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Self Done Tongue Piercing/Pro-piercing tip of tongue

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After strongly thinking about it for a few days and listening to stories about "M.S." getting his tounge pierced, I decided to pierce my tounge in the middle. I went to this store called Budget Tapes and Records and bought a 12 guage needle for my 14 guage barbell. This is what the dude working there told me to do. Then I went to my friend "M.S."'s sisters house who was throwing a keg party. I asked her newly wed husband; who also had a tounge ring too, to pierce my tounge in the middle. He said sure. We didnt have any mouthwash so I gargled with salt water and got a baking soda& peroxide toothpaste and put a shit load of it on my mouth.(That is a very bad idea, If you are going to pierce your tounge, make sure you have some kind of non- alcoholic antibacterial mouthwash) I went into the living room with a bunch of paper towels (for the drool) and I sat down in a chair in front of the couch that "M.S." was sitting in. Another guy who I dont know held my toung out roach clips but that wouldnt work so he then decided to hold my tounge with needle nose plyers that he took out of the tool box(another very bad idea, most plyers are very dirty.) Then my tounge was shaking very bad and so were my hands. This was my first piercing and i was very scared nervouse. After I jerked my tounge back in my mouth the first time he tried, he finally stuck the needle through, You may not believe me but i swear that i didnt know the needle was in until he said Its almost through. After it was through I went in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was still drooling very much and bleeding all over my shirt and the paper towels and sink. I pulled the needle out and stuck the barbell through.

The most painfull part about the whole thing was the needle nose plyers. Later that night I tried to eat a piece of a potato chip and it really sucked. It was very hard to swallow. The next day my tounge was very sore.I went to my house and gargled with some mouthwash. This is a big tip: IF YOU GET YOUR TOUNGE PIERCED, DONT SMOKE WEED UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO GET RID OF THE COTTON MOUTH WITH!!! I went to a friends house and smoked a couple glass packs of some bomb. I had cotton mouth real bad and I couldnt move the barbell with my mouth, so i twisted it with my hand and it hurt really badly and ripped some of the flesh. I drank some kool aid and i was cool. The next day I woke up and looked in the mirror, my tounge looked infected and it hurt when i moved it.There was same nasty white stuff that came oozing out of it when i took it out. There was this hard white thing that was in the shape of a ball that was right over the hole. I picked it off and by then I knew it was infected so i took it out. As soon as it healed I was gonna pierce it again.


I went to another of my friends house to get my tounge re-pierced after my tounge started to feel normal again(except for a lump by the old holes) My friend "M.S." bent the titanium barbell into a circle by pushing it against a screwdriver. This time I got a piercer who is a good friend of a good friend of mine to pierce it for me for free. I used some kind of all natural mouthwash that he had. Sorry I cant remember the name. He wiped the spit off of my tounge and marked where he was going to pierce it and asked me if that was ok. This time I decided to get my tounge pierced in the middle of the tip of it. He grabbed my tounge with his hand and before I knew it, It was through. It hurt a little bit more than the other one did, but still, it didnt hurt as much as the needle nose plyers. After the needle was through, he dipped the barbell in hot candle wax and stuck it through my tounge. He said the wax was so the threads on the barbell wouldnt cut the inside of my tounge, Today is the second day that ive had it. I shouldnt have bent the barbell yet because yesterday my tounge was swelling up bigger than the barbell. But I really like haveing a piercing on my tounge that I dont see on other people like 50 times a day. Today the swelling is doing much better and I can almost touch the front of my top teeth with my tounge:) I usually support self piercing, but if you are going to pierce your tounge, I recomend getting it pierced by a pro. It is hard to get the hole straight and you can really mess up your tounge if you hit a nerve, or so ive heard. I hope my tounge piercing expierence helps someone out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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