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Tongue pierce @ The Piercing Experience, Atlanta

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A few of my friends have been pierced by Brian. I was told that I should have my next piercing done by him because he is very professional and has a great technique. So I called him up and scheduled to have my tongue pierced the following week, giving myself enough time to talk myself out of having it done. That didn't happen.

Before we got to The Piercing Experience my friend (who also had her tongue pierced there) told me to go to the convenience store and get a bottle of orange juice, so I did, and I drank some of it. I guess this is suggested so you have the extra sugar in your system.

I showed up and Brian wasn't there! AAAaaarggghhh! But I was ready NOW to have my tongue pierced, so I had the girl (I think her name is Rene, but I'm not sure, she didn't introduce herself) that was on staff do it instead. She seemed calm and serious and so I trusted her.

She helped me pick out the jewelry, a 12g titanium barbell.. then she took the jewelry and prepared/sterilized it. When it came out of the autoclave she told me to "come on back when you're ready". I followed her. Sean (my husband) & Tori were with me and she let them come back to the room with me. Yay! :)

I was REAL nervous and trying to concentrate on my breathing. The piercer remained very calm and soothing, so that really helped. She cleaned my tongue off with some kind of antibiotic stuff that tasted absolutely horrible. Then she marked my tongue in a couple spots on top and underneath and had me pick which place on top I liked. I chose the spot that was furthest back. So then she positioned me in the chair so that I had my back to my friends and she got the jewelry ready.. (I think she has already changed her sterilized gloves twice by now ). She stood in front of me and grabbed my tongue and massaged it a little. She asked me if I was ready and told me to take a deep breath. Then I could feel the needle going through, and going through some more, some tears were welling up in my eyes and I was beginning to wonder what the hell was I doing. She massaged more as she did it and pulled the jewelry through and screwed on the top ball. Voila! I had to stay on the chair for a few minutes because I was feeling kind of faint and light-headed and I requested some water. Man, that was good. More and more cold water, it was the best beverage I had ever had! Heheheh. Still being nervous and experiencing quite a rush, I was talking and laughing with my friends and looking at my new "shiney" in the mirror. It looked and felt soooo cool. I was happy! So I figured it was time to leave that comfortable chair and get home to munch on some crushed ice. I tipped the piercer and thanked her and I almost left my wallet there. Good thing I had other people with me. As soon as we got outside I replied "that fucking hurt!" but I liked it . I could barely sit still on the ride home from Atlanta, and it was hard for even me (very quiet person) to not talk. It didn't hurt to talk, but if I talked a lot it tired my tongue out and would cause it to hurt.

The time the actual piercing took seemed ALOT longer than it actually was, about a minute. But it was like it happened in slow motion. Now when I think back, it wasn't all that bad.


The first week was really, really rough. Swelling and eating make life miserable at this point. I rinsed with water and sea-salt and took lots of Ibuprofen. I had to go to a Tupperware party at my sister-in-law's house a day later, and I went and no one noticed what I had done. I even ate a piece of chocolate cake! But the potato chips were out of the question.

Second & third week are still kind of tender and sensitive, but eating gets easier and you start to learn how to use your tongue all over again. Things like lettuce and spaghetti are a challenge.

Fourth and fifth week - basically all better! Yay!

I've had it for 8 weeks now and last week I got a shorter barbell and it's awesome. This thing actually fits my tongue now! I love it! I also got a pink colored ball to go on top for those times when I'm trying to conceal it from family members that know nothing about it. If they see it, I will deal with it then. Otherwise, I flaunt it every chance I get.

Thanks for letting me share :)

Yvonne tikkle@mindspring.com http://www.mindspring.com/~brockwell/tikkle/


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on: 01 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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