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Piercing of a Short Tongue

I'd been intermittently thinking about getting my tongue pierced for quite a few years but had never really considered it seriously - as in actually going through with it - until recently. For the last two or three weeks I've been thinking about it more and more. Nothing had held me back from doing it before; I just never felt the itchy urge - until now. I turned thirty-two last month so I had no parental struggle or anything - and if they'd deign to object, fuck 'em; I am a well established adult after all, haha. So, the decision was mine and mine alone. There's no real method behind this madness of mod-ness. Let us call it a celebration of becoming a self assured adult and a progression of my life after a decade of deadness.

Anyhow, for about two weeks I've been reading about all the highs and lows of fellow tongue piercees' on BME, as well as looking at many pictures and videos of before, during and after the procedure. In the end my relentless research actually did me good and helped to allay my fears about the piercing. I was absolutely terrified of it before I did the research, thinking it would be agonising. But it seems to me the majority of people feel minimal or at worst much less pain than they were expecting.

I originally planned to have my tongue pierced two days after my birthday. I made an appointment at my chosen studio to this affect. However, the day before my birthday I had some money in my pocket and decided on the spur of the moment to go and 'just do it'.

Trying my hardest not to think about my mission, I hopped on a bus to the city centre with my youngest son in tow. We busied ourselves with shopping and domestic admin for a couple of hours until I ran out of things to delay myself from biting the bullet. We hung around the alleyway that housed the tattoo/piercing studio (not the studio I originally chose) but I couldn't work up the nerve to walk through the door of the place. There was something about it being on the first floor above a pub that was putting me off and I didn't want to have to go up a staircase to enter the place. I know - I'm a bloody berk. After walking up and down the alley about three times, I decided not to go in there but to travel a bit further afield to a studio firmly ensconced on the ground; and the place I originally chose.

Arriving near the studio on the bus, I felt a bit nervous but nowhere near as bad as I'd felt hanging around the other place. We slowly walked towards the new place and my eleven year old boy told me I had to go through with it or else I'd regret it and scold myself for being a chicken and wimp. How wise is he? Taking his words of wisdom on board I managed to walk straight through the door and tell the girl on reception I'd like to get a tongue piercing if possible. OK, she said. Arghhh!

The place looked clean and tidy and the girl on reception was welcoming so I was feeling OK about going through with it. She went off to get the piercer while I filled in the consent form - and accidentally agreed that I was not of sound mind. Oops. The receptionist and piercer came back out to the reception area and I paid my thirty-five pounds and went through to the back. Once I was in the piercing room - which looked very clean and tidy - my nerves had completely evaporated and I felt calm and ready, not scared at all.

I sat down on the end of a table/bed and lolled my tongue out feeling a bit silly. Donna the piercer put fresh gloves on and had a good look at the wavering slug that is my tongue. She informed me I had a short tongue and quite prominent webbing (fraenum) but that she would be able to pierce me at an angle to avoid hitting the web and a vein down the centre of my tongue. I agreed to this so she then changed her gloves again (as I gargled for ages with the fabled yuckiness that is Listrerine) and dried my tongue with some paper towels. Next, she got a tooth pick with purple ink on to mark the spot that the needle would come out through on the top and centre of my tongue. My nerves were still holding up at this point, much to my own surprise. I had a quick look at the mark and agreed with the positioning. We were ready to go. After another glove change and tongue dabbing with the paper towels, Donna arranged the clamps into the correct position, they were a little uncomfortable but not painful as such. Then I watched her get the (what appeared to be giant) needle out of it's sterile, sealed packet and bring it towards my face; with me still not crying or trying to run away - unbelievable. 'Close your eyes,' she warned me, 'and take a deep breath in'. I did as I was instructed and on my exhale she pushed the needle up through the underside of my tongue and out it came through the top. I didn't feel the needle enter my tongue at all but I did feel it exit. The pain was the most indescribable agony I have ever experienced in my life. Not really, I'm only joking. As the needle was being pushed through the top I felt a firm pressure along with a burning sensation and a sharp pinch. Then it was all over and Donna said 'good girl!' because I didn't flinch or even tighten my closed eyelids. I felt another, lesser pinch as the bar was pushed down through my tongue, following the needle out. Then the ball was screwed on to the bottom of the bar and I was all done. I bled a little onto my chin just after the procedure but Donna wiped that away before I saw it. I had a look in the mirror and was very pleased with the result. I hardly bled at all and after I had a swill with water and another inspection by Donna, to check for bleeding, I was ready to leave.

I thanked her as she let me out from behind the reception counter and I waggled my tongue at my boy who was patiently waiting for me. I felt great, on cloud nine that I'd gone through with it and it hadn't been so bad at all. I couldn't stop smiling and grinning and poking my tongue out. Put it this way, I wouldn't be afraid to get it done again. The pain really wasn't that bad and the whole experience was a pleasant and fulfilling one.

My tongue did swell up that day but not too badly, the following two or three days were a bit worse and I couldn't stick my tongue out. I found eating difficult but I did manage to eat a fair amount of solid food. I also stuck to using a sea salt and water solution (five-hundred mils of cooled boiled water to half a teaspoon of sea salt) after all food, drink and cigarettes. By day four and five I was starting to feel like I had a normal tongue again. On day seven after the piercing I went and had the bar changed to a shorter one, which was all included in the price, and it felt so much better. I was worried it was going to hurt but it was fine. Donna even gave me another slightly shorter bar for when my tongue is totally healed. What great service.

All in all I am very, very pleased with the whole experience, the piercer was great, the studio clean and welcoming, the price and aftercare reasonable and the procedure was not nearly as bad as you'd expect. I love my piercing and would do it again in a flash.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Donna
Studio: Styx
Location: Norwich%2C+Norfolk%2C+United+Kingdom

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