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My WeB Piercing

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It all started when I wanted my tongue pierced, but due to my family could not have it done. However, I always look for alternatives and after looking around the site I found the tongue web pictures, I had a friend who had a ring in her webbing but had to remove it due to infection (she had done it as a self pierce).... But I found that a barbell could be used.. I loved it. I could be original, have something to amuse myself with, and conceal it from my parents.

Living in Southern California, it was not the hardest task to find a piercer to do a client under 18, Luckily through friends I knew of a good one. He had already pierced about 8 people I know, and has a good reputation. So in Mid August I got a 1\2 inch 12 gauge barbell. Originally it was for my frenum, but I wanted to see if the piercer could do my web with it...

So a Friday night rolls around and my friends and I go on the mission and the Parlor is closed because the owner was getting married, go figure. So after going raving for all of Saturday night and sleeping for about 3 hours, my friend and I went to the parlor around 12pm Sunday and he was there.. So we said what I wanted and he said he could do the 12 gauge. He took it to sterilize it, while saying this would be the largest gauge he had ever pierced a tongue web with. He invites us to the room ... up the red velvet carpet past the statue things into the piercing room with the fake pierced nipple on the wall... I sit in the chair

He has me show him my webbing and says it would be easy and made a comment on how my tongue was long and "you must make a lot of ladies happy" I can't forget that one.. and then hands me the listerine and has me rinse forever it seemed like.. I was pretty nervous, I had done my other piercings myself and this was a new thing. So after the listerine he had put on his gloves and all. He told me to suction my tongue to the roof of my mouth (that's how the web is most visible as well as pliable) and said he was going to do it from what I remember. So the needle was uncomfortable going through and hurt a little but was bearable, then came the barbell, Owh. He got it through, but after Having a needle pierce through the bottom of my tongue, my tongue decided it was tired and in one way or another passed out. It kept falling and I was trying to keep it up, he was putting on the ball,, and this wasn't easy cause of my tongue and the fact that his fist was bigger than my mouth.. Him putting the ball on was the most uncomfortable part, that hurt.. then he tightened it and it was done.. Easy as that right? not just yet...

So he was done but I stood up and felt a little light headed.. and he had me sit back down, cold sweat breaks out, body feels weird, something not right.. vision turns black... I am Blind! I am sitting here saying I cannot see anything and my piercer is saying "those endorphin rushes do crazy things to people!" and I was just like I can't see, He Just kept talking to me and was fanning me. I am thinking in my head that I was blind permanently. It was probably one of the most scary moments in my life, well maybe I am being over dramatic, but I was scared. Alas however as my body calmed down I saw sparkly purple things everywhere, and slowly the world faded in purple and then I saw my friend standing in front of me.. I was fine.. I stood up and felt like a big dork, but that was OK cause I had my web. I looked at it in the mirror and it was rad and totally me. My piercer gave me the aftercare results and I paid him the 20 bux we decided on and tipped him 10, and we were on our way..

I had a bean burrito on the way home and some soda, I just rinsed after.. It didn't hurt too bad.. I felt kinda uneasy though thinking that I now had a bar through the skin of the underside of my tongue.. I got over it.. I got home and went to bed, feeling devious that my parents had no clue, even though I talked a little oddly from the swelling.. The heal took forever..

It probably took over a month and half for my tongue to be completely healed.. And still it would get infected easily.. to this day I cannot smoke too much or drink too much without it getting bothered.. Eating was not hard at all during the healing, except for the occasional stinging when I moved my tongue a weird way. I used listerine after every meal and I was careful not to burn out my mouth, I also used glyoxide Once in the morning and once at night.

Since the original barbell I went down to a 5/8 " 10 gauge, but then went back to a 12 because I needed the other bar,, I plan to go back down again soon though.. I have learned to flip my barbell and it acts as if I had a regular tongue piercing, I can pull the bar out between my teeth and play with it, having an oral fixation I do it all the time.

I love my Tongue Webbing, and to this day my parents do not know and it has been almost 10 months.. Despite my scary blind moment, I would probably do it all again.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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