her tongue pierced and Kaitlyn told her about my recently pierced tongued. She said it would hurt to drink out of a straw since I had just gotten it pierced, but we told her I had been drinking out of a straw all day (my kid's meal drink came with a pink straw that turns purple when it gets cold and I kept it). She thought of me weird and we got our drinks.

It's been over 7 months since then and I haven't had an infection or any complications at all. In fact I bought new barbells at Hot Topic and switched my barbell myself exactly a week after getting my tongue pierced. The original one was too long since it was for the swelling part during the healing process, but my tongue only swelled for a day or two max! I love my tongue piercing and greatly encourage anyone who wants it done to get it! It's one of the easiest things to get pierced! My next piercing I want is an Industrial!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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Studio: Sick+Dogs
Location: Westminister%2C+CA

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