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My Tongue-Piercing Experience

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Well, first, I guess I'll start off with why I wanted to get it done. I wanted it, because I had seen it and it just looked so cool. And I also thought that it would add to my uniqueness, because at the time that I wanted it, I was in the seventh grade, and I was in a private Christian skool, and I loved the fact that everyone thought I was so strange. I was about 13 when I decided I wanted it, but I didn't get it till 15. My mom yelled every time I talked about it, and she said that if I did it, she'd rip it out. But she didn't scare me, and I wanted it done SO BAD. I even faked having it one time, just to freak her out, but she was like, "Get that OUT OF YOUR TONGUE!!!" So, yeah, it was gonna be hard trying to get something put in my tongue without my mom noticing.

In the ninth grade, I wanted it so extremely bad that I decided I was gonna do it myself. Silly me. I got 600a safety pin, some throat spray, and a silver ball earing and went in the bathroom and went to town. Numbed my tongue with the throat spray, and then tried holding my tongue still while I put the needle through. That was the hard part. I was drooling everywhere, and my tongue was extremely active. But I finally got it through, and I just sat there with the safety pin in my tongue, looking at it. It just looked so kewl. Then I put the earing in it. I wore it to skool, and people freaked. They couldn't believe that I had done it myself. But I was afraid I was gonna swallow it, so I took it out, and I decided that I was gonna get this done professionally no matter what! So, right after 10th grade started, one of the places that I shopped at a lot started body piercing. And they were gonna let me get it done! I talked to the owner of the store, cuz we were pretty good friends, and he said that he might let me get it done at the Weenie Roast, as long as I didn't let my mom sue him for hurting her poor daughter, so I said, sure, that wouldn't be a problem.

Then, in Sept. 97, I went to a local end of summer concert/festival that one of the local stations in Charlotte gives every year. I was with a guy that was friends with the owner of a place that said they would do it. They just made me say I was actually 18 and everything, because they new how bad I wanted it. So, I signed the waiver and stuff, and I was set. They sat me on a table, because all they had was this little booth thingy. The guy asked me if I was sure that I wanted it done, and I was like, YES! JUST DO IT! My friend was screaming at the top of his lungs, "Cry for us, Amy, cry real hard for us!" and I was just giving him a hateful look, telling him to shut up.

The guy told me to stick my tongue out and he put a clamp on it. After that, my eyes were shut as tight as they could get. But all I remember is a "click" and him saying, okay, it's done, just have to put the top ball on now. I was like, "Wow! That's it? That didn't hurt a BIT!" So I paid my 48 bux and asked my friend if I bled. He said I did, but just a little. All my friends were like, that's awesome! I was the first one in my skool to get it done. Everyone wanted to see it, too. They gave me a little cup of Listerine to swish with when I smoked and stuff, but after it was gone, I couldn't eat or anything, and I got it done around 2, and I didn't leave until around 12.

It started swelling about 4 hours after it was done, but I think that was only because I was out in the sun and stuff like that. It was kinda sore the next day, and I had a bit of a problem talking, but my mom didn't notice, I guess mainly because I had a retainer. I could eat food the third day I had it, the swelling was still up a little, but not as bad. By the fourth day, it was totally gone! I could eat and everything, and it didn't hurt a bit. I still used my listerine, just to be safe, and to tell you the truth, I still do. I've had my piercing for almost 2 years now, and I still love it. My mom didn't know until a year after I had it done, but she didn't really say anything. She's fine with it now. I started with a 14g and now I'm at a 6g. The biggest I'm gonna go is a 4g, but I don't think I want it any bigger than that. Oh, and my advice is, if you're thinking about having it done, GO DO IT, ALREADY! It's great, I promise.

-Amy kinkykorn7@hotmail.com


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on: 15 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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