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Tongue Experience

t's my turn to make a submission to BME. I'll try to make it as detailed as I can remember, but It's been a year now since my piercing. -Grab a snack, It turned out to be rather lengthy-

Spring break '98. My friend, Dave, and I hopped into my car and headed for Boise ID. Getting my tongue pierced was not something I had planned for, but I'm glad I did it. (The first I had seen of a pierced tongue had been about three months prior. Two seniors in my H.S. choir had gotten theirs done at about the same time. I saw their piercings and instantly felt that I should have one. I went home and asked my mom if I could get my tongue pierced. She said no... She forbade me to do it on the grounds of rumors that she had heard about the risks of piercing: cancer, loss of muscle control, etc... The list of misconceptions goes on for a while.) Dave and I got to Boise and drove around for a while, checking out the city. We parked my car and began walking around downtown. After walking into a shop that sold piercing jewelry I remembered how several months earlier I had wanted so badly to get my tongue pierced. I asked the people at the counter if they pierced, no... They gave me the name of a place a couple of blocks away though. We walked there and asked about prices. They told us the prices but that their piercer was done for the day. They gave us the name of another shop though we drove there and asked them about thier prices. 85$ for the piercing and jewelry (A bit high, but I didn't know that at the time. It was my first piercing) We found an ATM and withdrew the money. I returned. Dave waited in the car, he didn't want to get in trouble if they found out I ws 17...Pansy. Cash in hand; I told the man at the counter I wanted to get my tongue pierced. He gave me the paperwork to fill out and asked to see my ID. With as much confidence as I could muster, I gave him my driver's license and filled out the release forms. he stared at my ID for a while then accepted my money. VICTORY! Gave me a small bottle of scope, told me to go in the bathroom, rinse my mouth good, and come back. I did so and was led to the piercing room.

The lady who performed the piercing was very thurough, put on her rubber gloves and tied on my drool bib, she washed her hands, she explained the process to me the whole way through, while preparing to pierce me. She clamped my tongue(that was a bit uncomfortable) and started telling me about how it wouldn't hurt. Then in mid sentence she stopped and said "There, did that hurt?" I hadn't even noticed the needle going through. She screwed on the barbell which tugged my tongue a bit and wasn't entirely pleasant. I started to feel a bit dizzy at that point, and she leaned me back in the char for about 30 seconds while fanning me, asked if I was allright, I got up and walked out into the lobby. I got my aftercare sheet and went back to the car where I stuck my tongue out at dave who told me that it looked cool. I bought myself a large bottle of listerine at Fred Meyer's and we went to hang out at the mall. I ate dinner at Arby's with just a little bit of soreness. We met some girls at the mall and well, by the time we parted company I'd broken the rule about no oral contact. :p No harm done though. My tongue remained sore for about a day and a half after getting it pierced. We stayed away from home for a while And I hd a chance to relearn to speak and eat without drawing attention to the tongue. By the time I returned home, my parents couldn't tell I had it pierced.

I wen't two weeks without my folks finding out about the piercing. But word got around and one of my friend's parents found out and told mine. I got a call at school telling me to go home. I arrived and as soon as Iwalked through the door my mom told me to stick out my tongue. Bummer. I'd been caught. they yelled, cried, asked me why I'd done it, and ordered me to remove it. They also asked for the name of the place that pierced me and threatened a lawsuit, I played dumb with that though so no harm came to the kind people who pierced me. I removed my barbell and turned it over to them, but fortunately I'd bought a second. I wore that for another couple of weeks until my mom spotted it while I was talking to her. They weren't very trusting of me at the time. Probobly had been looking to see if I still had it pierced. I had to give them that one too. Now I had no barbell, and there was no piercing parlour within 80 miles of my town... I had to improvise. The closest thing I could find to the size of my 14g barbell was a paperclip. I didn't want it flaking off chrome into my piercing though, so I went and bought some of the plastirubber coated colourful paperclips. Cut one off to the right length and Capped it with some decorative beads I found lying around. My temporary retainer lasted about a week and a half before one of my friends came back from Chicago and had bought me a barbell as a gift. How thoughtful! that was a lifesaver for me. I learned a nifty little trick to conceal it from my parents. When I unscrewed the top ball I could manipulate the barbell inside my mouth. Anytime I found myself around my folks, I just took the barbell out of my tonge and hid it in a cheek or lip until I was done speaking with them. Then I closed my mouth and reinstalled the jewelry. I hardly even moved my jaw when doing this so it was very inconspicuous.

Since, I've gotten a flesh colored retaining bar. It is nearly invisible and has helped me keep my piercing from my folks for the past year. I've had little event with my tongue except for when I Joined the National Guard and went to basic training last Summer. For the most part there was no trouble until I accidentally forgot to change to my retainer from my nighttime stainless steel barbell(more comfortable). I got to do exercises until I puked, and had yet another barbell confiscated from me, what's that, about 60$ I've lost now? Thankfully I had my retainer which I wore for the rest of my training. I've switched guages to a 12 guage that I like a bit better than the 14 because it feels more substantia, and I Think I might get two more tongue piercings to compliment the one I've already got. For those who need to hide a piercing, I have one or two other techniques I didn't mention in the interest of space conservation, but anyone is free to e-mail me at spiffbob@hotmail.com with questions, comments, or if you just want to be by friend. Thanks for reading.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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