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Well, let me tell you about my tongue piercing experience. To begin I'm 21

and I had been wanting to get my tongue done for a while now so my friend and I decided to get it done together. First we called some places. I wanted to go back to the place where I had my belly button done but the lady wasn't in so we just called around to some local tattoo parlors that also specialized in piercing.

The week before I decided to get it done I had asked around to

people who I knew and asked if it hurt. They told me "no, well, a little"; I was getting mixed feelings. One of my friends said that the belly button hurt more than the tongue....well, I thought the belly button didn't hurt too much so I said, Ah what the hell, let me do it. So, my friend and I went. We were debating whether or not to "smoke up" before hand to ease the pain but then we decided against it.

 We got to the place and I was so nervous. I was cold, clammy and shaking.

The lady told me I had to calm down but I really couldn't because I KNEW it was going to hurt. Well, I told my friend that she had to go first because I wanted to see exactly how it was done so I knew what I would be in for. She told me I better get it done or she'd kill me. I was like don't worry.

Well, first the lady made her rinse with listerine and she showed us the

barbell she was going to use. It was a 14 gauge. Like I know the difference. Well, anyway, my friend stuck her tongue out and got clamped and the lady used a hollow ended needle to pierce it. That means that a piece of our tongue was actually being carved out!! Well, she wined a little, and drooled and then it was done. I was like how was it?? she said oh it wasn't too bad. I said are you sure now. She said yeah. So I said ok. let me give it a try. I rinsed my mouth out with listerine and then sat down. The lady said to stick my tongue out as far as I could. I did but then she said that it wasn't out that far. Seriously, I was sticking it out as far as I could. I wanted it pierced as far back as I could because I didn't want for everyone to see it so I told her that. She said ok. SO she wound up grabbing my tongue and pulling it out really far. Next thing you know I heard the clicking of the clamp. She was locking the clamp. I wanted to die because she clamped that little web on the bottom of my tongue. THAT KILLED ME!!!

Well, my eyes were closed and i was wining like a little puppy. I thought she

was done and right when I opened my eyes, I saw the needle coming. I was screaming and wining and then my friend said I started shaking as if I were going into convulsions. The lady said she was almost done and then she put the barbell through. I was drooling everywhere. I felt like a helpless baby. I wanted to die. She helped me put my tongue back in my mouth and then it was over. I was mumbling for a little while trying to get used to it. When I went home, my mom couldn't believe that I went through with it. She just constantly called me a savage and didn't even want to see it. My sister said that I looked like Scary Spice...(ooooh what a compliment...YEAH RIGHT!)

I had to suck ice for the longest. I was getting worried because my tongue

got really swollen and wasn't going down. It was already about 1 week later and the swelling still wasn't down. I was rinsing with listerine and glyoxide and my tongue was killing me. I know I couldn't eat for 1 week and I lost 7 lbs. That was probably the best part of the whole thing. I know I was starving the same night so I tried to eat a banana and tapioca pudding and I couldn't. It was just ice for me for a week. What a diet!

Well, after 2 weeks the swelling had just started to go down. I thought

there was something wrong with my tongue being my friend was able to play with hers like 3 days later and I was still struggling. Then when the swelling went down, I still had a little bump on the top by the ball and the right side of my tongue was so sore. I couldn't even lick my top teeth without pain. Well, after about 3 weeks it was totally healed. I was able to play with it a little and even chew gum. Now it's been 2 months exactly and everything is fine.

One of my friends just told me today that she was eating the other day

and swallowed the entire thing, rod, balls and all. I was like OH MY GOD!!! But luckily she got a replacement one before the hole closed up.

 All I know is the pain that i endured for this I NEVER want to go through

again. To me, I feel like this pain is probably worse than having a baby. Well, I'm sure it's not but hey, maybe it is. I just know that I make sure the balls are tight everyday and that I take good care of it. I don't need to lose it now since I went through all that pain to get it. This will stay with me till I get bored of it.

As for my friend who said that the belly button hurts more than the tongue..I

beg to differ with that one. To me, the belly button was not that bad. It felt just like when someone steps on your fingers. I think that the tongue hurt WAY MORE than the belly button any day! I don't ever want to go through that again. That is why I make sure the balls are tightened everyday becase if I ever swallowed it and the hole closed up, I'd NEVER go through it again. You couldn't even pay me.

If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to email me at

[email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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