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Alright here's my story...

I'm almost 19 years old and I have wanted my tongue pierced since I was 16.

Also I live in a sort-of small town called Wausau (in Wisconsin) where people are pretty conservative. It was pretty clear after a lot of begging that I would have to wait until I was of legal age (if I would've gotten it done illegally, I know my mother would've made me take it out and then I would've been pissed).

So anyways...my uncle asked me if I would house sit for him while he was in

Florida for 3 months and I told him I would. Now, his house is in Kenosha; about 20-30 min. from Milwaukee which is where I wanted to go to get it done. So about 3 weeks ago (a little after Christmas) my best friend and I were in Milwaukee. I didn't plan on getting my tongue pierced that day, until I passed the place I wanted to go (it's called Tie Me Down and it's on Brady Street in Milwaukee in case anyone wants to know). Anyways, we're driving and I tell her I wanna turn around and get it done right now. We had time so she was like "o.k.". I'm driving a 40,000 dollar car (a new black Cadillac) and I've been told it's not a good idea to drive afterwards, but do I think of that?? Nope.

We walk inside and it's really what I expected...lots of body jewelry and

lots of magazines for tattoo and piercing ideas. I ask if they'll take a walk-in...and they weren't busy so they did. I read and signed all of the forms, showed them my i.d. and met the guy who was going to do the piercing (his name was Andy...he was a great guy). I waited about 5 min for him to get set up and he led me into the piercing room...my best friend at my side.

I sat down on this table-type thing (looked like it was out of a doctor's

office) and he put everything in front of me as well as did everything in front of me. He handed me a little cup of listerine and told me to rinse my mouth for 1 minute. I did although I whined about it because I HATE listerine. After that he dried off my tongue with some gauze and put a bib- type thing on me for drool (which I did a little bit of). He then got a little marker and pulled my tongue out, marked two spots (top and bottom) and checked like 5 times to make sure it was straight. Then he put the clamp on and pulled my tongue even further out (ouch); this was about when I started to get just a little bit nervous.

Next he took out the needle and told me to take deep breaths...he went from

the top to bottom...he put the needle a little bit into my tongue (so far I feel nothing) then told me to take a really deep breath and let it out real slow. I took a deep breath, as deep as I could, and as I let it out he pushed the needle the rest of the way through. I have to say it hurt...A LOT. My eyes watered, but my best friend squeezed my hand instead of me squeezing hers, and instead of crying like I thought I would, I laughed 'cuz I was so happy I got it done.

I bled a very tiny bit and that was it.  My mouth was a bit sore but I was

too excited to care. He handed me a list about a page long of rules and I started to walk out to pay...for some reason as I started walking I got dizzy, so he had me lay down on the piercing table for a minute...I took some deep breaths and then I was ok. I paid, tipped Andy, and left, still in complete shock that I finally got it done.

Now, I smoke so I almost had a heart attack when they told me not to.  I made

it 6 hours and couldn't stand it anymore so I called Tie Me Down and asked them about it...they told me it was up to me to smoke and if I did to be really careful, rinse well, and hope I don't get an infection...as soon as I got off the phone I smoked. It did cause a very mild infection that's just now going away. I rinsed 5 times a day at least (probably more...which I just found out can cause a chemical burn, so don't do that) with listerine (half listerine/half water as they directed).

I started eating solid food the day after too, which I wasn't supposed to,

but I was fine. My tongue swelled for like two weeks, and I did have a rough time talking...I slurred my "s"'s and when I tried to pronounce 'th' it came out as a 'd' instead (so if I tried to say "the" it came out as "duh") but it's back to normal now. I also switched barbells for the first time the other day. I actually went to a longer, smaller gauge...a friend and I traded (we cleaned them with alcohol first of course)...and now I'm even happier.

I can't even describe what a rush the whole experience was, and I did end up

driving o.k. and the car was fine. What I tell everyone is that I wouldn't take back doing it for the world, but I don't think I would do it a second time (hey I'm a wuss though :P)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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