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Wow, that hardly hurt at all - My tongue!

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P minus 1 day

Having decided to get my tongue pierced a few weeks ago, I've been planning it for ages! I'd always wanted a piercing, but it had to be one I could hide at work! I've taken a week and half off work, bought a ton of soup, instant mash etc and after reading people's experiences here a load of Listerine, multi vitamins, pain killers and made loads of ice cubes. I also bought some Pineapple Bromelain tables, which apparently are a natural anti-inflammatory as I'm allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen.

Was getting a bit nervous the day before, but nowhere as near as bad as I thought I'd be!! This would be my first piercing, other than my ears, although I have 4 tattoos as well, on my upper arms/shoulder area, I'm planning more!

P day!

Woke up in the morning, still not TOO nervous! I'd stayed at a mates (Hi Anthea!) and she made me eat a ton of breakfast, saying I'd thank her for it later (and I did!) We headed off to the piercing place, slightly early to we had a coffee. When we did get there we found out we'd got the opening time wrong, aaargh, they didn't open for 1/2 hour. Another coffee! When they did open, the piercer wouldn't be in for ANOTHER 1/2 hour, aaargh. I said I'd come back.

In the mean time, we checked out a new place further up the road, called Blue Banana, sort of a small chain apparently. They assured us they were very good, and as they had a special offer on Tragus piercing, Anthea decided to get that done if I had my tongue done there, so that's what we did!

Paid my money at the start (which was a bit odd!), £26, which is about $40 I think. The guy came out and made us fill in a form (the usual -saying we wouldn't sue if we died or whatever) and he sprayed some banana flavored stuff on my tongue, and underneath and told me to hold it in my mouth for 10 minutes!! He pierced Anthea and some girl's eyebrow while I was waiting. Holding the anaesthetic in my mouth was the worst bit as it happens, as after a couple of minutes my lips went numb and I couldn't tell if they were open or not, so I had to hold my mouth shut with my hand, while 2 girls were making me laugh and I couldn't even tell them to stop!!

I eventually got to spit out the anaesthetic (I could still speak) and he told me to hop up on this bed type thing (like those ones you get in doctor's surgeries - well in UK anyway). He had a look at my tongue, then clamped it so he could see where the veins were. After much wrenching of my tongue (which was a little unpleasant) he said I had the smallest tongue he'd ever seen (I knew it was small but not THAT small!) and that he'd have to put it slightly to the side. OK I said (well sort of ugh ugh really), and before I knew it, he'd pierced my tongue!! I saw the needle at the last minute, and then it was too late! He left a straw through the hole, saying not to put my tongue back in because there was a big straw through it! He put the barbel in the top of the straw, pulled it through and screwed the ball on. And it was done!! I was SO IMPRESSED with myself!! I'd done it! The actual pierce hurt slightly, but hardly very much at all! I swished my mouth out (no blood that I could see), he told me how to take care of it (I wasn't really listening) and left!!

No swelling that night, but I went to the cinema (The Faculty - bit weird!) with a cup of ice then went to bed!

P plus 1 day

No swelling in the morning, but by the afternoon it had swollen, but it didn't reach the top of the barbell. I managed some soup and some chocolate baby food (I'm addicted to chocolate) and went to bed hungry after spending all day watching videos!

P plus 2 days

Spent all day watching videos and went out in the evening. Cider was a mistake (the bubbles made my tongue feel weird) so I had beer and water (not together) the rest of the evening. I'm Staaaarving!!

P plus 3 days

Went to visit a mate (Hi Sarah!!) who thought I was a nutter and that it was gross. Still, it did look hideous at the time. It was quite swollen and I still couldn't eat anything other than soup!! I'm getting a bit sick of soup actually. And Listerine. Wish I'd bought the mint stuff now!!

P plus 1 week

Just about eating instant mash, spagetti etc. Tongue is still swollen, I was hoping it would have gone down by now, never mind. It is a bit less swollen but I still couldn't eat much. I ate loads of ice cream and was still having ice at every opportunity. I got a bit worried when I woke up one day and my tongue was green, then I remembered that I'd had a green freeze pop the day before, phew, panic over!!

P plus 9 days

Tried to eat some fries from McDonalds, yipeee!! I ate them, although it took me ages!! The swelling is going down now and I can eat crisps etc. Back to work soon though, oh dear!!

P plus 11 days

Back to work. A couple of people noticed (people who knew someone who'd had it done) but my boss certainly hasn't. Swelling is pretty minimal now, and I can eat most things, although the bar gets in the way a bit. Catching it between my teeth certainly hurts a bit. Can't wait to get it downsized now.

My advice to anyone thinking of getting their tongue pierced is:

Go for it, it doesn't really hurt, even though that's hard to believe!

Fizzy drinks are not pleasant!

Coughing and sneezing doesn't hurt either

Yawning is a bit unpleasant to start with

Eat a ton of your fave stuff on the day, you'll regret it if you don't!


If you want to know any more, or just want a chat, feel free to email me:

[email protected]



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on: 15 June 1999
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