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The Pain Escape

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I hadn't ever considered getting my tongue pierced. The only thing that I had ever wanted pierced in my life had been my ears. And in the town I lived in a guy with two earrings was considered (gay) -- gawd forbid anyone would do anything agaist the norm.

I can remember one person in my high school who had went out on a limb and got his tongue pierced. At first glance I was extremely grossed out but not with entense curiosity. The more I thought what it would be like the more I wanted to get it done. I was 16 and had a girlfriend of 2 years I was a Jr. in High School and we had dated both of my years there. The after my Sr. year of high school my girlfriend and I had broken up due to her accident of cheating on me at a party. I was crushed, and I had to do something to get my mind off of it. Killing myself came to mind but I didn't want to go that far over my high school honey. I wanted to have pain inflicted on me. So much that it would cover up all the pain I was harboring from my lost love.

The day after I found out what she had done I broke up with her and went directly to my local tattoo parlor (Bootleg Tattoo, Zanesville OHIO). With Courage (or rage one of the two) built up I was ready to get my tongue pierced. However unfortunate for me I was only 17 and they were not about to do me any favors. I got in my car flew home grabbed my mom and explained what her job was on the way. Because I was bound and bent that my tongue was going to have a new metal friend by the end of the day if I had to do it myself, I just explained to her at least they have an autoclave here to disinfect the tools with.

As I walked in I must say my confidense was diminished as I hurried in with my 41 year old 2nd grade teacher for a mom. She isn't exactly the poster girl for a biker tattoo bar, but by gawd she was over 18 and her name was going to be on the paper that would give me the release I was looking for.

A man with no shirt on instructed me to sit down in what looked to be a old dentist chair with out the big bright light above. Walked into an adjacent room and brought in a towel with his tools he was going to use wrapped inside. After he gave me a shot of listerine he asked me to relax and stick my tongue out as far as I could. I can remember it oh so well. This was what I was wanting something to make me forget about what had happened in the week before. After he attached the clamps to my tongue and told me this was probably one of the more uncomfortable parts of the process he told me to take a deep breath and as soon as I inhaled, it seemed as if he yanked my tongue so far out and then at the same time it felt as if someone had just biten a chunk and a half out of my tongue. With a painful grunt on my part he said ok the worst is over. Unable to see what actually was going on all I could see is my mom looking into another room, and hearing my piercer say: "ok I'm screwing it on it will only take one more second." I wont lie my tongue hurt so bad, and I was extremely happy for it I know that some people say that it doesn't hurt and I belive them because afer this experience I have had other piercings that don't but I know that my tongue did. He explained in detail about using mouthwash after EVERYTHING I do, with no exceptions. I got home took some ibuprofen and ate some able sauce. I stayed the night with a friend and someones bright idea had brought over something that they thought would make me feel better a little medical herb (cannibus shhhh) and of course I thought it would be perfectly fine might put me to sleep or something. Well needless to say I was soooo hungry and I couldn't eat a thing. Let me tell you never do that the day you get your tongue pierced.

It took me about 3 days to eat solid food comfortablely. I could actually talk without a lisp in a week and a half. And I can honestly say after 2 years of having it I still love it. And when my ex-girlfriend found out ohhh she was jealous =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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