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My most painful piercing ever

When I was 15 I had my tongue pierced but it only lasted 24 hours. It was my fault it didn't last because only hours after having it done I was on a plane to visit family and on the plane it started to swell so badly that I had trouble breathing. Almost 9 years later, and I haven't stopped wanting to get it pierced since I took it out. My friend had been wanting to go get one of her nipples re-pierced and I decided it was time to get my tongue done again. I have been very happy with my tattoo's and other piercings from The Zone so I suggested we go there. I wasn't nervous when going in at all. I have always said that the flight was why my tongue piercing didn't last the first time, so this time everything was going to be perfect.

Mark had me rinse my mouth with mouthwash for 30 seconds while he got everything else set up for me. When I was done, I sat down and he was ready to get started. After putting a bib on me he marked my tongue with a toothpick and some purple ink, then felt underneath and had to change his marking. After clamping my tongue (which didn't hurt much, but there was a tiny pinch on my tongue web) he told me to take a couple of deep breaths. On the count of 3 he pierced through my tongue, it wasn't to painful but when he put the jewelry in it started to throb. He wiped my mouth with the bib as I was pouring saliva and some blood from my mouth. After cleaning up the area (needle into sharps container and such) he had me do a sea salt soak 3X for 30 seconds each and read me my after care.

I was given a paper from APP on how to care for my tongue piercing as it heels and Mark read it to me to make sure that I fully understood it and asked if I had any questions. The aftercare is simple. Try not to play with it (it get's enough abuse from normal talking and eating). Eat slowly and carefully. Brush teeth and do salt soaks 3x daily for the first 4-6 weeks. Ice and soft food are your friend, water is a must. Try to stay away from caffeine, smoking, drugs and alcohol. The healthier your lifestyle the faster the healing.

By the time we left the shop I was out of it. The pain in my mouth was making me crazy. I couldn't think of anything other then "Ow" and that this needs to heal as fast as possible. The first thing I did the next morning was clean it, then I started taking ibuprofen as often as I could. Macaroni and Cheese has been my daily meal, along with instant pudding, or anything else that can be swallowed without chewing at all. I have now had my tongue ring in for 5 days. I limit eating to about 2 small meals a day and clean right afterwards. The pain is constant and the swelling has not gone down at all. I have 2 tattoo's, 8 piercings in each ear, an industrial, eyebrow and this is the worst pain I have ever felt. There have been times where I just wanted to pull it out, but I am staying strong and seeing it out till at least the 2-4 week mark and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the swelling WILL someday go away and I will love this like I always imagined I would. Everyone I know who has one says the swelling should be gone any time now, I hope to be able to go to a short barbell in 2 weeks.

If for some reason I have to ever take this out and the hole closes, I do not think I would re-pierce it. As of right now the top ball sits farther back from the bottom, also the bottom ball looks like it is off to the left to far. I am not sure if this will partially correct it's self as the swelling comes down, or if it is because I have a very short tongue. I wish if the piercer had known it was going to be off to one side because of my tongue being short I had been asked if it was okay. After the first day the top of my tongue turned white. The after care sheet says this could be due to over cleaning so I have gone to brushing my teeth only twice a day and salt soaks twice. I try to spread the cleaning out after meals or on the occasion I drink something other then water. There has been a tiny amount of blood plasma on the bottom ball, it looks like white eye boogers and I use a cotton swab to wipe it away as gently as possible. I hope with time I love this piercing like I always thought I would, as of right now it just hurts. Then again I am still talking with a lisp and eating soggy pasta.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Mark
Studio: The+Zone
Location: Warrensburg%2C+Mo%2C+USA

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