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New Momentos and Old Friends

My story begins a few weeks before Easter of 2002. I received a phone call that one of my most cherished family members had past away. You see, while in title she was my Aunt, over the years she had been more of a mother to me than anything. The news of her death was devastating. However, the part of the story in which body modification became a part of my life begins two days after I came home from her funeral.

One day after I had come home from my Aunt's funeral, my good friend Amy called. She said she was taking me out cheer me up and even though I didn't want to go she would accept no argument. She picked me up and we headed for downtown. After driving just a few blocks she pulled over and pulled a scarf out of her bag and blindfolded me, all part of the surprise. So we rode that way into downtown. It seemed like forever, but eventually the car stopped and Amy got me by the arm and led me down the sidewalk and through a doorway. That's where my adventure really began.

Amy walked me into this still unknown location. I heard her talking in low tones to a man whose voice I didn't recognize. They talked for a bit and then Amy grabbed my arm and lead me forward through I another doorway, I know it was a doorway because I had to grab it to keep my balance. The smell of the room was potent, to say the least. I would discover later that it was the combination of disinfectant, alcohol and green soap. She then sat me down and told me to take off the blindfold. I figured we were going out to a club or a restaurant, but as it turns out I was sitting in a chair in the body modification studio where Amy had all her work done. It was also at this same moment that Amy told me that my surprise was that she had made me an appointment to get the tongue piercing that I had been wanting for a good while, but kept talking myself out of. I was so shocked, I mean I just couldn't believe it. So naturally I started coming up with a million reasons why this just couldn't be done right then and there. That's when Amy made a very good point. She took that moment to point out that I had just been through a milestone-quality experience in my life and this would be a way of acknowledging and marking the experience. I decided she had a point and also this was something I had wanted, so I said ok, let's do this.

Amy left the room and was gone for a good little while. When she came back she was accompanied by the man I heard her speaking to earlier. He introduced himself as Jon and then we got the ball rolling. He washed his hands, grabbed a pair of gloves and told me to open my mouth. He then proceeded to tilt my head this way and that, had stick out my tongue examined it a bit. He said everything seemed ok, except for one thing. Apparently the nerves in the webbing on the bottom of my tongue ran very close to the spot he would be piercing. He said while this was no cause for alarm, it would make the procedure a little more delicate and it was imperative that I not flinch or make the slightest little twitch when he stuck me. I won't lie to you, at that moment I almost called the whole thing off, but I have always been a firm believer in "nothing ventured, nothing gained", so I told him to proceed. Jon said he had no problem with that he just wanted to consult with the owner, who had years of experience, because he hadn't come across this sort of situation before. That didn't bother me at all. So he went and got the owner, who's name I never got, and he washed up, gloved up and examined my tongue. He said it shouldn't be any problem and that the 14 gauge should be just fine. So Jon got everything ready. He made sure to show me the needle, rinse my mouth with some awful tasting concoction and then again with water, got all his tools ready and made sure that I was comfortable and calm. I must admit the site of the clamp was a bit scary, but I figured, hey, my dentist does worse for more money. Once we got through all the prep, the procedure itself was relatively painless. I must admit I expected it to be much worse than it was. So, now I have not only a great piercing, but a great memory and an special memorial to my aunt as well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Tongue Piercing

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