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My tongue and Me

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Day 1 - piercing day

Last night around 3am I woke up and had an epiphany, I decided in my insomnia that I wanted to get my tongue pierced. After suffering through 5 ear piercings, two tattoos, and having to have my navel done twice (they both grew out, my stomach doesn't like body jewellery) I thought, what the hey, I can do it. This morning I woke and did some shopping, ate a fair bit of food, and drove down to my local piercers. ( Way Cool - Lonsdale St Dandenong Victoria Australia - big plug!) I walked in and noticed Scotty ( the piercer ) wasn't there. I started looking at the barbells in the case, and he came up behind me and asked me how I was. I told him I wanted my tongue done. He sat me down and chatted to me about after care and the problems that can occur. We looked at barbells , and he needed to order my changeover bar, and were discussing sizes. I opted for the 5mm one as I'm a nurse, and I'm not sure how well it would go down at work. He went and set up, while I rinsed my mouth out with Listerine, and talked to me about it a little. He marked my tongue and told me to go take a look, I was happy. Feeling very nervous. He put some local anaesthetic spray on my tongue and held it there for a few minutes. We chatted during this, Scotty was telling me all about doctors and inferior piercings, and also how he got his tongue pierced with no care instructions, I was just drooling and mumbling back at him. I went and rinsed and my whole mouth was numb, the clamps went on, I closed my eyes, concentrated on my breathing, a small bit of pressure, like biting the tip of your tongue, and it was done. He screwed on the ball and asked me to sit for a while. I was more concerned that my mouth had gone all dry and sticky from the local, I got up ..felt great..and went and looked. Oh I love it!!! Its now 3 and a half hours post piercing, and the only problem I am having is dry lips, I cant lick them like I used to!! Lots of mouthwash (listerine freshmint grin and I'm drinking lots of water.) ..and I haven't had the nerve to eat yet. There isn't any swelling so far, except for a small amount around the actual piercing. I love this. I haven't told my boyfriend yet that I've done it. I'm on my way to surprise him now.

7 hours post piercing

I cant talk. My tongue is swollen bad now. I decided I would try and eat. My bottom ball got unstuck during some chunky soup and I just missed swallowing it. I had to run to the bathroom and try and screw it back on. The barbell had come partially out and upon sticking it back in and getting the ball on, within half an hour, I had swelling occuring. Not much pain, just a lot of slurring and spitting.

Day 2

Ok, I'm still swollen but ok. My jaw and neck hurt from holding my mouth funny, but all in all it looks ok. My tongue is already green from the mouthwash, and I'm able to eat soft foods. I cant stop looking at it. My boyfriend loves it by the way. He likes me slurring at him, its an object of amusement. For pain I am just taking aspirin, I had no trouble with bleeding, and I found it impossible to try and swallow any type of pill. Another great product I found was Difflam antiinflammatory spray. About 10 sprays every 3 hours and it was so soothing. It has an antibacterial effect too. I've been getting stuck into yoghurt. One of the best cures for mouth wounds is yoghurt and its so soft and cold and ohhhh soothing. Anything soothing is a good thing.

Day 3

...still swollen, no pain whatsoever. I've started on solid foods and my god, I'm back in love with food. Wanting to eat all the time. Although it did take me 45 minutes to get through a bowl of cereal, it was all solid!!..I was so proud of me! I'm still taking aspirin and using the difflam spray, I'm so sick of the taste of mouth wash that I want to throw it all down the sink. I've been alternating mouthwashes with salt water rinses, and this seems to be working like a charm. I'm amazed at how little pain there is. I emailed my brother and told him I'd done it..He thinks I've lost the plot.

Day 4..

Swelling has gone down a little, and I'm doing ok. My speech still has a great lisp, and my drooling has calmed a little. Going great guns so far...I have 1 and a half days before I go back to work, I think I'll be fine <S>

The Day's following

I'm doing well now, work was a charm, I only spat on a few of my patients, just grinned at them and ran in the opposite direction. My tongue is completely normal now. Even the mooncrater I got from the top ball has disappeared. I'm almost 3 weeks post piercing now. I'm sick of my long bar. I have a 12 gauge 5mm ball to go in soon, Scotty told me to wait till the three weeks is up (two more days!) I have a small ulcer on the bottom of my mouth because of the length of the bar, and I find I bash it on my teeth every now and then which is quite an interesting experience. I can eat perfectly normally and my speech is great. So far, only one person has noticed my piercing that I haven't told, and that was only because I was yelling in a crazy mood at the time. The general conseses is that I'm kinda crazy, a lot of my friends are very straight edged, but others love it. Even the ones that think I'm a lunatic keep wanting to look at it. My boyfriend is so entrigued and cannot wait for the 6 week grace period to be up, if you know what I mean, but I keep telling him I'm just going to go back for more. I loved this whole experience, totally recommendable!

Email me if you have any questions or just want to share anecdotes.

Keryn thegirl@ozemail.com.au


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on: 15 July 1999
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