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A hole in my tongue, and how it got there.

 So this whole story starts out with a friend of mine from work wanting to go and get a tattoo finally. I having wanted to get a new piercing for some time, wanted to go along and at the very least check out the shop he was going to. I met up with him at around 12 o'clock on a monday outside the shop, and I was already on edge. I had decided that if the shop didn't look dodgey and all was up to par I was going to get my tongue pierced. 
  Now I had wanted my tongue pierced for quite a while at that point, but that didn't make me any less nervous about actually going and doing it. As soon as we entered me and my friend were both greeted by the man at the counter, and upon looking around everything checked out. I was good to go, I forced my self to get up the nerve and walked up to the man at the counter and told him I would like to get my tongue pierced. 
  After a quick check of my ID and a few forms were filled out I was introduced to the man who would be piercing me, Chef. As Chef led me past the tattoo booths and back to his "office" I was chock full of adrenaline, I was excited and ready to do this. To be honest I was not nearly as nervous as I had been once I was in the room with the door closed, just sitting their chit chatting with chef as he pulled on his gloves. Chef had me rinse with some mouth wash before he had me stick out my tongue to mark it. Having decided on the perfect place for some new metal to go, he showed me just to be sure I was okay with where it would end up being. I said yes, and the fun began.   
 Oddly sitting there with my tongue stuck in a clamp, a needle pushing its way through my flesh my only thought was "I hope I don't drool.". I was really surprised with how little the piercing actually hurt. One moment I was breathing deep and the next I open my eyes to see a needle sticking out of my tongue at the bottom of my vision. Lickity split I was all set up with a lovely 12 gauge barbell in the new hole in my tongue, and what an odd sensation that was.  
 Chef told me all about the aftercare then went with me to the cashier to pay, I gave chef a 20$ tip just for making it such a pleasurable experience. The guy at the counter gave me a bottle of tech2000, which was recommended twice a day as part of the aftercare.       
 After all this I asked if it would be alright if I went to sit with my friend while he was getting his tattoo. They said it would be alright so, I made my way back to where he was. He was just barely getting started with the outline, I sat down and tried to get used to the feeling of a barbell in my mouth. That's when my friend asked me how it had gone. I tried to speak coherently, honestly I did. But what came out and what I had ment to say sounded nothing alike. It was at this point that I realized how hard it was to talk with a barbell through your tongue. After a little while longer watching the progress of the tattoo, I said goodbye and headed out to get some nice ice cold water. 
By later that evening my tongue was huge and swollen. I had a hard time talking without it sounding a bit gibberishy, and found I had a hard time eating anything except re-fried beans and yogurt which I could just suck past without needing to use my tongue to maneuver the food. To help with swelling I took ibuprofene, and drank plenty of icey cold water which feels absolutely wonderful on a new tongue piercing by the way.  
 Within about 4 to 5 days the swelling was completely gone, but I found that my speech was still a bit hampered by my new piercing. I had a lisp, and hated it. I was worried it would never go away and I would have to retire the piercing, but after talking with some friends who had had their tongues pierced I decided to give it a few weeks. 
  Needless to say after about 2 weeks or so everything was back to normal and the lisp was completely gone. I was relieved, I loved my new tongue piercing. My tongue piercing was definitely one of my favorite piercings I have ever had, and I really enjoyed being able to play with it. 
 Unfortunately I had to retire it a month or so back after having it for almost a year, due to me being careless and chipping teeth while eating. I had to choose dental health over the piercing.  
 To anyone considering getting their tongue pierced , I must say "GO FOR IT!". Despite the fact I eventually retired mine, I would do it over in a heartbeat.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Chef
Studio: Big+Deluxe
Location: SLC%2C+UT

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