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My story on my tongue piercing!

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Im a 17 yr old from West Covina CA, and my name is Kellie!

On September 18, 1998 I decided to get my tongue pierced, only because I finally got the money for it! I walked around my high school begging people for money!! Of course they asked me for the purpose, and I told them I trying to get enough money to get my tongue pierced, and their response was honest and surprising, it was, "Good Cause"!!! and they would give me money!

All together I received $28 dollars in one day in about 30 minutes! I went home and asked my mom for $22 and she gave it to me! I hopped in the car with my sister and drove down to this hole in the wall in Arcadia that I heard word spread that they pierce even if you're under 18, and at the time I was 16!

As I walked up to the place I read the sign, The Ink Garden, and Tattoos and piercings...my heart was pounding rapidly!! I was so nervous that I had to pee! I walked up to the counter greeted by this white guy that had the biggest Australian accent I have ever heard, "Are you here for a piercing"? he said! and I nervously shook my head! Then I told him, "I really need to pee"! and he showed me to the bathroom quoting, "are you that nervous"? and I replied, "Hell yah"! and he said, "dont be it is painless"! I thought to myself ya whatever, you know you get off on seeing teens piss their pants while you pierce them...I went pee then came out and the guy said, "sit down and calm down", while putting the rubber gloves on, and setting up the barbell and piercing needle.

I was like all shaking and shit! He fills a little cup with some Listerine mouth wash, walks over to me, and says, "Here swoosh this around for 10 seconds and spit it back in the cup". I did as told, then tossed the cup in the trash. I adjusted myself in the chair and put my hands in my knees! He then grabbed the clamp and walked towards me, and said, "stick out your tongue as far as you can"...I did and he grabbed my tongue with the clamp and lifting it up and down several times, I guess to check for the right placement of the bar. He then squeezed tighter, grabbed the needle, (at this time my heart was beating so hard, I couldve sworn he could see it through my shirt!) he said, "Take a deep breath and close your eyes if you'd like....1.....2....3" and pushed the needle through! "Now hold your tongue out, dont move" he turned around and grabbed the bottom ball to screw on, he then screwed the ball on took the clamp off saying, "You're done, and you lived"! and I said thank you and he gave me a paper on how to take care of it.

As I walked out the door, I said to my sister, damn dude my tongue feels 10 times heavier!! As soon as I got home I grabbed a cup and filled it with crushed ice and went to a football game at my high school and showed everyone and they were all in shock because they didnt think I had enough money to get it done! They were all happy for me though because I have wanted it done for more than 5 yrs! and I finally got it my last year in high school!

It swelled for about 6 days, because the day I got it, I ate a cheeseburger and some chili cheese fries!!! and I didnt read the paper on how to take care of it till like 2 days later and it says DONT eat/drink dairy products of any sort or eat/drink anything spicy till 6 months or something! because it could rot in the hole.

How I took care of my lovely new foreign object, after every cigarette, meal and drink, candy anything I would rinse with diluted mouth wash without fail for 2 months.

I planned on using it for oral pleasure and what not! and so far I have done that once!(Fellatio) and I have kissed all the guys that wanted to know what it felt like to kiss a bar and balls!!!! (hehe) and of course my boyfriend at the time! but of course the guys had to be hot! and they all were! My tongue is now healed and im planning to get it stretch from 14 to 10 sooner or later!! Thats my story and waaaay more than 800 words!! Sorry! but I tried to do it step by step!

Always Kellie


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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