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After Years Of Wanting It--I Got it!

I've wanted to get my tongue pierced for several years now, but of course, my mother would never, ever let me. So I had to wait until I turned 18. Hallelujah! I hit 18, and I have got a job as well, so there you go, the money is my own, my body is mine, mom can't do anything except scoff at me now!

Anyway. I had been thinking of a good time to go to Pburgh (Plattsburgh) and get it done, because I'm a bum and don't have my driver's license yet, so I would need to acquire a ride there. Then my friend Marcy suggested I just go with her when she went to get her industrial done! This was a brilliant idea, and I accepted, and went with her. Marcy's a few months younger than I am, and is still 17, but her mother is much cooler than mine. So when we went to Pburgh to get Marcy's senior portraits (she'll be a senior at school this year) done, we went to Body Art afterward.

Well, I had been trying to talk myself out of it the whole day. Oh, maybe I shouldn't do it, maybe I should just get it done at a later date, maybe this isn't a good idea! Just general nervous panic. The only thing I've ever gotten done is my earlobes, and that was a few years back... I've since taken them out. So yes, I was wickedly nervous. But Marcy took the initiative as soon as we walked into the place, and said, "I'd like to get an industrial, and she wants her tongue done." I couldn't back out! Thank you, Marcy.

Still nervous as all hell, we meet the piercer, "Dr." Quinn. My first thought is that she's really sweet, and really nice, and is making me laugh, so that's good. Marcy's mother compared her name to that old television show, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. Quinn said, "That's actually good word association! Most people think my name is Gwen, for some reason. Or they call, and ask for 'that blue-haired girl'."

After a brief struggle with myself, I opt to go first. Quinn meanwhile, was up in her room there, getting things set up. So Marcy and I head up. I rinse my mouth out (BLAH, Listerine) and hop up on the table. Quinn walked me through all the "clean needle, clean piercing" stuff, while opening packages. I was impressed really, by the cleanliness of the place. It was all very professional while still being familiar, relaxing. I'll definitely be going back to Body Art if I ever want anything else done. I asked her about the shorter bar that would have to go in after the first couple weeks of initial healing, and if it would cost me extra. Quinn said it'd be free, as it always is for "her girls that come back!" So I have to go sometime next week, or the week after to get the shorter bar put in.

Quinn had me stick my tongue out to see if I could get the piercing. Check the web, you know. Thanks BME! Without you, I wouldn't have known about that at all. After she deemed me good for a piercing, Quinn—with soothing words, reassurances, I suppose—told me the clamp wouldn't hurt too bad, and said the needle would feel like a pinch, then the jewelry would go in. And that I needed to keep my tongue out, no matter how bad I wanted to pull it away!

It was just that, too. It felt like a pinch. If you've ever given blood, you'll know what I'm talking about. When the needle went in, it felt like that, then it didn't feel too bad. It was pretty painless. And this is coming from me, the girl with a low pain threshold. I had Marcy hold my hand, because I'm a baby, but I barely even squeezed. I shut my eyes tight, and in a split second I could hear Quinn saying, "Okay, I'm putting the bar in now." And then it was over.

Quinn wanted me to sit for a couple minutes on the table, which was a good idea, because I was actually shaking a bit. I think it's because I was so, so, so nervous, and then everything turned out to be less than I had built it up to be. After that, I slid off the table, had another swig of Listerine and admired my new piercing in the mirror.

After Marcy got her industrial done (I held her hand for her... cartilage, ow! That's a story for Marcy to tell. I'll get her butt over here to do it!), Quinn went over the aftercare details with us. She spoke to me first, since tongue aftercare is pretty easy. We spoke to Quinn for a few more minutes after that, and then we paid and were off!

Already my tongue was a bit sore. I picked up a bottle of water, then we headed to Wal*Mart, as Marcy needed sea salt and I needed to grab some Listerine. After that we went to dinner. Oh boy! I bit my piercing once, before I learned how to get food in my mouth, and chewed and swallowed without interfering with the bar. I settled for shoving stuff to the back left side of my mouth and chewing there. I had to take most of my dinner home with me, as I was getting too sore to finish it.

Then, on the highway on the way home, the bottom ball came off! Oh, my God, utter panic! Marcy called Body Art in our mutual panic, and of course they told us that all I had to do was screw it back on. Marcy's mother pulled into a rest stop for us, and we piled out of the car. I swear, we must've looked like idiots. I had picked up some hand sanitizer at the store so Marcy put some on, I stuck out my tongue for her, and she tried putting it back on. Eventually, her mother had to hold my bottom lip down so Marcy could get a good hold on my tongue. We later deduced that the ball was loose because I had been eating.

Since then, the ball has fallen off once more due to eating, but I've been keeping on top of it, making sure it's on there fully. I was surprised at how little swelling there was, but that was probably because Ibuprofen became my best friend. My speech was only slurred a tiny bit for about a day. My tongue was sore for a few days, about four, but I could progressively begin to eat easier, and it's definitely not as sore as it was the first day or so afterward.

I keep right on top of making my 50-50-water/Listerine solution—or my cocktail, as I like to call it—and brushing my teeth. Marcy's sister suggested I brush each ball, as well, since plaque likes to accumulate... she used to have her tongue pierced. Haha, I don't think my mouth has ever been this clean! Of course, I have to rinse after everything I eat, or drink (that isn't BOTTLED water), and after smoking. I don't smoke very often, so I just decided not to until I'm all healed.

All in all—since I've probably dragged this out enough! —I'm very happy so far with my piercing. They tell you not to play with it, since it impedes the healing process, but I can't help it! It's fun. I can't wait to get the shorter bar put in, and I especially can't wait to start putting some fun bars in, with logos and such. If you're thinking of getting your tongue done, you should MOST DEFINITELY do it, because it's worth it. It's only a minor discomfort, and then it just gets better. Swallow any fears you have, and do it. I'm so very glad that I got mine done.


submitted by: lovelywerethealiens
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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Artist: Dr.+Quinn+Shabow
Studio: Body+Art+Tattoo
Location: 14+Margaret+ST.+Plattsburgh%2C+NY%2C+12901

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