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"Dagger from Hell!!"

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Ok.. well.. I have been wanting to get my tongue pierced for God only knows how long. I have been looking at BME and other sites and talking to people about getting my tongue pierced and what would happen. Things like that.

Anyways, I finally got the ballz to do it, even though I am a girl.. Figure of speech. So.. My husband Michael took me to FOREVER ART in Corpus Christi. I have been there a few times so I felt very comfortable. I had my nose pierced a long time ago by Ben so I wanted him to do my tongue, just because I knew him and he was really nice about everything he did. Ben was very sterile and made sure that he used new equipment each time. In fact, I have never seen someone change gloves so much. :)

Ok.. So I get to Forever Art.. I am like really nervous and actually shaking because I am so scared. I mean... They are minutes away from shoving a damn needle and metal bar though my tongue for God's sake.. haha.. I fill out the paper work ( I almost dropped the pen I don't know how many times) Wussy? Yes, Yes I am!!!... stand around a bit and look at flash art..Then Ben calls me in.

By this time I am like freaking out inside.. but not saying forget it and wussing out. So.. I go in and I sit down on the table where Ben is going to hold my tongue captive for a while. Ok.. I'll get on with the story.. Ben got the mouthwash stuff and gave it to me and told me to rinse for 60 seconds and then spit and toss it. So while I'm doing that.. didn't taste as bad as I thought.. He got the clamp ready and got the barbell out and the needle ready (what I now call the dagger from hell.. heh heh) I spit and toss like I was told :) So obedient!! Ben told me to stick out my tongue and point it up.. I did.. then he placed gauze under my tongue and then told me to put my tongue down.. I did.. guess what happened next? Yes.. thats right.. he put gauze on top of my tongue. Sound Yummy? well it wasn't.. heh heh

Ben takes a toothpick that has some dye to mark where he is gonna puncture me.

He then takes the clamp and squishes my tongue..it didn't feel the most comfortable. Ben didn't tell me to inhale and exhale. He just got the "dagger from hell" and punctures my poor, innocent tongue. From what I could feel, Ben pushed it in and then twisted my tongue so he could see the bottom to make sure the made it through the part he marked (which he did :) he is that good!!) He screwed the ball thingies on tight and then said to swallow.. which was NOT easy to do AT ALL! He went and sat down and started telling me about how to take care of it and stuff. Michael (my husband) was like looking at me like "Your crazy". Which I am.. heh heh.. Well, normally I am ok when I have an adrenaline rush, but my heart was like pounding so hard I had to lay down cause I thought I was gonna pass out. How embarrassing would that have been... hahah.. He got me some Kool-Aid :) THANKS BEN!! So that I would feel better :) and I did :)

Ok... So now you probably want to know what it felt like and did it hurt right? Honestly.. it felt like my tongue was being ripped off. Or a huge needle was being shoved though it into my defenseless tongue that did nothing wrong, Or.. it felt like I was biting my tongue off and he was going to hand it to me . Did it hurt? YES! Everyone I talked to told me no it won't, but actually YES IT DID. Yes the swelling hurts and you can't talk normal.

I don't want to discourage anyone that is thinking about getting their tongue pierced though. I love it even though I haven't had it for 24 hours yet. My advise, if you want to get it done, do your research and talk to people before you do it. It's smarter and safer and you will grow to love it before you have even gotten it.

Ben and everyone at Forever Art were really nice and they are really cool :) My mom and my friends have gotten tattoos there and said that it was nice and they felt comfortable. Which is the most important. I wouldn't let anyone do anything to me if I didn't feel comfortable with them 100%.

If you are in the Corpus Christi area (for those that don't know where that is.. it's in Texas) I recommend FOREVER ART (512) 992-DRAW Also, cause I am so nice, I got permission to post the link to their site :) FOREVER ART INC. Take a look they have badazz graphics. Love to all at Forever Art :)

If you want to Email me.. to ask me anything you want :) or just to talk to a fellow piercee I'm at TONGUERNGR@AOL.COM

Luv to all, Sarah :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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