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My Hot New Tongue piercing

To be honest I had always thought that tongue piercings were disgusting, just plain weird and probably dangerous. I'd heard loads of stories about people being paralysed and losing their sense of taste.

Then I saw a guy on the train and he licked his lips giving a glimpse of his tongue piercing, I swear I had never seen anything sexier. From that moment on my view on tongue piercings changed but I still didn't think that they were a good idea. Then I got my scaffold piercing and caught 'the piercing bug'. I was having a discussion with a friend about what piercing they secretly wanted and they said tongue piercing and I told her that I did too so we decided to get them done together on her birthday. After copious amounts of research I realised that the rumours about tongue piercings were unfounded and it was actually a pretty tame piercing especially compared to the scaffold piercing I had gotten earlier and it had such a quick healing time even if the initial swelling was uncomfortable and could impair your speech. What really annoys me is how everyone seems to think they are so hardcore when they are relatively painless and quick healing compare to all the other piercings that are possible.

But I definitely am not the most patient person in the world and barely a week went past and I decided that I couldn't wait any longer and had to get my tongue pierced as soon as possible. So I did.

I told a couple of my friends and they insisted on coming along to watch and give support even though I didn't mind going alone as I had done so for my scaffold piercing.

It was so much quicker and easier than when I went in for my scaffold, I simply walked in and said I wanted my tongue pierced and signed a form stating my name and address. The piercer clamped my tongue and pierced it, simply and quickly with hardly any pain at all. Then I began to bleed quite a bit which freaked my friends out but it didn't really bother me because I couldn't see it however apparently the blood was completely covering my teeth and was very disgusting. I think the whole experience was so much more scarring for my friends than it was for me and they don't even get to have a cool piercing at the end of it.

The only thing that bothered me afterward was just how weird it felt to have a foreign object in my mouth especially since the bar I had in was large enough to accommodate swelling. I had done all the research I could have possibly done for my tongue piercing and made sure I took ibuprofen to calm swelling and cleaned my mouth out with alcohol free mouth wash. One thing I do advice people to do is to try not over cleaning the piercing as it leads to a white nasty looking tongue and makes it really dry as well as brushing the balls off your bar to stop build up of plaque on them.

The next day was terrible but luckily my tongue didn't really swell that much and my piercing didn't particularly affect my speech except giving me a slight lisp when I tried to say anything ending in 'ck' which sucked considering the fact I was in the middle of doing my GCSE mocks. The most shocking thing about my piercing was that no one noticed I had it done until I told then except for my sister because I screamed for some reason. People still haven't realised two weeks on, I really love having it because I don't need to wear a retainer to hide it since it is not at the tip of my tongue.

I found eating really difficult and stuck to smoothies and yogurt for about three days but on the third day I managed to eat soft food. Now two weeks later I am able to eat normally and I am going in to get the bar downsized tomorrow but I am not completely happy with it because it was pierced a bit wonky and is completely off centre. Hopefully once I get the bar changed the angle on the bar will be less noticeable and I will play with it less since I don't want to damage my gums or my teeth. I think that because I am aware of the possible oral risks linked to getting a tongue piercing I will be fine and I will try to use acrylic balls instead of any metal once it has healed further. At the end of the day I love having my tongue pierced it is such an amazing piercing and it opens a whole new dimension for me and gives me more opportunities to experiment.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Tongue Piercing

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