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my first "real" body piercing

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I finally did it. I got my first "real" body piercing. Sure I have my left lobe pierced at 10 gauge and I will soon redo the right ear as well. The school I go to does not allow any student to have any jewelry in their piercing. So when I go to school I have to take out the 10 gauge captive bead ring. I had the right ear matching the left but had to take it out and the hole closed up. But now I have a piece of steel through my tongue. I have waited for this for a very long time.... as I will share my story.

It was a sunny Saturday, the day after my senior prom.  I

decided that since I was graduating from high school in a week or two, why not get my tongue done finally. The studio I went to Star Rocket in Ellicott City, MD was almost like a second or third home to me. I have been in and out of the shop for the last year chatting, buying jewelry, getting to know everyone, and so on. Now I am creating a web site for the guys at Star Rocket. I know them pretty well now. We refer to each other by first name, we have a personal relationship. Since I am doing the site for them they are hooking me up with free jewelry and free piercings. Killer deal hun ????

Anyway the day finally came.  I was surprisingly nervous.

I have been tattooed and pierced with a needle before, but for some strange reason the thought of a 14 gauge needle getting shoved through my tongue made me nervous. The guys at the shop always told me it did not hurt much, but I was being a woman. So I walk in and say hi to Debra, the owner. She is such an awesome woman. She knew I was there to get the tongue done so she was full of smiles. She told me Dave, the head piercer there was upstairs and just to go up and tell him to shove the needle through my tongue.... And I did not pay !!!!!

So I get up there, and tell Dave I was ready, so the 5'8''

black haired misfit fan started to prepare. He must have changed his gloves 4 times. Star Rocket has I would say the best reputation in Maryland. They are great, friendly, clean, down to earth all that mushy shit...but it is true. So he told me to rinse with Listerine. So I did. Now he told me to sit down on the freshly cleaned bed thing, I tucked a paper towel into my shirt like the way a redneck does at diner. (Sorry if you are redneck, we just do not do that here and you always see it on TNN and on the Dukes of Hazard reruns). I did that cause I had a brand new Abercrombie shirt on. I did not want to mess that up. Then he looked at my tongue to see where the vein was I guess. Then he started to put the forceps on my tongue, which was not as bad as I had thought it was going to be. There was no drooling or wanting to pull back. By this time I was no longer nervous. He centered the forceps. Then I felt the needle tip touch me and he told me to take a deep breath so I did. Then he asked If I was okay. I said yes, then he was screwing on the ball. I was like " what the hell did you pierce me?????!?!?!?!!??" I swear to god I did not even feel anything. I was expecting all this pain and It was nothing. Everyone told me that is how it would be and I did not listen, but in all honesty it did not even hurt. Biting your tongue hurts a hell of a lot worse. The he got me to rinse with listerine and went over their after care guidelines.

It has been almost 5 days since I got my tongue pierced.

It is now not swollen and hardly even sore. I love this piecing very much. I am taking good care of it using listerine after everything!!!!! And I use Gly Oxide 3 times a day. I was eating solid food the day of the piercing, and can eat like normal now. At first it was a little awkward but now it is all good. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in getting their tongue pierced......DO IT!!!!!!! You will not regret it. Just take care of it..... And if you are in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC, or Ellicott City area go to Star Rocket, they are elite.

Peace, Kyle


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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