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snake venoms

When I was about ten years old I saw a picture in a magazine of this girl with two tongue piercings; one on both sides of her tongue. I immediately fell in love with it and drilled the idea into my head to get it done some day.

Last year was my sophmore year of high school and I told my best friend Chris about the piercings. We planned to get it together.

A few months later was when we finally took action. My friend Roma got her nipples pierced and I knew that she was underage so I asked her for the number of whoever did it because I know my mom wouldn't take me. His name was Nate. He was self-trained and he worked out of his basement. Roma had multiple piercings by him and showed me pictures of others that he had done. They all looked pretty good and it turned out to be the same guy who pierced Chris' septum so that made us a little more at ease.

So I made an appointment with Nate for after school the next day [I chose the day my mom left on a two week trip to hawaii so I would have a little time to heal so it would be easier to hide when she got home]and drew myself a nice little map to his house. That was probably the longest, most anxious day. Every class went so slowly as my new body art awaited me at the end. Finally school let out and Chris and I booked it to my car with Roma in tow for moral support.

We got to his house but he wasn't home yet so we drove around before he got there. When we walked through his front door was the second I finally got a little nervous. We made our way to his basemement. I was shaking really badly. Nate pulled out his kit and got his gloves on and prepped the jewlrey. He asked who wanted to go first and I was very reluctant to volunteer. Chris decided to go first, which probably made it worse for me because I had more time to think about the pain. within minutes Chris was done and it was my turn.

I sat infront of Nate while he got new gloves, a new needle, and a new cup of rubbing alcohol to prep the jewlrey. He marked my tongue and let me look in the mirror. The dots were very semetrical so I trusted that he could do the rest without me having to worry. Nate didn't use a clamp, just a folded paper towel to grip my tongue. Before I knew it, the first ring was in. It felt like I bit my tongue really hard, but there was no blood. I was more relaxed so I loosened my grip on my friends' hands and took some deep breaths. The second one was a little worse but that's because my tongue started to swell and was a little sore already. Again, no blood, just a bunch of slobber. He gave me basic instructions: deluted listerine after eating. change the rings within two weeks so the longer ones don't rip out after the swelling goes down. I didn't delute my listerine... it stung a little but I figured it would be cleaner, even if it took longer to heal.

When I looked in the mirror, I was worried that my piercings were a little crooked. I decided that it didn't matter; I was just glad that I had gotten it done.

Chris was in big trouble with his dad at that time so we had to leave. I took him and Roma home and then made my way to see my sister. I stayed the night at her house and we had a great time. There was some alcohol [NO BEER with fresh tongue piercings - the yeast makes it swell like a balloon] and some MJ. I was really hungry so I tried eating some ravioli but that was the most difficult thing ever so I opted to instant mashed potatoes and ice cubes. When I tried talking for a while it would get so sore that I would have to shut up. The next day my tongue was very swolen and painful. Ice was my best friend. The third day was the downslope of the pain and after that it was fine. I would wake up at night and my tongue rings would be dry and painful but after I moved them for a while it didn't hurt. it took about a week and a half for the craters and the teeth marks to go away from my tongue.

that was in febuary or march and now it's august and of corse they're healed and doing well. I have gauged them both to tens, hoping to move to eights soon because I'm getting bored with them. I want my nipples pierced soon but I'm not sure when or where or if I'm even serious about it.

So there you go. People say that venoms are horrible but honestly I don't take pain well and they were fine for me. I would reccommend them to anybody looking for a new, origional piercing. Not many people have it but it's still badass.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: nate
Studio: his+basement...
Location: parker%2C+colorado

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