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Finally I've done it!

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I've been fascinated with piercing for longer time already. Finally in the summer 96 I had my first real piercing - frenum (it was easy to pierce and fast to heal). In January 1998 I finally inserted CBR through the head of my penis - my PA which is now stretched to 12 or 10 gauge. Except of this two I had many temporary piercings in all the parts of my body (nose, septum, ear cartilage, eyebrow, lip, labret, nipple, navel, hafada and even apadravya).

As I live in a conservative environment (and I'm a finance student), nobody knows about my piercings (and is also the main reason why they were temporary). For longer time I've been considering to have a permanent facial piercing and I wanted tongue. It's easy to hide, it doesn't influence your speech and it feels perfect (well, actually I haven't known that before I've done it).

I write a diary and here are the parts explaining my feeling right before and also after it.

16th February

First of all I thought of my tongue, I thought of how special it will be. I was decided for a long time already and the idea of piercing my tongue is very strong. Today or ...?

After the breakfast I called to one studio to discover that it was in in a different town. Looking for a piercing studio I met a girl who has pierced her tongue in a studio nearby. She showed me the way and I found it with excitment. I arranged the meeting with the piercer for 5 o'clock the same day.

I had a lunch and then I went to Internet room of the nearby faculty. At five I washed my teeth and walked to the studio that was really near where I live. I waited for Manolo (piercer) who explained all of my questions and doubts. After explaining me whole procedure, he marked my tongue and because I was satisfied with the placment, we could begin. He put ice at my tongue and prepared his instruments. He worked using gloves and showing me everything was sterilized. After a while he gave me new ice-cube cause my tongue wasn't ready (as he said) after the first one. I stuck out the tongue as much as I could and he clamped it and put some local anaesthesia (in spray) around the mark. He put the needle on the top and pushed it through the muscle so the needle went though the other side of my tongue. I felt a slight sensation as the needle went through that can be hardly considered as pain. Then he inserted the barbell, screwed on the balls and explained me how to take care of the new jewelry in my mouth giving me the aftercare instructions.

I came to the residence to relax a bit and then went to buy a big bottle of mouth antiseptic. I also took an anti-inflammation pill from Manolo. (he gave me three) I decided not to eat tonight because I was aware of doing something wrong. I like very much my new piercing and I'm happy I've done what I wanted for so long. I hope it won't swell too much and that I'll have a good time with it as something to play with as well as for oral sex and kissing. (some problems with pronunciation of R, but it'll be fine (I hope))

17th February

I woke up at 8 o'clock thinking about the piercing. It was swelled a bit but OK. I had just liquid breakfast like coffee and water cause I wasn't able to eat yet. After rinsing up my mouth I walked through the town a bit, visiting my faculty and playing with my piercing constantly. At lunchtime I ate for the first time (and it hurt).

Now I feel my tongue is quite big but I hope it'll get better soon. (some unpleasant days and then ... We'll see)

18th February

My tongue was so swelled I didn't want to eat nor speak. In the afternoon I was tired and the tongue hurt. At six I went to Al Candil to assure myself my tongue was fine. As he wasn't there (had some problems with his car) I had to come later. At eight o'clock Manolo told me it was normal that it swelled that much and that it was going to improve soon.

I bought some yogurts and didn't went to the dinner.

19th February

at the dinner I realized I could eat much better than before

20th February

as I woke up my tongue was better but still swelled the tongue hurt a lot when I cuffed (I got cold)

21st February

I woke up at half past one (with a pain in my tongue, but after the ringing up with water it was much better) and had a lunch

22nd February

My tongue seems much better, but still hurts and I had to clean (more times and with pain) the lower part of it. I also think it that it's not swelled so much (well, after six days of suffering) but I still have problems when eating.

23rd February

I woke up with tremendous throat-ache but my tongue was better. When I tried to clean my mouth without the piercing (just for three minutes) I couldn't find the lower hole for a long time and I was afraid to lose the piercing. Finally I found it and I want to leave it where it was. There was no more pain in my tongue but I still couldn't eat as before.

24th February

I love to play with the barbell in my tongue that almost doesn't hurt. The only thing I don't like is a bigger hole from the upper side of my tongue which is from the ball when it pulled into the tongue as it was swelled and I'd like to heal it.

25th February

my tongue feels funfuckingtastic

28th March

I love my tongue ring. I play with it (like right now) and it excites me.

When I told my friends, it was a shock for them (not to see the piercing, but to see my tongue pierced). Nobody wanted to believe I had it until I showed it. (well, they don't know of my PA). The truth is that almost nobody notices this piercing (I told one of my friends and she didn't believed I had it all the time we know each other in my mouth.

The healing was as easy as to rinse up the mouth with the antiseptic after the meal and also during the day. After this I always rinsed up with cold water (just for a bit).

My other plans, well I'm thinking of apadravya, but there are many girls that don't like pierced men (prejudices) and they don't even try it out. So.. We'll see.

Here it is, my story. Big TA for reading and if you have any questions you can write me to: [email protected]


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on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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