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my fabulous tongue piercing...

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it was a while ago that i first found the wonderful world of piercing. i was very interested, but my mom, being the good, law-abiding, straight-edge woman she was, wouldn't hear of it. then, last summer? she let it go all to hell. heh. she got a tattoo. now, not any pretty, girlie-typical tattoo.... a cattle skull. so i figured, here was my loophole. my plan went into the works. she could no longer refuse my interests in piercings. i was thrilled.

after much begging, pleading, yelling, crying, and more of the like, we settled it. well, I settled it, really. i told her i was getting my tongue pierced, and she told me i'd move out. well, it's been done for almost one month, and i'm still living at home... now there's that business of getting a job.... but still, i have a hole in my face, i enjoy it, my boyfriend certainly enjoys it, and it is doing fine.

i got it done at new wave.... a brand new piercing and tattoo place in st. john's, newfoundland, my usual place of residence. not many people have this done here, i know of two others, my friend jade, he got his done in calgary, and gerald, who got his done in germany. unfortunately, it is quick becoming a maintstreamer fad, much to my disappiontment. they all think its cool now. for about a week afterwards, i was a school celebrity, but it has since died down, thank god. not that i didn't enjoy the attention but your typical "ohmygooooood... did it hurt?" type questions were becoming old very fast.

anyway, on to the piercing... i was not nervous at all until i set foot into the chair. i began to question if i should be doing this, whether or not i was completely batty for doing this to myself, but i sat through the "big talk" everyone gets and still wanted it done. i figured that if i could sit and hear about regular oral clensing and keloids and "regular discharge" and still want it done, this was meant to be.

they led me into a small partitioned-off section of the building, which, i might add, was absolutely spotless. i sat into their office chair in the corner, on the piercer's request. she apologized. they hadn't gotten all of their stock yet, so they were using that chair in the meantime. i sat watching the what seemed-to-be mile-long line of my friends who wanted to watch me get mutilated file in.

when everything was completely ready, lori (the piercer) showed me all the sterile packages that held the materials, to make sure i knew it was all safe. i signed a release form, saying that they couldn't be held responsible if anything should happen to me during or after the piercing. my best friend, l'eaura, signed as my witness, out of the 12 or so there watching. then lori pulled out this scissor-type thing with a ring on either side to clamp my tongue. she asked me to stick out my tongue and checked to see if any major blood vessels or a long web would hinder her job. nope, i was a perfect candidate. she clamped my tongue and made a dot on it with a marker. she showed me the placing, i had wanted it put a bit towards the back. once again, perfect. then, on reccommendation from gerald, i closed my eyes, while my best friend and boyfriend held my hands. the next part, the actual piercing, was the easiest part of the whole thing. i felt a little pinch, then she screwed on the bottom of the barbell. and it was done. everyone was looking at me in awe when i opened my eyes. then i looked around and understood why. in lori's hands, she held a rather large needle, which in turn, held a portion of what used to be the middle of my tongue. it was a little disturbing, but it was done! i proceeded to the lobby again, everyone ooh-ing and aah-ing at my courage (if i had to have seen the needle beforehand, i might not have gotten it done- thanks, gerald!) i forked over my 80 bucks (piercings do NOT come cheap in this part of canada) and proudly stuck out my now-jewelled tongue for the picture.

my quickly swelling appendage was beginning to feel a little odd, but with some jones soda and ice, the pain was numbed for a short while. the first trip was to the drugstore to get some anti-bacterial mouthwash to keep away infection. after that, i called home to tell my much-disgusted mother of the day's happenings. it sounded a lot like "hey mom gueth hot i got dom?" but it got the point across.

i sounded like that for maybe 3 days, then the swelling began to go down. it was a full week before it was all gone, but by then i was like new. only with an extra hole in my face. and i loved it. i had no pain whatsoever, except for when i discovered i had to learn how to eat all over again. after chomping down on that puppy a few times, i learned how to control it with minimal difficulty. i do not have a high pain threshold but this was a piece of cake!

i highly reccommend this to anyone! after the initial swelling period is over, everything goes hunky-dory and it can be a bit of simple amusement for those times you're bored in class. as well as other times... but you can find that out for yourself.

thanx a lot and happy piercing!!!! xoxo sal


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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