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Tongue @ Michelle Hamilton Salon

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Now I know that you have PLENTY of tongue piercing stories, but out of my 11 piercings it's really the only one that has a story behind it. I am now 18, but when I was 16 and in 11th grade my mother and step father made a bet with me. They said that if I got straight A's in school and didn't get into any trouble, they would take me to get my tongue pierced. Fair enough I thought, because they had already let me get my lip and navel pierced for good grades before - Just not straight A's. Well, I worked really hard and I surprised the crap out of myself when I actually pulled it off (I thought that I had a "B" in there somewhere). My mother and step father were happy that I had pulled it off, and they reluctantly stuck to their half of the deal. I went to Michelle Hamilton Salon up on East Broadway in Seattle. I get all of my piercings done there, by Michelle. So we made an appointment for July 11th at 6:00 in the afternoon. We finally got up to Seattle (we're about 25 miles away) and to East Broadway. My sister (who I may add is incrediably like me in the piercing sense) came with us. We went in and I was pretty nervous, but I just remembered the words of my best friend, Jesse, who said "It doesn't hurt and if it does than I'm going to call you a sissy." We went up the red stairway to the salon and were greeted by Michelle. We filled out all of the forms and bought some listerine. Then she went and got the sterile packaged 12 gauge barbell out of a compartment near the front desk. We then went into the back room and she proceeded to get the packaged needle and clamps out. She put gloves on and then asked me to swish with the listerine (eewww). I swished and she changed her gloves, and proceeded to mark my tongue. I liked the placement, so she told me to lay down on the couch. She changed her gloves again and got the needle and clamp out of the packaging, as well as the barbell and unscrewed it. My step father asked if he could take pictures and Michelle said that it was fine. She proceeded to clamp my tongue and hold the needle against it. She told me to take and deep breath in and out and then she plunged the needle into my tongue. Now, at this point, I am in shock and not pain, in fact, it rather scared me more than hurt me. She then placed the barbell into the needle and followed it through. I got up and left, and my step father got some intrersting pictures. On the drive home my tongue still didn't really hurt (my sister will tell you I said otherwise, but I think that I would remember if it hurt or not) it basically just felt like a sore muscle and tender to move about. We went to a local fast food restaurant and I had a frozen yogurt (awww yeah) and swished with Listerine. I figured that since I didn't swell much on the first day that I shouldn't swell too much at all, right? Well, I was kind of wrong. I went to my sister's house the next day, listerine in hand and talking like I had cotton in my mouth. I remember hearing from my 5 year old nephew that he was bragging to all of his friends at his private school that his "Auntie Poppy got her tongue pierced, and it was neato" as we were on a bus to South Hill. We stopped at the Puyallup Transit center because the next bus to South Hill was in an hour, and there was a street fair going on. So my nephew, sister and I all went and enjoyed (or at least they did) the food and festivities. I tried to eat a quite large bean burrito and ending up giving it to my nephew because I could only take about five bites from it. I also remember telling my sister "shusth up or I'll kicksh your assch" and having her constantly make fun of me for saying it with a lisp that day. I found that the two things I enjoyed eating the most as my tongue was swollen to a good extent were frozen chocolate yogurt/fudgesickles and rice. I have no clue as to why rice was so easy to eat but I can tell you that the wild rice that's not sticky works wonders. My diet for the 5 days that my tongue was swollen literally consisted of rice and frozen yogurt, along with some oatmeal and breakfast shakes in between. Even though I love my tongue piercing very much, I hated going through the healing process much more than one should, mainly because it was so swollen I couldn't eat (and I am severly allergic to aspirin and advil and any pain reliever except tylenol so I was screwed when it came to pain and swelling relief) and I had a hard time talking. But now that it's over I know that if I had to do it all over again I would. Now that I am 18 I am just waiting to get my tonsils out so that my step mother and father will take me down to get my eyebrow and monroe piercings done!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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