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Tounge Twisted

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For the longest time I have thought about getting my tongue pierced.

I was fascinated by piercing in "odd" places. Of course my Mom rejected the idea. It finally came time for my "sweet 16th" birthday. She asked me what I wanted, knowing she would get me pretty much anything...I said a tattoo or a tongue piercing. She said.."get serious." I acted all sad and played out a guilt trip on her. Wouldn't you know, it worked.

I was so pumped about getting this done, I really didn't care where I

got done at. (big mistake) So finally my sister-in-law, Ina, took me to Inkslingers in Roseville, Michigan. I heard Inkslingers was good from other people..so I figured it was safe. We didn't make an appointment..we just figured we could get in, we were right. The guy asked me for ID, I showed him my drivers license and he laughed at me. I thought it was rude. He asked if I had parental consent & I said yes. He looked at me for a minute and then at Ina. He said "OK, I need you to sign a waver." I read it carefully...I always do that before signing things...call me paranoid.

He took Ina & I back to a little room where he was tattooing some

girls back. He did a really cool job on it so far...so I trusted his skills based on that. (DUMB!) I hadn't really researched anything about it so I didn't know what he was supposed to do. He put on gloves and asked me to pick out the barbell I wanted. I picked a simple 14gage silver one. He told me to stick out my tongue as far as I could. This made me nervous. I had so much adrenaline pumping through me that I held my breath most of the time. He pulled out this needle that was at least 5inches long. It was huge nevertheless. It looked like a nail. He put the barbell in the top part of it. He took these clamps that were round on both sides and grabbed my tongue with them. It hurt a little but he centered it and then took the needle and pushed it right through with his thumb. It was a sharp pain and then a stinging sensation. I thought he had just stared pushing it through..but he said "done." I didn't make a sound during the whole thing..I was too nervous. Ina was just watching in awe. She said "cool!" when it went through. She said it made a cool sound when it went through. I didn't hear it though.

The guy pulled the "nail" through and screwed the ball on at the

bottom. I went to the mirror and looked at it. It was perfect for me. Little did I notice that my shirt was soaking with drool. Blood started flowing a bit in my mouth. He showed me to the bathroom and told me to rinse with cold water. I went into the bathroom and it was disgusting! It was dirty and I saw a cockroach scatter by the toilet. This freaked me out. He told me to rinse with half yellow mouth wash mixed half with water. My tongue was really sore the rest of the night.

Waking up the next morning was painful.  My mouth hurt so bad, I

could hardly talk. I washed with the mouth wash and did so every 6 hours. I wanted to make sure it was clean, considering that Inkslingers was not! This whitish gooey stuff was sort of oozing out from both sides of the hole. I was concerned..but not too much. I talked with a lisp for about two weeks. The pain finally stopped after a good week and a half. After about a month, I formed this little ball of flesh under my tongue. It was very sensitive to touch and annoyed the hell out of me. I figured it was scar tissue and would go away. For 4 months it stayed there. I was going crazy, it really bothered me. I know I shouldn't have done this, but I just bit it off. I sat there and chewed on it for about ten minutes. I spit it out and looked at it. I got some tweezers and started squeezing it. When I did all this whitish puss oozed out. It freaked me out and I threw it out in the trash. I figured it was infected. After about two weeks, my tongue was pretty normal. I got a new barbell with purple plastic beads at the ends and a colorful ring on the top. Food always got stuck in it.

One night I was eating some banana bread and noticed that the ring

was gone. Then I realized that I had swallowed the ring. I wasn't concerned, because I knew I would see it again...from the other end. Then I came upon BME. I read a lot of stories and realized I was screwed. I have learned my lesson and will always read up and check out the place before I get something done. Don't go to Inkslingers in Roseville Michigan!!!!!!

A lot of people ask me, why?  I never can really produce an answer

they can understand. All I know is that I love it. I can't wait to get more done. I think I want my nipples done next or maybe a hood ring. I'll wait on thoose till I'm 18.

Melinda Hicks Michigan....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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