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The Tongue...

I started having my body pierced at the beginning of 1997. First I had a frenum done... that was a trip because I had never even thought about having it done..or any piercing for that matter. I was just sitting at home at around 6:00pm and thought "hmm, I think I want my dick pierced".
I told my wife, she was a bit astonished... but by 7:30, Bear, the piercer at Forbidden Fruit had shanked me. (BTW, I highly recommend Bear, he was the guy on the cover of Body Play just a bit ago with the rack). Then, about 6 months later, and after being completely happy with the piercing (which is gold) I thought about having my nipples done. I actually thought this one out and about a month, in July, Bear's assistants (John and Michael [a protege of Fakir] shanked me. The two nipples were done at the same time (again in gold) and that experience was a true cosmic rush.. I can't even begin to explain the hightened spirituality I felt. Well, 2 weeks ago I told my wife I wanted my tongue done, not surprisingly, she thought I should have it done ASAP...hmm.. who was this piercing for anyhow?! Well, I pondered over it for a couplle weeks, then this past Saturday (the 19th of october I think) I went back to forbidden fruit and another one of Bear's assitants shanked my tongue. For some reason I was more nervous about this one than any of my others, even knowing that it shouldnt be painful at all. Ive never been afraid of the pain, Ive always been afraid of the anxiety. So, I sat there in front of Geneva (my shanker) and my wife and our friend sat on either side of me. I gripped their fingers, Geneva gripped my tongue, and in a flash, she had done it. Hot-damn that was neat... not as much of a cosmic rush as the nipples, but nonetheless awesome. The rest of the night was forgotten really, I had some ice chips and went to see a frend dance at a local joint here in Austin. I didn't even otice the girls around me, it was like I was in some tantric dream. I didnt drink, didnt talk (i dont think), didn't feel pain, didn't tip, didn't do a thing I don't think. My wife drove home, she says I was acting just fine, but I dont remember a thing. I woke up the next morning to find myself playing with my tongue. I couldn't remeber the night at all, only up until Geneva pierced me, the rest had been wiped. My mouth was pretty sore, my tongue grew fairly big... my wife got excited... but, it's going to be a while before she can play. The past 4 days have sucked though.
Im afraid to eat, and a fork has become a re-occuring nightmare. Straws are fun, listerine sucks. That gyl-oxide stuff is nasty, I feel like im swishing with a cup of my own saliva... oh..that's right.. I am. Pasta has been fairly good to me, but eating it with a spoon sucks. I forgot what it's like to lick my lips, and hope I'll be able to when I get the shorter bar put in..and yes, like my others, it is gold, too. My boss laughed at me and teases my new found lisp, i just stick my tongue out at him.... I guess it's better than sticking my frenum out at him though.
Anyhow, I do recommend getting the tongue done so far, and if your in Austin, I wouldnt hesitate to see Bear or his staff.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Tongue Piercing

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