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I feel so stupid!

So I know you're reading this to see how various tongue piercings have went for other people. You probably don't have a tongue piercing yourself, and you're probably thinking about getting one. At least that's why I visited this site before I got mine done. I had to see how others went first.

So, my tongue piercing went beautifully. They tell you to look at the shop to make sure it's clean before you get it done. In my scenario, I was too damn nervous, and everything ended up going so damn fast. But I went with a buddy who got his done there, and he recommended the place to me so that was also part of the reason I didn't pay much attention.

Now, this is my only piercing and probably will ever be my only piercing. I'm not really a piercing enthusiast. I just love tongue rings. So, I walk in there and really have no idea what to do or what to say or how to get this thing going. I simply walk up to the beautiful blonde behind the desk and tell her "I came to get my tongue pierced." She hands me a form to sign, and I pay for my piercing. I forget now what the form said. I wait about ten minutes for the piercier to get the room ready. I watch him lay out all his tools, and then he brings me in.

I sit on the bed which looks like it came out of a hospital. I was pleased with how the equipment looked. I mean, this stuff was the real deal. Wearing his gloves, he hands me this teeny weeny cup of mouthwash that I spit back into the teeny weeny cup 30 seconds later. Sitting on his chair, he wheels himself up to me with the clamps. So he puts these teeny weeny clamps on my tongue and starts twisting my tongue around. He then marks my tongue with the famous purple ink. The clamps are on my tongue the whole time. He asks me if I'm ok and if I'm ready, tells me to take a deep breathe, slides the teeny weeny needle through my tongue, and tells me to exhale. The needle goes through the clamps by the way. Now, I was able to see the entire thing. I saw the needle go in. I saw the needle sticking through my tongue while waiting for the bar. After Mike slid the needle through, he lets it sit there for about two seconds and slides the bar in after it. The bar pushes the needle out onto the floor, Mike screws the ball in underneath my tongue, and tells me I'm all done. The clamps come off, and I put my enormous new barbell back in my mouth. Mike hands me a sheet on how to take care of my piercing, and I haul ass to my cup of ice waiting in my car and fill my mouth up with crushed ice immediately.

OK, that was the process. It was such a teeny weeny process. Now let's talk about how I felt. First, I feel so stupid because I made this thing out to be something way bigger than it was. I thought the clamps were gonna be huge. I thought the needle was going to be huge. I thought it was going to hurt like hell. Then after I got it done, I was like, I feel so stupid! The clamps were tiny. I barely felt them. They felt like my tongue was about to do curls with a dumbbell specially made for tongues. So, I'm sitting there like, ok, I can barely feels the clamps. The needle must hurt then, but it was so easy! All I felt was the needle breaking the top of my tongue which was literally painless. A lot of people hear from people who get their tongue pierced that it doesn't hurt. Then, you go and think that it hurt but not very much and that this person must have a huge pain tolerance. Man, you do not need a pain tolerance for a tongue ring. They should put a big sign on the window that says "Tongue ring does not require pain tolerance." Anyway, so I feel the needle sort of pop through my tongue. It's strange to describe. You don't hear a pop, but it feels like a pop because the top of your tongue is kind of hard so it takes some muscle to shove it through. But after the initial explosion, it is amazing because I didn't feel a thing. I literally did not feel anything. I didn't feel the needle through my tongue or bust out the bottom of my tongue. The whole time I'm just waiting for the pain and never got it. Even while the needle was in my tongue while Mike was getting the bar, I didn't feel it. When he slid my new bar in after the needle, I didn't feel it. The worst part about the procedure was having that big ass bar in my mouth and my mouth full of crushed ice. I could barely talk because of the bar, and I damn sure couldn't say anything with the ice. I also got mine done at 10:30 at night. I wanted to get mine done at close to bedtime as possible because the only time your body heals is when you sleep. So I figured if I could get it pierced and go to sleep soon I could give it a headstart.

So that's how I felt during the procedure. Now I'll tell you about the aftercare experience. I wake up the next day, and everybody's right. Your tongue will swell up. Your tongue will be stiff. Your tongue will be sore. When it comes to the pain, your tongue will be as sore as you want it to be. I was determined to let this thing heal as quickly and as best as possible because I wanted it so bad. One thing you will have to get used to is not using your tongue very much. The more you use it, the more it hurts. Don't touch your tongue with anything as much as you can. It will hurt if you touch it. I experienced very little pain through my process because, like I said, I was determined to make it work. During the first few days, talking was rough with a swollen tongue and enormous bar. Eating was rough. I never ate that much because I ate so slowly. When it takes 10 minutes to eat half a cookie, you just get tired of trying to eat the cookie. So I was hungry a lot. I mainly made milkshakes at home. I ate ice cream. I drank Slim Fast. At you probably notice, these things all go down easily, and they're all cold. Do not mess with anything hot. I didn't eat anything hot for a week so nothing bad happened to me. It will teach you to swallow and chew completely differently. Your tongue really aids in chewing and swallowing, and you just won't be able to use it. I used mouthwash after everything I ate or drank. About nine days after I had it done, I was able to switch out the bars, which they tell you not to do until after six weeks, but I did not want that big ass bar for six weeks. As soon as my tongue went down from swelling, I got the regular plastic bar. The first week is the hardest. Your tongue is the most swollen. It's the most sensitive. You're not eating how and what you want to eat. The difference in getting through it is just how much you want it. Nothing was that bad for me. I even met a guy at work who had his done and told me it was rough. I was like, damn, what happened to you? He told me he went through the same thing I did, and I'm like, that wasn't rough! The second week the tongue isn't swollen anymore. I was eating hot, solid food again. Everything was back to normal. My tongue was fully functional again. I could stick it out and flap it around. But I did eat ice cream about a week or two ago, and I could definitely see what they meant by taking six weeks to fully heal. I went to lick my ice cream because my buddy showed me what happens if you do. Basically, it leaves a line in the ice cream where your tongue ring went through it. So I wanted to do my own line. Well, I go to lick it, and it was still a teeny weeny bit sore.

So that's it. The entire experience was just teeny weeny to me. The procedure itself was easy. The aftercare was easy. Make sure you go to a good shop, and take care of it after it's done. Use ice. Remember your diet will be very much like milk for about a week. Keep your mouth clean. If you love your piercing, it makes it much easier. Do not use your tongue. This should not be a painful experience for you even if it's done right. If you're thinking about doing it, do it! Tongue rings are soooo much fun!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Mike
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