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~*~ Leslies Tongue Piercing Experience ~*~

Leslies Tongue Piercing Experience ~*~

  I pierced my tongue on the 19th of June 1998. I have wanted to get

it don't for awhile. I read every story about tongue piercings on BME which only made me what to get it pierced even more. I talked to my parents about it and my dad just wouldn't talk about it and my mother would yell. I told them all the facts. All the problems that could possibly happen, how i would take care of it but it didn't matter to them, they didn't think their 17 year old daughter needed a hole in her tongue.

I called the piercer in the town next to our and he wouldn't pierce minors so I looked up piercers on the net and found one an hour and a half away that would pierce you as long as you where 16.

I decided it do it right after my exams because i had 4 days off before i had to start baby sitting for the summer and thought that would be the best time. A day before i planed on going I was still about $100 short. I need the $70 for the Piercing plus another $70 for bus tickets for my best friend and I and a bit of money for spending or anything that i might need including cleaning supplies. I was all stressed out becuas I was short the money and flipped out at a waitress when my family and I were at dinner and left the building in tears. It was then that my sister finally agreed to lend me the money when she realized how much this meant to me. My parents were upset with my sister for lending me the money but there wasn't much then could do about it.

The next day my best friend and I took a bus for 2 hours to get to the other town and then a city bus to the tattoo/Piercing studio. I wasn't nervous at all. I knew what was going to happen and I didn't care how much it was going to hurt as long as I got it done.

The lady at the counter took my money and made me sign a form stating that I was at least 16 and wouldn't not be able to sue it something went wrong. I walked into the back room leaving my fiend in the waiting room so nervous that she was ready to throw up.

I stuck out my tongue and she told me that i had a short tongue and my veins were in the way and that I might not be able to get it pierced. At the point i was starting to worry. I was able to pierce my tongue but very close to the tip (about 7mm from the tip). she pierced me with a 10gauge 7/8 inch barbell.The actually Piercing was like anyone elses. Rince with wish mouth, mark my tongue, clamp and pierce then rince with mouth wash again. (it hardly hurt, only a small pinch)

I was on the best high for the rest of the day. I was so happy to have a piece of metal through my tongue. We had roughly 3 hours to waste before we took our bus home and i talked none stop. Every one at the mall was giving me funny looks because it was REALLY hard to understand me. I had to get my friend to ask the fast food places for ice to suck on.

For the next 3 days I didn't eat a thing. I only had water. The first thing i ate was McDonalds french fries. they tasted so good. I had to tilt my head back to swallow and my friends where very embarrassed to be with me.

After a little while i noticed i had this white thing hanging from my bottom hole. It looked like my skin was falling down. I waited 2 months and finally was so worried that i had an infection or something that i went to the piercer in the town next to mine (at this point I still had a bad lisp). The nice man i went to looked at my tongue and had never sean anything like that. He figured because that barbell was WAY to long for the tip of my tongue that it was cuasing the problems. I also found out that she pierced me in the wrong spot. She actually pierced me tongue closer to my veins. If she did it at the stop where most people get theres done it would be further away from the veins. The jewelry that was in my tongue was also bad quality. It was externally threaded and hollow. I ended up paying $60 for a new barbell with a green ball that would glow under black light and my lisp was completely gone. After getting my new barbell it took about 2-3 weeks and my bottom hole looked perfect and i was no long worried about showing people the bottom of my tongue.

I love my tongue pierced. I have no regrets even though I had to spend a lot of money and went through a lot of hassle to get it done. I have pierced the side of my lip in the end on October and i am still not done Piercing myself. I want to get my left nipple pierced and possibly the other side of my lip or eyebrow.

Body modification is a very spiritual experience. When I pierce myself I do it for life. I can't imagine myself ever taking my jewelry out and letting the holes close. I get allot rude comments from people that do not except that I have my own standards of beauty and don't feel that I need to fit into society standard of what looks good. Unfortunately many people here are very closed minded which makes employment hard to find.

My advice to everyone thinking about Piercing something is to think it over good first. Make sure you know what you are getting into. You will receive a lot of negative comments and your family may be very upset with your decision to alter your body. Pierce yourself for you and no one else.

 ~*~ Leslie ~*~

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on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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