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Finally, yippy, I got my tongue pierced!


I don't even remember how it got started. I guess it was just seeing people with their tongues pierced and thinking how that would be so cool. I talked to parents about it and they totally were against it. We would fight for hours,and I was balling by the time we stopped fighting. I had to put my friends down twice as they were getting their tongues pierced, because of my parent situation. Finally, it has been winter break and I knew if I didn't get my tongue pierce during this break, I would never get it done. Time was running out and I had been so busy and wanted to get some drinking and partying down so I figured that toward the end of the break would be the best time. I went to the piercing place on Sunday Dec. 2, but they were closing and said it was too late,so to come back. This was one of the places that they my friends went to, they didn't get their tongues done here but got other piercing done. The good thing about this place is they are one of the few who pierce 16 year olds without a adult, (like me as I am 16). My best friend was against this whole piercing idea and was saying how it's ment to be that I don't get it done, because of how they were closing. I was so pissed off, I would think about it 24/7 and it drove me crazy, I had to get my tongue pierced already!

On December 31,1998 during the day I went back to that same piercing place. I was hoping it would be alright considering that my friends made it after their piercing. Before I went I picked up my best friend who wasn't really for the whole idea, but she did want to see it being done, and one of my ex boyfriends who had his done. So when we walked in I told the guy/piercer(Zach) that I wanted my tongue pierced and he had me sign and read the contract in the mean time my mom had paged. It scared me that I was signing this paper that really means a lot! I thought with my mom paging that for sure I wouldn't get it done. I was so nervous and scared I really needed to clam down. I picked out my barbell (14 gauge 3/4), I paid, and while he was sterilizing it I went to the bathroom. It had to take 15 minutes to be sterile. I was shaking I was so nervous, but I had to go through with it, I wanted it so bad!

The time had come I sat down in the piercing room, Zach cleaned up everything

around. He gave me Scope to swish and keep in my mouth. He was wearing gloves, he opened a new clamp, got a needle, paper towel, got the barbell ready and finally it was time. He told me to stick my tongue out and curve it, he then clamped it, next put the needle up to my tongue on the top AND PULLED IT THROUGH AND I COULD NOT BELIEVE HE WAS DONE! It did not hurt at all I barely felt anything! I was jumping with joy, I even hugged Zach! We went over what I shouldn't and should do and then I was free until I would face my parents.

Luckily, when I got home I told my mom straight up and she wasn't so upset.

My dad was more upset, he made me cry when he said,"I am disappointed in you." I feel bad, but yet feel it is not that big of a deal, and soon they will get over it.

January 1, 1999 Wow, a new year. I woke up today forgetting I had my tongue pierced it feels fine! I had soup, a shake , and small pieces of real food. My tongue isn't that swollen, I mean I can still eat it's not effecting my teeth. I made sure I just do a good job on rising my mouth out afterwards. I love it so much, I am like the happiest person! It is so much fun!! I just hope it stays okay...

January 2-4, 1999 Back at school=( it sucks but I was having fun showing off my tongue. I did the same thing at work everyone was so proud of me, after I've talked about it for months. UPdations is it has been a little swollen mainly right where the barbell is. Also, I notice sometimes it pusses,well white stuff comes out on the bottom, it sounds sick, but I've talk to some people and they said it's normal for your tongue to do that. I am not sure if it is infected or what but I make sure I keep it clean with washing my mouth out with Scope, Listerine, and salt water, and Gly this over the counter gel. What can I expect from my tongue? Not everyday someone just stabs a piece of medal in to make a hole in your tongue. It's been 4 days so hopefully it will start getting better..

Jan. 10, 1999 Ten days!!! It is so cool! I talked to my friend who had the same problem as my tongue did with the white stuff and she said that mouth wash causes it. This happens because new bacteria is trying to grow and by using anti bacteria mouth washes cancel the bacteria your tongue needs to get use to the hole and barbell. So just to use salt water, and that Gly Oxide stuff. The swelling has gone way down. It is better and I love it more everyday!

Jan. 12, 1999 My tongue is like 100% better! Its not swollen, and the white stuff is gone. This has been the best toy I've ever got. I play with it all the time, and so many people ask about it. It's kind of weird talking to teachers, and family members with it, cause they're surprised I got it done, here I am this preppie girl with good grades and now with her tongue pierced! Most of the time that I do talk though you can't even tell that I have it pierced. I want to try kissing already, I have a waiting list of my guys that want to have the experience with it. I also want to try what it's like with another person who has theirs pierced, do they clang or get stuck??

Jan. 21, 1999 I forget I have it sometimes what has it been like three weeks now! I can't believe it! People are making fun of me on why I got it ,the main reason I guess people get their tongues pierce is just for sexual reasons. I swear there is no good excuse to explain why you have your tongue pierced, it's the biggest problem. I have still been making sure I clean my mouth out really good, cause I am so worried that it could still get infected. I wanted to see what the hole looked like so I unscrewed the top ball cause I couldn't get the bottom and I took it out for a second. It was weird how I got so used to it in my tongue, it's was so smooth with out it, but not nearly as much fun. I just slipped it back though the hole when I was done and it was that easy! Well still waiting to kiss someone, it has kind of been pushed aside at the moment.

February 14, 1999 At around 2:30am in the morning I finally kissed someone! This someone had his tongue pierced too. It was so much fun, BUT all of a sudden I felt my barbell came out and I had SWALLOWED one of the balls!!! I jumped up and ended up sleeping with a plastic earing back on the top part. The next day I went out and got another ball and another set with black bigger balls and even a extra ball. So remember when you go get your tongue pierced watch out for the BALLS!! Have a BALL CHECK!

Overall, though this whole tongue experience it has been great. People are still against the whole idea but yet what can we say it is the 90's, almost 2000. If piercing's happened when older people were growing up then it would not be that much to a shock and they would understand more about it all. If you are debating whether to get your tongue pierced or not, just do it! If I went though it and ANYONE can. Good luck, and just make sure you take care of it, keep it clean! Check your balls!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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