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Painless and Hiding it is the easiest part.

Well my mom has never been the piercing type. She doesn't think its "ladylike" and also thinks its personally disgusting. She's okay with ears.. that doesn't really matter for her I guess, I finally convinced her after two years to get my belly button pierced last year, and I have always been begging her to let me get my tongue pierced. She refuse's every single time.

So my friend Brianna and I have had it in our heads that we were going to get our tongues pierced since about the middle of sophomore year. Up until last week we never really had the chance. So we went to the place that she had gotten her nose and belly button done at before. We got her friend to sign for us saying that he is 18 [no biggie because the place didn't even care that much anyway's.. they just want business I suppose] but it was $40 per piercing. We filled out forms [you know the regular business with every piercing]. And finally the pierce [I don't remember his name] took us to the back room where all the piercing's were done. So I had convinced/forced Brianna to go first. He numbed her tongue, cleaned it with mouthwash, dotted it, clamped it, and then pierced it. It looked so painful, so I was flipping out.. a little...a lot. But the funniest thing happened, well funny to us, Brianna wouldn't stop laughing so she kept drooling all over the place, and the pierce was laughing too so he kept dropping the bottom ball when he was trying to screw it on, so he'd clean it and try again, only to watch it fall... again. this happened 3 times.

So she went to admire her jewelry, while I was freaking out. So it took me about 5 minutes to calm myself down enough to enter the room [ I wasn't really scared to get it done, I was more scared of my parents finding out]. so I got all ready, sat down in the chair, let him numb my tongue, went to clean it out with mouthwash, he dotted it, and then he clamed it and then I started freaking out/hyperventilating. So he let me breath for a couple minutes [I think he was scared that I was going to pass out] so I calmed down and he clamped my tongue again and counted to three and pierced it. I didn't feel any pain until he put the bar in. That was kinda painful. I cussed a couple times after he was done, on accident of course. So I felt a little lightheaded as I was admiring my jewelry. But we paid, and left the shop, and couldn't stop starring and taking pictures.

Day of piercing- no swelling, I could talk just fine, but there was some discomfort from trying to adjust to it. After I ate some ice cream at Wendy's and it felt like I was in heaven. [ I also just tried to eat a tomato and bit my tongue ring and wanted to cry]

Second day- swelled like crazy. I went to the Projekt Revolution concert at Nissan and flipped out because my tongue was swelled up badly and my med wore off and it hurt SO Much! [it probably hurt so bad because I was talking a lot/singing and yelling and hadn't taken any med]. so I had to go to the first aid station [lied said I bit my tongue and needed some ibuprofen] they gladly gave me some. But I was fine the rest of the concert and I'm glad I asked for med. because if I didn't I would have missed Linkin Park and Taking Back Sunday. And that would have sucked.

Third day- Swelling went down a little, still in lots of pain [also isn't helping that my boyfriend got me sick so now I'm dealing with tongue pain and throat pain... sucks..]

From there on out everything is fine. Its Friday now and its still swollen a little around the piercing and hurts a little still.. and is pusing out some really nasty stuff. But I can talk and eat and every things fine. Just DO NOT forget to take your med or you will be in PAIN. do NOT try and eat the first/second day because you WILL bite your ring and it WILL hurt. Do NOT forget to clean it 2x a day. Or after every time you eat/smoke/drink.

I just cant wait to change it. I'm so excited.

And for anyone that wants to get it pierced without their parents knowledge. DO IT. its so easy to hide. just get the flesh colored ball and everything will be chill, and try to avoid your parents the second day. and everything will be gravy. =]



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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