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i pierced my own tongue...ouch

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well, i'm 15...and i've wanted a tongue rod for a really long time...ever since i saw it on the real world. I thought it looked really cool, and i was determined to get one. My friend and i made a pact that we'll both get it done this summer...no matter what. But i went to the mall, bought a cool looking barbell, and decided not to wait til the summer... Well, since my parents would freak out on me, i tried getting one of my older gal-friends to bring me to the piercer. They refused, claiming that it would get them into trouble. So, i came on bme, read a few stories (thanks!) and decided to do it myself. I took a crochet hook and cut the hook part off...then sharpened the tip. Then, the next day, i took the barbell i bought, turned the shower on, closed the door, and prepared myself for it. . i took my hook, rinsed it in listerine, and washed my mouth out with it. Then looked in the mirror, and started to shove the hook...bottom first...through my tongue. (staying FAR away from the veins of course). It took a while to get the thing through my tongue...it was kinda hard to push it. I got it about half way in, and felt like i was going to faint. I sat down, took some deep breaths, opened a window, and started again.

Well, finally...after almost a half hour, and after going through a few more dizzy spells, i got it through my tongue. I kept it there for a minute, then pulled the hook and and tried to get the barbell in. Well, i got it half way in...and couldnt get it in any further. So, i had to stick the needle in again. This time it was starting to get pretty sore. For the most part, it didnt hurt the first time getting it in. Well, finally, after having my doubts about doing this, i pushed really hard and i got it through again. The barbell went in further this time, but had a rough time popping the barbell through the top layer of skin. That alone took me about 15 minutes. I then screwed the top ball on, and i was done. It looked pretty good, but it hurt, and was starting to swell.

i went downstairs...after talking to myself to make sure you couldnt see it or hear a difference in my voice, and took some asprin...which made the pain pretty much go away.

The next morning, i woke up and my tongue felt fine. It felt totally normal, and in school i was fine. I waited to tell all my friends that i got it done, just to see if they would notice or not. Of course, no one did. At lunch i got a turkey sandwich was nearly impossible to eat. I had to break off little pieces and put them directly onto my teeth. My friends looked at me a little funny, but other than that, they didnt notice anything different.

When i got home, my tongue felt like it was swelling again, so i took some asprin and went to bed. The next morning i woke up and felt awful. My tongue was huge and i had an awful headache. I took somemore asprin, grabbed a yogurt for lunch and headed off to school. I decided to tell all my friends that i got it done. I went around showing everyone. Since there are only 4 people out of 900 that have their tongues pierced, i was sorta a hot topic...which wasnt bad at all. grin. Everyone asked me if it hurt, and where i got it done...(i lied of course, and said my cousin brought me). All my friends thought it was great, and asked a million questions. Only one friend was mad at me...(and she STILL refuses to talk to me...oh well!).

Well, on the third day, my jaw started to get really sore...and either the muscles, or the glands right below my jaw started to swell. They dont hurt if i eat, swallow, etc...it has nothing to do with my throat. But it is really tender to the touch...and it hurts when i open my jaw. I'm not sure whats wrong with it. I think it may just be natural swelling. But i am worried that it could be an infection.

i'm on my 5th day of having my tongue pierced and the swelling in my neck hasnt really gone down, but the pain lessens when i take some asprin... and it hasnt gotten any worse. So, if it gets any worse...or doesnt get better in a week, i think i'm going to have to take the rod out, and see a doctor. But i think it will be fine.

My parents havent noticed the piercing yet. You cant see it when i talk...and its pretty centered so i dont have a lisp or anything. I changed the barbell to a 14g 7/8 because I have a psycho long tongue, and the 14g 3/4 was a bit small..and left these indents in my tongue because of the swelling. I think i'll put the old one back when the swelling goes down.

Over all, i think it was good that i got this done...my tongue feels good, and doesnt hurt that bad anymore...just my jaw is a little swollen. But i'm sure that will go down within the week. Its easy to eat now, and i can take bites just fine...without having to rip pieces off and place them on my teeth. I figure i saved 45 bucks by doing it myself. The barbell cost 30, and the place where my friend got hers done, charged 75 for the whole deal. It may not be as professional or as clean...but i was careful, and sterelized everything i used. Piercing looks good too...right on center.

If you can get it done professionally...do it. its alot safer...but if there's no other option, do it yourself. just be safe, and make sure everything is clean.

well, i hope this helped anyone who was considering doing it themselves.

~Erin~ Friganpunk@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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