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no numbing cream, huh?

This was my first piercing. I had been planning on getting a VCH as well my tongue, but I decided I didn't think I could go without kissing aaaand sex at the same time, so I decided I'd start with my tongue. I debated it all week and kept making excuses to not get it done (pussying out). Finally, one Friday afternoon after work, I called up my friend and ask him to come with me for support, and took the train into NYC.

I met up with my friend and we make our way down to St. Mark's Pl, and I was very excited until we started getting pretty close and then my excitement turned into "Dear God, please do not let my tongue get infected, oh, and please make sure its positioned correctly in the center." We arrive at Andromeda where my friend and I panic at the bottom of the steps for a couple of minutes, but I realised I had already paid approximately fifteen dollars just in travel, so it would be such a waste to forego it at that point. I run up the steps, waltz into the (wrong) studio and ask this very apathetic dude sulking in the corner for a tongue piercing, who mocks me for a bit and then informs me that I'm in the tattoo parlor (piercing is across the hall). What a wonderful beginning to my experience. The girl in the piercing studio, however, was mega sweet and informative, which made me feel much better, but I was still nervous as hell. I paid the 42 bucks for the procedure + barbell and wait to be called, which was about a minute or less later.

I don't know my piercer's name, he was kind of quiet, but very reassuring and insisted that a tongue piercing is one of the easiest to get done. I washed my mouth with antiseptic and sit down, where he examined my tongue for a bit and then placed a paper towel underneath it. He asked me to stick my tongue out as far as I could and to not move. My friend was present in the room with me, and I'm pretty sure that he was more freaked out than I was. This is the part where I scrunch my eyes shut as he clamped the tip of my tongue, waiting in dread for the puncture. But it wasn't bad at all, and I have a very low threshold for pain. The most uncomfortable part was putting the jewelry in, but I can't really call it painful. He gave me some cold water afterwards, and advised me that I was kind of pale so I stuck around and sat down for an extra five minutes.

The whole process took less than five minutes, and there was not a drop of blood to be seen. When I got to look in the mirror, complete relief washed over me. Perfectly in the center and not too close to the tip, I wanted it more set back so it wasn't totally visible. Plus, obviously, the silver looked really sexy in my mouth. It has been almost three days now, and the swelling is worst when I wake up in the morning, but I pop three advil and its reduced significantly in a couple of hours. Eating is very difficult for me, and after I first got it, about an hour later I tried to eat some soft serve ice cream and had to toss it because I could simply not do it! Taking pills is also quite an unusual feeling. However, three days later, I can eat risotto, ice cream, and lukewarm soup. I have also been a bad girl and smoked out of a hookah once, drank some yukon jack, in addition to not cutting my caffeine intake whatsoever, but I have been diligent with the hygiene, which I am hoping negates it (Labor Day weekend might not have been the best choice timing wise - how could I not drink on the holiday?). The puss was pretty minimal until the third day, but even now it isn't unbearable. Thankfully, I didn't have a problem with speaking after the first couple of hours - again, except for in the morning when my tongue is particularly swollen from laying down for an extended period of time.

My only concern thus far is the clashing opinions on websites about the aftercare - listerine, diluted listerine, biotene (non-alcohol) and hydrogen peroxide. I have been using listerine and once so far, diluted hydrogen peroxide. From what I have read, using alcohol containing antiseptic is far too trying for the piercing to properly heal, and I hope this isn't going to delay the healing process because I am dying to "try it out" on my boyfriend. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Studio: andromeda
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