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Tale of a Tongue Web - The Frenulator

Hello, I'm a deviant teenager. I like shiny things and get bored easily, so I decided on July 13th that I was going to pierce my lip ( a piercing I have wanted since I was 12). I found information on BME and came across something called a "tongue web," which sounded grody but being the curious girl I am, I looked at it anyway.

Before I continue, I think that I should warn anyone who reads this that is a DIY story.  I understand the dangers of DIY piercing,  complications and infections.  I have been extremely lucky with my experiences, others may not be so lucky. I am not advocating ruthless mods, nor am I trying to scare anyone.  My suggestion is to do as much research as your brain will absorb, and to read the FAQ about DIY piercing on bme's site. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  

Where did we leave off? Right, so I decided to check out the "tongue web" section of the site, and I read many if not all of the stories about web piercing, many of them were DIY experiences. Most claimed that the piercing was virtually painless, and the real hook for me was that it was extremely easy to hide ( My parents have tolerated my various lobe piercing, I don't want to stretch my luck too far). I read some horror stories, noted aftercare, and examined the anatomy of the tongue (I'm not going to do this for you, by the way, if you're serious about a web piercing, do your homework). After all of this, I confirmed in my mind that I was definitely going to pierce my web.  

I gathered my supplies- peroxide, rubbing alcohol, a huge safety pin, a little safety pin, a lighter, bleach, and a barbel earring, I'd say a 14 gauge, with the slide-on kind of ball. Seeing as I do not own an autoclave, I soaked my metal in rubbing alcohol, bleached my bathroom sink and surrounding area, and swished my mouth out with peroxide. I pretended I was a mad dog for a few minutes while bleaching and sanitizing everything, then I got to work. I took the huge safety pin ( the kind you would use for a diaper) and heated it with the lighter until it turned red. I realize that rubbing alcohol and flame are not enough to thoroughly sterilize shit, but it was all I had handy. I could not open my mouth enough to accommodate the huge safety pin, so I switched to the smaller one, using my half-ass sterilization technique.  

I opened wide, and prodded my tongue web with the end of the pin.  I took a breath and pushed, but the pin slipped and I tried again, but to no avail. I have a tip for anyone using a safety pin- straighten it out. It works so much better.  I pushed and prodded, and finally the pin went through- at least halfway. It got stuck, so that with my left hand I had to make the tissue taut and with my right hand I had to push hard so that the darn thing would exit the other side. I warn every squeamish person out there- I did not bleed, but man did I drool. I have never salivated so much in my life.  It looked odd with a safety pin lackadaisically sitting in my mouth, so I took it out, and put the earring in there. I read stories about people whose holes closed up quickly, this did not happen to me, I had a little red spot on my web which indicated the hole, and the earring slid right in. That was the easy part.  

With my head tilting to one side, so that the barbel would not slide out, I took the  end ball and tried unsuccessfully to slide it onto the barbel. I tried so many times to get that thing on there, looking in the mirror only confused me more. I ended up having to pull the barbel up by my teeth and pushing the ball on. And to think, I didn't even use a screw-on jobby.  I liked the way the jewelry looked, it felt sort of heavy but I think that's expected for a first-time oral piercing.  One thing to remember here is that to accommodate swelling, you should use a longer bar (I haven't used a CBR) and a larger gauge than the bar you will be switching to a week or so after the initial piercing. I did not experience any swelling, but just a little soreness for a few days after waking up. I have since changed my barbel to a titanium bar with a screw-on ball, and I'll tell you right now that those things are a pain in the ass.  Try the tongue-pulling technique for screwing the ball on. Also make sure you're screwing it the right way :]  

Cold drinks are nice, as are popsicles during the healing period. I believe it takes about 3 weeks for a web piercing to heal, but you should always make sure to brush that sucker, because your arch enemy is plaque. Before getting this piercing done,  make sure you are willing to scrape plaque off of the bar, ring, balls, etc. Proper oral hygiene is a must.  There are other things to remember for the healing period, like no kissing or oral sex, smoking should be kept to a minimum, as should drinking alcoholic beverages.  Don't use mouthwash with alcohol in it, either. Sea salt soaks are better, use about ¼ tsp. sea salt to 8 oz. of warm water and let it soak in your mouth.  

I like that you can not see the piercing unless you show someone, also that it is an unusual piercing. My parents have yet to see it, and my friends think I am nuts, but they always have.  :D If you are considering this piercing, please do not  take my experience as sole information.  There are a lot of complications that can occur, for example you might pierce too far back and hit a nerve, or the salivation glands.  I did this knowing my risks, and I hope that through my experience you have gathered  some information to fill your brain with. Now go absorb some more facts before poking holes in yourself!! Feel free to email me with any questions or things I left out.  Happy piercing, and remember- "Piercings are like jello- there is always room for more." Lip ring, here I come... because I'm devious,  of course.  :D bee


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on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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