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Conservative Tongue Piercing

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Well, where do I begin. Oh yea, I come from a very conservative family and I'm the last person you yould think would have his tonue pierced. I'm a successful manager of a major electronics retailer and present myself in a very professional way. Well, away from the store I run, I'm not at all a "business man" type. No, I'm not tattooed all over or pierced up and down (not that that's a bad thing), but I'm just your average ordinary 19 year old guy. Anyway, down to the piercing.

Back in 1995, when I was 15, I was hired on as a System Administrator for a now Major ISP. Well, surfing the web one night at the office (pretty kewl being 15 and having keys to a large computer company and ISP --- which allowed me access to the web at T1 speeds!) I stumbled upon BME. This was back in the beginning when BME was just getting started and wasn't even hosted on freeq.com. Anyway, when I started looking around I found what I saw very intriguing. It was really neat to me that people actually modified their bodies to suit their personalities and lifestyles. Sure, I'd seen tattoos and such, but never a Web site devited to the entire idea of "BodMod". I was instantly addicted. I checked for something new every night from BME. Whenever I found something, I liked (like a tongue piercing) I would print it and put in a folder. Pretty neat stuff, I thought. At this point I wanted to get my tongue pierced SOOOOO bad I could hardly stand it, but the boss wouldn't like it and I wasn't willing to give up a good paying job for a tongue ring. Anyway, It so happened at the time that the boss' partner (Dan) had recently gotten his ear pierced, so I figured I could get away with it too. I went to the local Wal-Mart and bought a Self Ear-Piercing kit. (I got carded at the checkout, but she had a ton of piercings and just let me go -- hehe). That night I pierced m ear. DAMN!! I just realized that I have a terrible tendency to ramble! Sorry... down to the tongue.

It's now 4 years later and I quit the ISP to get out of the small town they were based in (only 50,000 --- not my style). I took a job working for a large ratailer of electronics in September of 1998. I was just a salesman at the time, as I was a high school drop-out (who needs school making $19500 a year! -- with the ISP that is) and the manager of the company believed I could be a great manager. Anyway, to make a long story short (yea right--short!!) I got my G.E.D., went into management training and in February of 1999 got promoted to manager and finally got the opportunity to move away from my family! When I moved into my new town I thought I should do something that I'd always wanted to do, but never had the courage to because of what my family would think of me. I wanted to get my tongue pierced!

Sometime in late February I started calling around to see who did tongue piercing in the area. One was VERY cheap ($10) and I said NO WAY, and one was out of needles. Finally I called Tattoo Gallery. A real nice guy answered the phone. I asked "Do you do tongue piercings?" He said yes and I asked how much. He replied, "$45". I said thanks and hung up. That sounded about right (Thanks for the info BME!!!) according to what I'd read. I called back later that night to make sure they were still open (it was about 9:45pm) and a girl answered the phone. I asked if they were still open and If their piercer was in. She said, "That's me. What did you want to get?". I said, "My tongue.". She said kew and I jumped in my car and was on my way.

Well, I pulled up in the parking lot and said to myself "I can still back out.. I don't have to do this". DAMN-IT --- I've wanted to do this for 3 Fu#$*!g years and I'm gonna do it! I sheepishly exited the car and walked into the Tattoo Gallery and was greeted by a nice friendly lady. "Hi, what can we do for you?"... "I'm here to get my tongue pierced.", I said. "Right over here".. and she led me to the counter to sigh the forms and all that stuff. I signed my first born away and followed her to the torture room (It's not really that bad beginners, it just makes this more dramatic). I sat down and we talked while she prepared her instruments. I asked how she had learned ro pierce (thanks again for the tip BME). It turned out she had taken a five day seminar with Gotham Body Piercing. Kewl.. we were ot ready (BTW --- her name s Kristie). I sat down in the chair and stuck out my tongue. She carefully marked the top of it and had me press the bottom of it against my top teeth (I guess to chec for placement and veins). She Moved the dot 3 times I think, and I finally got up to look in the mirror. It was just where I had asked her to put it.. Perfect!

Time for the pain (not much though). She explained the entire procedure to me and mad me feel very at ease. She changed gloves a total of 3 time during this procedure and finally grabbed the clamps. I thought 'this is it.. no turning back now'! She positioned herself in front of me and told me to stick my tongue out. I did. She dried it and clamped it. Now this was the most painful part of all.. Kinda like a dull ache in a muscle. Then the needle. I didn't even feel it penetrate, just a slight sting when it came out the bottom tissue into the cork. She followed through with a 3/4" internally threaded barbell and that's that! I paid my $45 and a $10 tip and wa talked for a bit and she assured me I would be back... she said "It's addiicting". She was right.

Just for the record, it's now almose June 1, 1999, and I have NO regets as to having my tongue pierced. I've loved every minute of it and constantly find myself playing with it! I now have a 5/8" Niobium barbell in it and love showing it off to my friends. And as a side note, my boss doesn's know, my 70 year old employee doesen't know, but my 20 year old employee actually saw it one day and asked me "Do you have your tongue pierced?" I hesitated and siad "Uhhhh......Yes". She wanted to see it so I showed her and she thought it was so kewl that her boss, a responsible, do-no wrong manager, had his tongue pierced. She is now toying with the idea of getting a tattoo or her navel pierced and we talk about piercing all the time. Kinda neat.

I guess the entire point of this LOOOOOOONG ass experience is that no matter who you are or what you do for a living or even what your family thinks of you, is that this is YOUR life and you will regret the things you DON'T do more than the things you DID! A tongue piercing can always be removed, but the experience of having it never goes away! Go for it! If you think you want it, just do it and if you don'y like it (not likely :) you can take it out! Happy piercing and good luck to all you BodMod enthusiasts.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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