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Melissa's Stimulating Tongue Piercing Experience

am a 21 year old, female college student at a small, private, Baptist college in Tennessee (Carson-Newman College). There are about 2000 people on this campus and as far as I know, only two of us have our tongues pierced. So to say the least, EVERYONE FREAKED OUT. I work at a day care with kids aged 9-13 and the kids all LOVE my new piercing and half of them want to get it done. My employer is not very happy at all. She asked me to take it out, I said NO. It's been three weeks and I still haven't removed it for her, nor will I remove it for anybody.

The Day, February 15, 1999 I had wanted to get my tongue pierced for about 6 months but every time I had the money I would wuss out and when I was really hyped up about doing it, I never had the money. Finally on February 15 a girl in my 4:30 class had her tongue pierced and she said that it did not hurt and that was all it took. After class I jumped in my car, by myself and headed for the ATM machine. I withdrew $65 and I was off to TYE DYE Tattoo, the local (only) tattoo shop / body piercing place. When I walked in, alone, I was a little intimidated by all the pictures of tattoos and the guys who worked there. I was the only woman in the place. The guys were very friendly and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions, no matter how silly they were, without laughing. I had heard that you could get paralyzed if they hit a nerve or something like that. They assured me that that was a myth and had never happened to anyone that they knew of. So I told them I wanted to do it. We walked into a back room with a sink, mirror, desk, and a dentist looking chair. They got out a small paper cup, filled it with Lysterine and told me to rinse my mouth while they got out the piercing stuff. After I rinsed my mouth I started to get nervous, there were the things to hold my tongue out, rubber gloves, a pen to mark my tongue, paper towels to dry it, and the scary looking hollow needle all laid out and ready to pierce. I chose the barbell that I wanted, they put on the rubber gloves and told me to stick my tongue out, they looked at it, dried it off with paper towels, marked on both sides of my tongue where it would go through and come out. One guy was holding my tongue out and the other one picked up the hollow needle. NO!! STOP!!! Or at least that was what I was trying to say, I could not talk with my tongue being held, but they got the message and stopped. We talked for a minute and tried again. DAMN!! I wussed out again. These guys were really cool about it though, we talked a few more minutes and I asked if anyone had ever cried after they had it done. They said no and I was finally ready. On the third try, I let them do it, I felt silly when it was over, it did not hurt at all. I apologized for being such a baby and they said they would have waited as long as it took as long as I really wanted it done. They told me not to talk a lot, not to play with it for a while, rinse with Lysterine every time you eat or drink anything except water. They said to eat a lot of ice cream and cup-a-soup, and avoid bread because it sticks to the roof of your mouth and you try to get it with your tongue without thinking.

Day 2 It was a little sore the second day, but only after I talked all day and was trying to play with it after they had told me not to. I guess that is what I get for not listening. I stopped by TYE DYE Tattoo on my way home on the second day just to make sure my tongue was normal and all that. I had to eat ice cream and cup-a-soup all day.

Day 3 The third day I was eating McDonald's cheeseburgers and fries again. I was on the road back to normal. My speech was improving but I still could not kiss. That sucked.

Day 14 I went back to TYE DYE Tattoo again. Still no problems. I just wanted a shorter barbell. It was cool, they just traded my old one for a new shorter one. I can talk normally again and I can finally kiss again. My tongue ring is growing on my boy friend. At first he hated it but he is liking it more all the time.

Day 21 Today everything is back to normal, I can hardly tell that my tongue is pierced. My boy friend LOVES it now. The kids I work with at day care stick out their tongues so that I will do the same and they can see my barbell.

My Recommendations

Get it done. You will love it. Take Benadryl if you are not allergic, for swelling, drink lots of COLD water, use Glyoxide and lots of Lysterine, and as soon as it heals, get a shorter barbell. The shorter barbell makes all the difference, especially if you plan to kiss anyone. I love mine even more now.


Did it hurt? Not at the time, just the next day.

How do you eat? The same as everyone else. After a while you do not even think about the barbell, you just eat. I have not had any trouble at all.

I need ideas of fun things to try with my new piercing (besides kissing)...be creative, I'm interested...

Any questions or comments: TONGUETAGG@AOL.COM


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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