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Purple Haze

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March 27, 1999 @ 11:30am I called my mom from work to let her know I was finally gonna go through with getting my tongue pierced. It took me a year to finally decide that Friday was the day. I did a lot of searching the web and when I found BME i pretty much stuck with that site. Thanks for all the info BME.

Friday, March 27 - Called mom from work, told her I was getting my tongue pierced. She was stocked and called my dad. I Called Purple Haze (a piercing place in South Carolina) to see what it was going to cost and if I was going to have to make an appointment. Answers-42$ w/Tax and I was welcome to just "walk in". I got off of work at 4 and drove home to find my dad bitching about the facts of me actually going through with it. I thought hey I am 18 who cares what they think. He was tryin to get me to go through with the navel instead.....but I didn't give in. I took a shower and waited until he left to bowl..... As soon as he was gone I was too... OFF to Purple Haze I go! The drive was short and I was nervous....When I arrived I walked in to find a group of people with just about everything visible pierced....One of the ladies stepped forward asked what she could help me with.... I said Yea I am here to get my tongue pierced..she said ok All I need is some ID. So I showed her, paid in full......and was on my way to the back room with Matt. Matt asked if I had any questions at all, I responded with a NO. He said OK well this is some listerine, and he handed me a small cup and told me to rinse my mouth out really good and come back. So I followed his instructions and rinsed really well and reported back to the room. The room was sorta small maybe 10 by 10....and had a chair in the middle (like a dentist chair). I watched MATT pulled everything out of sealed packages and I made sure it was safe. I sat down and a lady put some type of red gel on my tongue to take the sting go away when the needle went through..... As I sat there I tried relaxing and Matt started playin with the chair making it go up & down! I was Hmm MATT stop... He laughed and said "I was only tryin to help". Then the lady marked a black dot on my tongue like they do when you get your ears pierced, she handed me a mirror and asked if the placement was OK, I nodded yes. Matt then took the clamps out (they looked like roach clips) Not that I would Know lmao. And he clamped my tongue (I couldn't really feel it). He then said ok you will feel a sharp pain for 1/2 a second, now take a deep breath. DEEP BREATH And the next thing I knew Matt said OK I am removing the clamps but I need you to leave your tongue out so I can screw the ball on the bottom. So I did and then he was finished... It was over just like that WOW. and to think I am scared to DEATH of needles. I got up and had to rinse one more time with Listerine (Which is now my new bestfriend). Once that was finished they handed me a sheet of paper that told me what I needed to do AFTER CARE Which BME has listed....& they handed me a small bottle of listerine and I walked out the door with a smile on my face and headed to the store where I bought liquid Tylenol, ice pops, Listerine and pudding. March 27- Woke up ...... rinsed...tongue wasn't swollen WooHOOoo tried a milk shake, that didn't work ..... OUCH.. sucked on some ice...bit down OUCH again ... that time that was the barbell...... for dinner I had pudding....Rinsed March 28-Woke up to find my tongue a little swollen....Rinsed..... Had pizza for dinner (cut into small pieces like a baby) but I still ate it.. Rinsed.....Went to my Aunts WOW the look on her face... hehhe I got asked some dumb questions.. hmmm ex. How come it doesn't rust??? or does liquid go through the hole?Umm DUH Hello!!! If u have your ears pierced and u take a shower does water go through that?? Umm NO!

March 29 - Went to work showed everyone I worked with...... I heard just about everything from Ewwwwwww to Oh wow that's so cool, does it hurt? Rinsed after I tired to eat .....that didn't work..... Came home to find my other aunt now knows... He was shocked and wanted to know what made me do it..... My Answer.....I wanted to be DIFFERENT..... and did it work.. Yes?? Her answer-Your already different.....

Well as the days go by I will let ya know what happens.....Right now I am a little swollen and sore but I am still glad I did it


March 30 - Woke up sore and swollen, WHOA my tongue was huge! Rinsed right away, went to Wal-Mart and bought Gly-Oxide drops. Its an Antiseptic Oral Cleanser. Tastes NASTY! But helped a lot. All it is, is nasty azz tasting liquid drops that u place right on your tongue and let it set there for a few minutes and then u spit it out. What its purpose is, is to heal any minor mouth or gum irritations. For lunch I had a pudding treat with a coke (rinsed of course afterwards) and for dinner that I night I had an ice pop (once again rinsed).

March 31 - Alarm went off, woke up and walked to the bath room, swelling went down but it was still a little sore (guess my tip is DON'T Play with it when u first get it)! I rinsed and got already for work. I am still having alittle trouble saying my TH's like the or that. For lunch I had a chicken sandwich (OUCH) I bit my barbell.. Don't try to chew that either, it doesn't work! And for dinner I had soup. Later that night I had to baby-sit and once again I heard more dumb azz questions. EX. Well, that ever rust??? Does your mouth water 24/7??? Came home at 11pm rinsed and headed eo bed.

April 1 - WooOHoOO I can speak, tongues no longer sore nor swollen, I am doing great now. Rinsed before I left to work and for lunch I had SUBWAY MMMMM I can finally chew, I am blessed again! (rinsed) For dinner I had another sandwich, (rinsed). I called my best friend to let her know I can talk and then off to bed I went.

April 2 - Woke up rinsed got dressed for work. After work I went back to Purple Haze (time to get a smaller barbell). The lady that did the change out had some trouble, I couldn't stick my tongue out far enough for her to replace the barbell. As she put the new one through (finally) I hear a strange noise, kinda like a tearing sound (that was my tongue) Ewww LOL. When she was finished they kept my old barbell, I thought to myself (NASTY) That means after its cleaned its going into someone else's mouth... On my way home I was playin with it, I could hardly tell it was there (kinda miss the longer one). I drove to the Navy Base afterwards and hung out with a few friends...

~~~ As of today, there are time I check to make sure its tightened because I can hardly tell its there. Honestly I don't rinse all the time like I had been. And I am done with those drops I mentioned earlier. I can eat real food now and I show everyone, its so Wicked! My advice to those of you that want it done, go do it.... But make sure u check out the place to make sure its clean and take good care of the fresh piercing. I can't wait to see my man in GA ~~~

Any questions email me at TyMeUpCwby@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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