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another hole in my face

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I've wanted to have my tongue pierced ever since I saw my babysitter flash her barbell when I was 10. My parents, being very agaissrt the concept of their daughter having a metal stick going through her toungue said no (of course) and promptly fired the babysitter. The topic was dropped.

Eight years later, two of my coworkers had tongue piercings and my interest came out of its dormancy. Wanting to do it, but still being a super-weenie, I asked them about the healing process to the point where they told me that if I didn't shut up, they'd smack me. My main concerns were a vein getting hit and waking up with a mouth full of blood (like I've read about), and that it would affect the efficiency of the muscle. I was assured that neither would happen, but that there would be some foods I couldnt eat, and I would never whistle again. gasp

My friend picked me up at about 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon, and drove me to the BM parlor in Manassas. I spent the entire ride rubbing my tongue along the top of my mouth and trying to imagine how the metal beads would feel. We walked into the parlor and were greeted by two women behind the desk that were heavily tatood and pierced. The place looked nice and sterile, which set me more at ease. I showed the woman my ID, proving that I was 18, and paid her $50, telling her that I'd like a 14g tongue piercing. My friend and I browsed through the tattoos while we waited. 5 minutes later, this biped god came out and told me to follow him. He led me to a small room and sat me down in a reclined chair. I recognized the tools on the table from various websites, and knew what they were for. If I hadnt known what those creepy tongs were for, I think I would have run away. He gave me some stuff to swish around in my mouth to clean it. I had been told by all my friends who have one that their tongues were numbed and it didnt hurt. So I figured the rinse was also supposed to numb me, which it didnt. So I stick out my tongue, the piercing god clamps the tongs on it, nad I feel this throbbing pain focused in the middle of my tongue. I kept my eyes open the whole time. Its not so bad unless you don't know whats supposed to be happening. The process took about 45 seconds. I rinsed spit, thanked the guy and staggered out the door with my friend holding me up. The woman up front gave me an aftercare sheet that told me pretty much what I expected it to. No oral sex, listerine, and no french kissing for at least a month or 2. Our next stop was 711, where I buried my tongue in a pina colada slurpee fo the next several hours. The thing turned red from the blood, which stopped flowing after about 10 minutes.

I went into work the next day with a little bit of swelling. It was sore from trying to talk the previous day. Luckily, I keep a big ass bottle of asprin at work. I took four every couple of hours and the soreness went away. On the drive home, I sang to songs on the radio to practice talking and attempting to get rid of the slur that came with my new cranial hole. For the next three days, I slurred, I spit, and ate nothing but slurpees. I rinsed with listerine at least 8 times a day. It took about 3 days to get back to "normal"

Now it's 3 weeks later, and my speech is better than it was before I got the piercing. I CAN whistle, I CAN eat everything (that I want to anyway) and lets just say that transmission of body fluids wount kill you. ;) The downsides to it are that my parents almost killed me, and my breath is lethal. I don't know how that worked, but somehow it just ended up that way. I also lost 20 pounds from not being able to eat anything substantial. In retrospect, the pain wasnt that bad. It was worth all the anticipation, all the aftercare, and the $50. Have a friend drive you, because you wont want to be behind the wheel afterward. Get a slurpee or something IMMEDIATELY afterward to keep the swelling down, and take little bites of everything.

Like almost every other story on here, I'll say that you should just do it. From the girl who attacked the person who put a second hole in her ear ("aiii!! IvY*!! How could you do that to meeeee?!!?!?) And cried like a woman when the first hole was put in, the tongue is not so bad. The aftercare is easy, and hard to forget to do. So go do it. What are you waiting for? Go get another hole poked in your face!!! Go!! NOW!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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