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matching tongue web piercings for two friends going separate ways

By the time I graduated highschool at the age of eighteen, I already had several piercings (nipples, nostril, stretched lobes, other ear piercings) and knew I wanted to have more done. Piercings were something that my best friend through highschool and I got into together - we went together to have our nipples done some time ago, and we were both stretching our ears. After graduation, we were faced with the reality that we were going off to different universities in different provinces, so we decided to get matching piercings to commemorate our friendship and as a last send-off toward the end of the summer before we both had to move away.

We knew that we wanted a more unusual piercing rather than something common. She didn't want any facial piercings because she wanted something she could conceal if necessary, and neither of us wanted anything below the belt, so after BMEsurfing, the tongue web was a natural choice. We decided to get our piercings on a day trip to Grand Bend, a town maybe an hour's drive from where we lived at the time, because the studio there was more reputable than the closer ones were and we'd visited it earlier and really liked the atmosphere and staff.

We knew that the studio didn't require appointments for piercings, so we drove up one day that neither of us worked, planning on getting pierced and spending the rest of the day relaxing on the beach or shopping the main street. We went into the studio and were greeted by friendly receptionists after spending a little time looking at the many different types of jewellery on display. We told them what we were looking for, and they gave us the okay. We showed identification, signed the necessary paperwork, and discussed possible jewellery options. We both opted for small 14g captive bead rings. After selecting our jewellery, we were given the usual rundown of aftercare options, which we were both familiar with from friends' experiences. It was good that the staff spend so much time explaining what to expect with healing though, because neither of us had ever had an oral piercing.

We were told that our piercer's name would be Slash, and that he'd be with us quite soon. We sat in the lounge area of the lobby of the studio, browsing through binders of flash art and discussing what the piercing would feel like. We were both a little apprehensive, but expecting an awkward procedure moreso than a painful one. I for one hate dentist visits and holding my mouth open for long periods of time as I'm poked and prodded at, but I really loved the finished look of the tongue web piercing so I knew it'd be worth it.

We were called back in to one of the piercing rooms, which was extremely clean and tidy in appearance. I was elected to go first, so I sat in the large dentist-like chair and my friend sat on a stool beside me. Slash prepared his equipment while I used some mouthwash. It wasn't necessary for him to mark my mouth in any way for placement because of the nature of the piercing, so after the mouthwash I leaned back and waited for the clamps. The clamp was uncomfortable, but my no means painful. It was a bizarre, indescribable feeling. I was told to breathe deeply, and Slash counted me into the piercing. In all honesty, it hardly felt like a piercing at all -- it wasn't painful at all, aside from the pain of holding one's jaw so wide.

Slash inserted the CBR after the needle easily. The only problem that arose was with snapping the bead into place, which he had warned us would be difficult because of having to work inside the mouth. He got mine into place without too much difficulty, and I headed to the mirror to admire the new piercing. It looked fantastic! It was a really strange feeling having something under my tongue, but I got used to it fairly quickly.

My friend, comforted by my minimal reaction to the piercing, hopped in the chair next. She, like me, experienced no real pain with the piercing itself; however, Slash had a harder time getting her jewellery in place than he did with mine, so she winced noticeably a few times as the CBR got tugged or nudged. He finally got the bead in, much to her relief, and she checked out her new piercing. She was equally happy with hers as I was with mine, so we tipped well and left as happy customers.

Now, I'm halfway done my university degree and I still have my tongue web piercing. I now typically wear a barbell in it instead of a ring, but aside from that, it's unchanged. We were warned of some risk of rejection but neither of us have experienced any of that. My friend eventually opted to down her piercing to a 16g for comfort, but I've left mine the same. I definitely recommend getting a tongue web piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Slash
Studio: Perfect+Image
Location: Grand+Bend%2C+Ontario

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