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My awesome tongue piercing!

I've been wanting to get a new piercing for quite a while, after my eyebrow piercing rejected for the second time. I finally settled to getting my tongue done, after many complains and not so true warnings from my parents. ("It's going to bleed really bad!" "They stretch out your tongue so bad it hurts like hell!" and the classic, "you might get paralyzed!") So four days ago, I went to the studio with two of my friends to get my tongue done. It was going to be my 11th piercing, after getting 9 ear piercings, my labret and also two eyebrow piercings that rejected.

It was my second time going there to get my tongue pierced, because my piercer, Patrice, was out. So we got there, Patrice told us to wait just a bit because he was busy doing a tattoo. I already got my eyebrow piercings done by the guy, and he's a great piercer, makes you really comfortable right away. I was a little nervous, so my friend said she would get her anti-eyebrow done first, which she did. Then it was my turn to get hurt, as Patrice said.

I sat down, feeling pretty nervous, but the reason why I was nervous was because I was scared because I practically hadn't eaten anything the whole day. I was still joking around a lot, probably because of my nervousness, but it was far from being my first piercing so I was used to dealing with being nervous. (I fainted when I got my eyebrow done the first time.) Patrice said the tongue piercing was the least painful of piercings, which reassured me a little. My friend who got her anti done said she wasn't able to stay in the room to watch, so she left, and my other friend stayed with me, held my hand and took pictures. Patrice put on his gloves and prepared everything. He told me to stick my tongue out, and seeing as I have a rather long tongue, he laughed and said he wouldn't have a problem piercing me. He checked under my tongue and then pinched it to feel the nerves and everything, and said everything was perfect, which made me happy! I was finally going to get my tongue piercing. He made me rinse with mouthwash, and put the clamps on. I was surprised he didn't dry my tongue, as I read a lot of stories on BME and almost everyone got their tongue dried.

It was done in a second, I didn't even see the needle or feel it go through! I think he pierced from top to bottom but I could barely tell. The only part that hurt was when he put the jewelry in, which made me close my eyes and squeeze my friend's hand, but it wasn't too bad and it was over very quickly. It didn't bleed, and I didn't even drool either. He made me rinse with mouthwash again and I was good to go!

After that it swelled up very quickly, and I was having a really hard time speaking, so I went to buy popsicles and ate one. I talked a lot later that day, which wasn't a very good idea. And people were having a hard time understanding what I was saying.

It's been four days now and I've been very careful when eating and haven't bitten my piercing yet. It's a pain to eat and I think it's the most annoying thing about this piercing. I'm only starting to get used to eating with it. I haven't been eating a lot because of it. I am taking diluted Oral-B mouthwash every time after I eat. Aside from the eating part, it's less of a pain to take care of than other piercings. I've been sleeping with a stack of pillows to get my head high so it doesn't hurt or bleed too much or anything. There was only a little bleeding once when I woke up, but I think it's because I coughed and hit my piercing against my teeth.

It was painful for the first two days, so I sucked on ice cubes when I was at work for pretty much the whole two days. The swelling started to go down a little after 3 days so I could almost speak properly, with a slight lisp, which I feel might not go away but I don't really mind, I'm not used to it but I think it's kinda cute. And now it only hurts when waking up.

I'm in love with my tongue piercing now, and a lot of people like it too. I'm having a fun time showing it off! I recommend it, though the few days after the piercing are a pain. But if you are willing to go through that, then go for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Patrice
Studio: Tattoo+Attack
Location: Shippagan%2C+NB

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