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"my goofy tongue ring @ Primal Art"

goofy tongue ring @ Primal Art"

I guess my whole story started about three years ago. I was watching the Brian Adams video for "a night to remember". There was a girl in it who had a tongue ring. I took one look at her and thought to myself "I have to get that done!" Wanting a tongue ring and actually getting a tongue ring were two very different things. See, I am a minor, twelve at the time, and there was no way my mother was going to let anyone stick a needle in her baby's tongue. So, I prodded and pleaded for two years. Yes, I wanted it badly! Finally, right before grade nine started, she gave in. She said I could get my tongue pierced after I got my braces off. So that January I made plans to get my tongue pierced. I looked in the phone book to discover that there were only two places listed. I figured whoever I got a hold of first would get my business. I called the first place, Experience the Beauty, and got an answering machine. The next number listed was for a place called Primal Art. When I called a friendly guy answered the phone. After asking a few questions(serialization, aftercare, ect...) I booked an appointment for the day I was to get my braces off. So on January 16th me and my mother tried desperately to get to Primal Art in lunch hour traffic.

Unfortunately, we were late and missed the appointment. I rebooked for January 21st. So the day came and we went down to Osborne Village. I bought a small Buddha that I thought would bring me good luck. At around 5pm we wandered up to Primal Art. I remember thinking how cool the whole place looked. The walls were covered in a graffiti mural and various sheets of tattoo designs. We filled out some paperwork saying that I wouldn't sue and finally I was called in. I walked terrified into the small room. I sat and listened as he explained everything he was going to do. Then he handed me a small cup of listerine to rinse with. I winced in pain and scolded myself for eating kiwi off a knife the night before. It had cut my lips slightly and the listerine was making it sting. Eric then asked me to stick out my tongue so he could check it for veins with a fiber-optic light. I remember the look on his face when he was done. He looked mildly upset and I knew it wouldn't be good. He explained to be that the purpose of checking for veins was that most people have two veins going up either side of the tongue and about 3% of the population have one vein going up the middle, making their tongue impossible to pierce there. I was part of that 3%, but not only that I had the biggest vein that he had seen in his career and he has been piercing for ten+ years. I had two options: I could pick another piercing or I could pierce the side of my tongue. Eric explained that piercing the side is more painful because it was piercing right through a muscle, instead of between two. I asked him how much more it would hurt and he said a lot. I went home to make my decision, the whole while thinking "Goddamn bad luck Buddha!" After three days of discussion, I made my way down to Primal Art once again. I was determined to get my tongue pierced, even if it meant getting it pierced on the side! Waiting in Primal was the worst part. I kept thinking of how much this was going to hurt me. What am I going to do if I cry? I hope I don't scream. I jumped when they called my name. My mother followed me into the small room once again. Eric asked what I had settled on and seemed surprised when I said my tongue. He proceeded to ask me to rinse with listerine again as he explained how everything was sterilized or thrown out after every use. Finally he marked the spot and clamped my tongue. My mother squeezed my hand as he told me to breathe in. I watched and braced myself for extreme pain. I took a breath as the needle passed painlessly through my tongue. I hadn't even flinched! My mother and Eric both stared at me for a moment as if expecting me to faint. I just looked back with a happy smile on my face. It was over and it didn't hurt! Eric explained how to clean it and a booklet on aftercare. I stuck my tongue out and looked into the mirror at my goofy off center tongue ring and beamed.


Day One: It has swelled significantly, but I am experiencing none of the pain Eric said I might. I did make the mistake of eating a cookie and now it feels like I have crumbs in the piercing now matter how many times I rinse.

Day Two: I am experiencing a little pain, sucking on yummy popscicles helps.

Day Three: After a long day of being ogled at my tongue aches a little.

Day Four: I think this is gonna go off without a hitch! Yay!

My tongue healed fine except for an incident a month later where I drank orange juice and forgot to rinse. I got a minor infection and holy OW! Note: do not take Midol(for swelling) and tylenol at the same time unless you like feeling like an incapacitated drunk! I get a custom barbell fit in case it happens again.

It is currently a year later and my tongue is fine. Other than the whole orange juice thing, This was an easy piercing. Now I can't wait to get the other side done!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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