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self tounge pierce age 14

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I've been wanting to get my tounge pierced since i was in 7th grade,

but i have those parents that no matter how many times you ask or how much you want it they wont give in if they dont like it. So i decided to go to the city were a friend of mine got his done. My cousin told me to wait till she had the moneyto get hers dont with me. We planned to get it done November 30,1998 but that morning she decided to not want to go with me and wait another two weeks and then that day came and she chickend out again so thats when i decided to do it my self.

I was just looking for info on tounge piercing through web sights and

that were i discovered BME. This web site is what really helped me I found other people that had the same problems and decided to do it themselves.And i got alot of info from BME and other websites on how to do it and take care of it really well.

I got my barbell some time in january ( clear surgical steel(14 ga.

3/4 inch) barbell) at body designs so my parents wouldnt see it. then i decided to just get a saftey pin and pierce it! NO GOOD!!! the saftey pin was a 16 ga. so the barbell wouldn't go through the being my retarded self decided to do it three more tmes that same week. still didnt fit . So I decided to order a sterile 14 ga. hollow tip piering needle. The same day I got it (March 25,1999) i pierced it i couldnt wait one more second. I brought the needle the barbell and my listerine to the bathroom with me and marked an area were there was absolutly not one vein. So i lifted my tounge placed the tip of the needle to my tounge the stuck my tounge out as slow as possible ( I didnt want the needle to move) and pushed the needle up with one hand and pushed my tounge down with the other. Finally after one second i was pierced !!! That was the easy part for me. My mission was to get the barbell in!!!!! Since my needle was hollow i took the barbell stuck as much of the barbell into the needle and followed it out. Unfortunatly my handslipped a little but i managed to get it through n-e way !!!!!!!!!!It didn't hurt at all!! If you can live through biting your tounge you can live through this!!!!!!!!!!

Imidiatly after i pierced my own tounge i rinsed it out with

listerine and took some advil. the let the bathroom wen to the kitchen and got maaaaaad ice water and paged my sister to get me some gly-oxide on her way home from work. She couldnt believe that i pierced my tounge!!!!!! =) then i got some pine apple juice with alot of ice( i speed up the healing) and went and watched T.V. Later that night i ate soo much ( i dont recomend eating alot if ur parents already knowabout the piercing)it was pretty easy!!! Here is some advice on eating for the first time with a new tounge piercing. Dont think about the piercing! Pretend its not there and you'll be just fine !!!!!!!! Then after that i rinced with my listerine and Gly-Oxide.

The next day in school i had to show every one they asked me were i

got it done and unfortunatly i lied and told then i went and got it done cuz i didnt want them to tell me all this s**t on how to take care of it !!! But about a month later when i knew it was healed properly i confessed the truth to every one and then they wanted me to do it for them!!!!! LOL!!!!

I repeated the ice , listerine,gly-oxide, pine apple juice, and warm

salt water procedure for two weeks.Then i changed my barbell to a 14,ga. glow in the dark barbell with a metal hoop onthe end!!! it was sooo phat but while kissing my boyfriend i lost it so I got another barbell but this time i got a metal barbell and 12 ga. (the lady told me it was 14ga.) but its Okay it fit

If any of you want to know if i got caught yet especially now that i

have a metal barbell!!! No i didnt get caught yet !!!!! and thank GOD!!!! This is the best thing i ever got in my life!!!!!!Oh and my tounge didn't swell alot just to the size of my barbel but i spoke fine no lisp or nothing!!!

Well this is my tounge piercing story if any one has any questions on

how to do it or any thing e-mail me!!!!

Love always Vanessa RicanLuv14


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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