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A British Tongue Piercing Diary

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Day One

After several weeks of contemplating it, studying it, and generally just psycing myself up for it, I decided to take the plunge and go get my tongue pierced. My mate and myself went to a piercers in Sheffield, the town where we both live in Northern England. He went to get another tattoo and to get his other one touched up, and I went for the piercing. It was Wednesday 7th April and it was a pretty nice day, so we got up nice and early and caught the bus into town. On the bus we met up with some friends who shit me up by telling me how painful it would be to get my tongue pierced, but who recommended a particular piercers that we hadn't heard of before in town, that they were going to later on in the week to get some tattoos done. I wasn't sure, and had a particular one in mind that I went to, to get my eyebrow pierced a couple of months previously. Anyway, we got off the bus with an open mind, and headed for the place I wanted to go. When we got to the shop it was closed, and the only other that I knew of was one just down the road which was really shitty, there was no way I was going to that one. Then we suddenly remembered the one our friends had recommended to us. We knew roughly where it was so we headed for it, and found it pretty easily. Once inside I found out how much the piercing was, and my mate picked the tattoo he wanted. I didn't feel up for it yet, and besides, I needed to withdraw some money from a cash machine so we had a walk back into town to sort our heads out. Once we felt good about what we were about to do, we went back to the shop and booked ourselves in. My mate went in first for his tattoo, and I went in with him to give him a bit of morel support and to try to take my mind off the piercing. He started to have the tattoo and looked to be in so much pain, that it sort of made me feel better – no way is it going to be as bad as what he is going through! By the time his tattoo was finished, I was calm and ready for the piercing. I left the piercing room and sat in an easy chair while the piercer set everything up. He then came out, talked me through the process, and asked me if I was sure I wanted to go through with it – of course I did! Anyway, I sat down in a laid back dental chair and relaxed while the piercer got the final few things ready. Then we were off! First of all he told me to relax and stick my tongue out as far as I could. He told me it was plenty long enough, and that it is more difficult if you have a smaller tongue. He then clamped it with some big tweezers, which was not in the slightest bit uncomfortable never mind painful! Next he sprayed this stuff on my tongue, on top and underneath, which completely numbed it! It was incredible; I couldn't even feel that my tongue was there. Next he got the needle underneath my tongue and on a count of three he forced it through! It was completely painless! I couldn't believe it. I am not just saying this, it was, believe me. He then quickly removed the needle and there was a long plastic tube in my tongue. All the time the piercer was saying, keep your tongue stuck out! He then put the barbell in and removed the plastic. It was all over. I looked in the big mirror that they had in the shop and there was quite a bit of blood. The piercer mixed me up some Listerine and water and I gargled it around my mouth until all the blood had gone. The piercer told me not to worry about the blood and that it looked a lot more than it was because it mixed with the saliva because my mouth was numb. Something that I noticed was that my tongue swelled up straight away. And due to that and the fact my mouth was numb, I couldn't control my saliva. The piercer gave me a huge wad of paper towels and I had to constantly spit into them. My mate and I walked around town for a bit longer; I bought a bottle of water, which I kept drinking and using to spit with, and he bought some fish and chips – the bastard! I then went to the drug store and bought some Listerine, I thought it might come in quite handy! I attempted to eat some cereal for my supper tonight. I did manage to eat the whole bowl, but it took about forty-five minutes. Very VERY FRUSTRATING! I'm just thinking to myself, take it easy, it's early days yet, but it is difficult.

Day Two

I didn't have a fantastic nights sleep last night. I kept waking up to find myself dribbling all over the bed sheets. I kept paper towels next to me so I could wipe my oozing mouth on a regular basis.

The swelling is big today, It is slightly uncomfortable as well, but that is nothing really but I did manage to eat a full chicken meal, and it wasn't that bad since I deduced my special method to eat things. You need to get a small portion on your fork and shovel it to the back of your mouth, over the top of the ball and swallow. I took it easy and it wasn't that bad. My speech has been totally crap today. I sound like an idiot so I try not to speak too much. My words are slurred, muffled and I have a lisp. Boo hoo!

Day Three

It's my eighteenth birthday today and I actually had quite a good nights sleep, last night. I think it was probably my tongues birthday present to me! I woke up a few times, dribbling, but that wasn't a big deal, I fell straight back to sleep again, with no real discomfort. My tongue has turned a funny white colour like it is dying or something. Luckily, I read that this might happen. It is due to the Listerine concentration being too high when I swill with it. I have now reduced the concentration from about 50 percent Listerine, 50 percent water to about 20 percent Listerine, 80 percent water. My speech hasn't been any better and the swelling hasn't started to go down yet but it is still very early days.

Day Four

Although it doesn't look it, the swelling feels as if it has gone down a bit today and my speech is ever so slightly better. Eating is becoming easier with every meal I have, and I have noticed a strange reoccurring pattern. Every time I have a meal, I can't talk for about ten minutes after, but if I consume some ice cream or an ice cold drink my speech actually improves for ten or so minutes. It's all due to the swelling of my tongue, eating normal food agitates the piercing which makes it swell, whereas ice cream or a cold drink reduces swelling because it is easy to consume and is also very cold. I went with a girl tonight as well – possibly not the best thing I could have done. Although I thought it was great, and she thought it was great, the piercing didn't and, BOY did it let we know about it! Talk about swelling! I think I should have left it another week or so – I just couldn't resist it at the time!

Day Five

The swelling feels as if it has gone down even more this morning, although, again, it doesn't look it. My sleeping is pretty much back to normal, and I'm learning to control my saliva flow pretty fast. There is just one thing that I'm a little worried about. I don't think that the barbell the piercer advised me to get is long enough. It isn't long enough to compensate for the full amount of swelling that I have had, and it has made an indentation on the top of my tongue in the shape of the top ball. It feels a bit tight sometimes as well. I think I'll go get it checked out tomorrow.

Day Six-Seven

The swelling is going down quite quickly now, and the piercing is totally painless. I only swill with the Listerine twice a day now, and to be honest, I think I could stop all together. But for safeties sake I will keep doing it for another week or so. I also only have a slight lisp when I talk but my speech is improving all the time. The only other complaint I have now, is that my barbell is getting too long, but that was to be expected. The piercer at the shop said that in a week, after all the swelling goes down, I will find that there is too much play with the barbell, so I should go back to the shop and be fitted up with a new, smaller barbell, if I wanted. I am pretty used to having the longer barbell in my mouth now, it is really good fun to play with but eating is more awkward.

Day Seven and Onward

I am extremely happy with my new piercing. I think that, at the rate it is healing, I should be able to carry on living a completely normal lifestyle within the next one or two weeks! Its rate of healing has been unbelievable, but the piercer did tell me that the mouth is a region of exceptional healing. I would highly recommend the piercing to anyone who has the bottle to have it done, and even if you are very nervous and cautious about having it done, just remember the most important thing – it doesn't hurt! My eyebrow piercing hurt more! Just go for it and try to focus on the benefits of having it done rather than the pain and uncomfort – which doesn't exist anyway! Remember my theory – You only live once, and you're only young once. Seize all opportunity to have as much enjoyment and fun out of life as possible. Fuck other people off if they are "offended" by your piercing, its your body and your piercing – be strong enough to stop and tell all those who conform exactly to what is seen as being "appropriate" that you are your own person and you should be strong enough to shape and channel your own life into the way in which YOU want it to be directed. Be a leader, not a follower. And most of all, enjoy your piercing!

If you have any problems with your piercing, or any unanswered questions about tongue piercing, please feel free to email me at beach.bum@virgin.net and I will try my hardest to answer them!

See you Later

Eddy (18 Years Old)


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