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begged and begged, and finally they gave in. My dad finally agreed to take me to get my tongue pierced. I'm 16 and they wont pierce minors in Arizona without an adult, and you cannot be under 16 to get pierced at HTC. I got my tongue pierced at HTC of Tempe on October 10th 1997. I did a lot of research on tongue piercing and other piercings, i do suggest this, because i wasn't nervous at all even when i was sitting in the chair. I first went in and signed all the papers and the woman picked out a 3/4 inch surgical steel barbell for me. This thing is huge!!! I couldn't believe they were gonna stick this thing in my mouth, i didnt even think it would fit. Then i went in the room, the guy who pierced me is Glenn, and he was really cool. First he had me swish with listerine, and i agree that this was the worst part, cause that really sucked. When i got back he marked my tongue(i have a short tongue so he did it slanted backwards) and he put a bib on me and told me i was gonna drool, then he clamped my tongue. Now i expected this clamp to be hell because everyone always said this was horrible, but i honestly didnt feel anything even close to pain. Then he told me to close my eyes, well i expected him to do it on the 3rd breath, but all of a sudden i felt the needle come out the bottom of my tongue, and he said ok pain part is done, i didnt even feel it go thru the top, and it didnt hurt at all. No pain whatsoever, my friends were very surprised that i didnt even flinch. Then he stuck the barbell through and he had me get a cup of water. I didnt drool, there was no blood at all, and my tongue felt so cool! I love it. Its beautiful, right down the middle about 3/4 inch back. I tried to suck on ice and this was nearly impossible, even crushed ice, because its really hard to tell the difference between the ice cube and the top ball. The first night i felt no pain, i was able to talk perfectly like always, and i had no pain. I wish i could express enough for you people to believe that it honestly didnt hurt, but i was the same way, i did expect pain, although i wasnt nervous about it. But dont expect pain cause there is none.


I woke up and my tongue was swollen a bit, but i still was able to talk, but i was slightly lispy, but it wasnt noticable. I went to McDonalds with my friends and i gave 3/4 of my chicken sandwich to my friends and it took me 40 minutes to eat most of the remaining 1/4. At one point i bit down and pulled, now this didnt hurt, but i thought i pulled the bar out, that scared me a bit, and i decided i was done eating for a while.

Later that day we all went to Coco's and i ordered terriaki chicken, and i was able to eat like always. But then i had to go rinse the yummy food away with listerine blah blah yucky.


Today is the third day and my tongue seems to be getting better, cause its not getting worst. I still love it, and it is sooo hard not to play with it, i make my friends watch me to make sure i dont play with it.


Today is one week that i have my tongue pierced, the swelling has gone down but i do have a little "pyramid" right around the top all, but they said that was normal. I also have a little bit of whitish yellow discharge from the top hole, but thats normal too. I love my tongue ring soooo much and i am definatly getting used to it. I thought i would never talk normal and i would never adjust to a 3/4 inch bar in my mouth but i am used to it, and i can talk perfectly normal again :>. I have also decided that i dont want to downsize, i like this barbell its not as big as you will initially think. I also want to buy a zillion different color barbells so i can color coordinate with my outfits. I know i'm a loon.

I also wanna suggest buying Arnica Montana, you put 4 of these little homeopathic things under your tongue, and the swelling goes down really nicely. Also peroxyl and glyoxide works wonders. I use glyoxide at night and peroxyl in the morning, this stuff doesn't taste the best but it works really well and your mouth feels really clean. You might experience some dull pain when its swollen, 1000mgs of ibruprofen works pretty good, i weigh 115 lbs so if you weigh more you may need more.

I will give you ppl a warning now: Piercing is contagious, meaning that once you get one, you will want more and more.

I now want to get my nipples pierced, my bellybutton repierced (i had it pierced 2 times in the past and both time my mom made me take it out) and my clit pierced. hehe and if they are all as painless as this tongue piercing was, then i will get them all at once.

I also want to recommend HTC of Tempe, because this place was very clean and professional, and the people are very nice and friendly. Glenn is an excellent piercer, he made the expierience easy, and explained everything as he was doing it.


you can email me if you want at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Nov. 1997
in Tongue Piercing

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