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The metal thingie in my mouth

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Heya! I spent a whole lotta time reading other peoples experiences before I got my tongue pierced and it was a very valuable tool in helping me make an informed and intelligent decision. It helped alot, so I'll send my story along in the hopes that it too can help people. I'm not really adding anything new here, just another persons perspective.

I'm a male, 26 years old, who's wanted to get my tongue pierced for years, but a lack of motivation (and nuts) always held me in check...one morning last week, I woke up and said screw it, I'm getting it done today! Well, as luck would have it, my car broke down on the way there. So, after pushing the beast home, I thought that maybe this was better, that it would give me time to cool off and think about it more. I have a lot of tattoos, but I've always be leary of pushing sharp metal things through my skin, so I only have two pierces, both on my ear.

Well, the part I needed for my car wasn't gonna be here for almost a week....I was pretty bummed out, and instead of cooling off to the idea of getting pierced, I just wanted one more and more by the day. I was reading BME religiously by then and it was doing nothing to talk me out of it....anyways, my part gets here, I throw it on, and.......

I went to this place in Colorado Springs called Pikes Peak Tattoo ( www.tattooing-piercing.com ) on the glowing recommendation from a couple friends...The girl that does the piercing, Brandy, is super sweet and the most relaxing person I've run across in a long time. She spent some time having a normal conversation (when I say normal, I mean other than the piercing job I was about to get), then she had me fill out a professional looking form which was basically a "make sure you're not sick, and make sure you know what we're fixin' to do to you, and by the way are you 18?" type of thing. I filled out the form, showed my ID, which she verified and annotated on the form...

"Alright!" I said to myself "These guys know what they're doing..."

So, I pick out the barbell I wanted. I wanted a titanium one(I think just 'cause it sounds cool), but all they had left were the rainbow colored ones, so I settled on a surgical steel piece.

She took me to the back room (palms sweating pretty bad now), and had me rinse with some Listerine (the blue kind...yummy), then she whipped out a caliper and measured the height of my tongue and said we oughtta go with a 3/4". I deferred to the expert. She had me sit down in the straight backed dental chair while she went to get the jewelry. She put all this gear into the autoclave and sat down in front of me and explained all the ins and outs and aftercare procedures and all that stuff. Man, I was dying now. She really put me at ease, but geez.... She asked if I had any questions, I said nope, then she marked my tongue under and on top, had me look at it to make sure it was good to go, I said "perfect!", then she grabbed the forceps....

Now, from reading all the other experiences on BME, I was expecting to be more than uncomfortable after she strapped the forceps to my tongue, but it really wasn't uncomfortable at all, besides the fact that my tongue was dry...so she clamped them on (they were tensioned with a rubber band at the base, by the way), and asked if I was ready. I said "heck yes"...at this point, I closed my eyes, so I didn't see the whole thing being done...I heard a wrapper opening, which I would assume to be a needle, and she said, "OK...take a deep breathe for me"...I took my deep breath, she said "OK, now let it out slowly"...then I felt a little sting (it stung more than I expected, but it was still nothing...certainly easier than actually biting your tongue). Then I felt what I would assume to be her screwing the ball on the bottom. She realeased the clamps and my tongue was free! She said "All done! It looks good! What do you think?" she handed me a mirror and I admired the new metal thingie jutting from my tongue. She turned the fan on for me, 'cause I was feeling pretty faint (I am such a wimp), and talked to me more about the do's and don'ts. She gave me a cup and asked me to spit in there to see if I was bleeding, I wasn't, she took my picture, I paid and tipped her, and I was off to grab a slurpee...

The first thing I discovered was that it is really really hard to drink a slurpee through a straw, so I uncapped it and kinda poured it in my mouth. Eating is definitely a chore...very very small bites pushed to the back of your mouth..watch you don't bite the bar, it hurts! I found that I couldn't chew anything without my tongue getting in the way, so I resorted to applesauce and Slimfast of all things (I don't need to lose any weight, but they're fairly nutritious and not at all chewy)!

The next morning:

Hmmm...no swelling...I must be lucky! And no nasty white film either...cool! My tongue feels like it just did 100 pushups, it's fairly sore, but nothing to cry over for sure. There's a dimple where the top ball rests, but I think thats from me constantly rubbing the ball on the roof of my mouth, rather than to any swelling. Messed up and tried to eat a pop tart...not a good idea...you know how when you eat bready kinda stuff, it kinda sticks to your gums and the top of your mouth? Ugh....I found I was constantly trying to, you know, scrape it all off with my tongue. It didn't work very well, and besides that, it hurt...so back to the applesauce...The bar actually felt pretty good, and I tried like hell to show it off by pretending I was yawning...people just looked at me as if I was strange..

Day two, which is today, I wake up and it feels great! Still no swelling, so I think I may have lucked out in that department. No sign of the film either, though my tongue is tinted green from my Listerine (at least, I hope it's the Listerine)...maybe that's why I caught all the strange looks..anyway. It's still a wee bit sore, and I still can't eat pizza, but it's doing pretty good I think. I'm looking forward to it healing completely......I use the mouthwash (diluted 50%) religiously..4 times a day.....and constantly rinse my mouth out 'cause from what I understand, there's little in life worse and more umm...gross than an infected tongue....

So anyway, I appreciate BME giving a forum like this as it really aided my decision. If you are thinking about doing it, go for it...you'll be happy...Honestly, the worst part of the whole thing, besides the anticipation, was rinsing with Listerine for a full minute...that stuff hurts after awhile....And hey! I'm not really trying to give free advertisement here, but Brandy was absolutely super..if you're in Colorado, check her and the boys out...


Chris [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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