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I had been considering getting my tongue pierced for about two or three years. Ever since I first saw this particular piercing, I've been a tad obsessed about getting one of my own. Besides two tattoos, I'm rather conservative in my appearance, so I knew that others would consider this a great departure for me. I knew, however, that I was simply giving in to my own secret desire. (for once.)

So, last Friday I marched into Harm City, a charming establishment located in Towson, MD. Two of my roommates accompanied me. One was getting her tongue pierced and the other decided to get her eyebrow done. Upon entering, I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness of the establishment. A curtain cordoned off the area where the piercings are performed. The piercing area was immaculate and that immediately put me at ease. After I signed away my life, I had to wait a few moments while Sunshine pierced another customer. This gave me time to enjoy my nervousness and contemplate what I was actually doing.

When it was my turn, I went in and Sunshine pulled the curtain. First, she washed her hands and instructed me to rinse my mouth out thoroughly, for what I think was about 30 seconds to a minute, with Listerine. She then asked me to stick out my tongue as far as possible and she examined it carefully while wearing a fresh pair of latex gloves. (It felt a little funny having someone handle my tongue. ? ) After that she talked to me about placement and I expressed that I wanted it as far back as possible so that I could return to work on Monday with a little confidence that my boss wouldn't be able to see it unless I wanted her to. Sunshine expressed her understanding and proceeded to place a dot on my tongue to show where she thought it would be placed best. She also explained to me that because of the length of my tongue and where my tongue web was located she was placing it as far back as safely possible. I checked it out in the mirror and was satisfied. (Who knew I had a short tongue?)

She had me lay down on a table, which resembled a gynecologist's chair, just no stirrups, and it was completely horizontal. (At this point I think she might have changed into another pair of gloves, but I was a little nervous.) She told me to relax and checked to see how tense I was. She said that it seemed as though I was pretty calm. Considering the circumstances and that it was me, I have to agree. I was nervous, but also very, very excited. I'll admit that I'm a wimp, so I closed my eyes. But, she explained to me everything that was happening as she went along. She placed the clamp on, slid the needle through, and followed with the jewelry. She asked me to keep my tongue extended while she tightened the balls on the barbell and voila, Jackie was pierced. After I eased off the table, she gave me more Listerine to swish with for another thirty seconds or so. Before I left, we went over aftercare. She told me to rinse with Listerine any time I put something in my mouth and in addition to use Gly-Oxide followed by Listerine after each meal. After that, she sent me on my happy way with an information sheet and an admonishment to get ice on my tongue ASAP!

My roommate and I rushed to the nearest restaurant and got two LARGE cups of ice before we headed home. That first night, all I did was suck ice and rinse. Mostly after smoking because I was to scared to eat. My tongue really didn't hurt, but I was afraid that if I tried to eat I would disturb the piercing too much and tear the skin or something.

The next day I woke up starving. After figuring out what I could probably eat with the smallest amount of difficulty, I headed for KFC and ordered two large orders of mashed potatoes and a cup of ice. Needless to say, the drive-thru lady thought I was a little weird and looked at me strange when I made it to the window. (A note on talking in general-for the first few days, I had to really concentrate in order to speak clearly. If I didn't, people looked at me like I was a nut, not to mention the spit factor!) Off I went with my mashed potatoes. And they were heavenly! By the next day, I managed to eat some chicken strips. By the time Monday rolled around, the swelling had reduced dramatically and I could enunciate a lot better. I'd also managed to figure out how to eat while avoiding biting down on the new metal in my mouth at the same time. And I was also pleasantly surprised that my employer did not give me a hard time about it. Some of my co-workers think I'm crazy, but they don't sign my paycheck, so I'm loving life.

It's been almost two weeks now, and I'm ecstatic with my new piercing. I'm still swishing with Listerine and Gly-Oxide and am looking forward to enjoying my piercing for years to come. Since this piercing, I can't wait to get another one. The hard part is deciding where. A lot of people ask me about the pain of the piercing, and my tattoos also. I'm always honest in expressing the level of discomfort I felt. (Little to none with the piercing, quite a bit with both my tats.) They often squirm a little. But, I also ask them how important these modifications to their appearance are to them. If you REALLY want to be pierced or tattooed pain really won't matter. It's worth it. At least, I think so. ?

If anyone would like to chat about my experience, or trade war stories, please email me at magneticgirl@hotmail.com.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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