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Thanks Everyone!!!!!! My tongue piercing story

nks Everyone!!!!!! My tongue piercing story

Well I would like to start out by thanking everyone who has stories on this site. I say this because every story on here on the subject of Tongue Piercing I read. You guys and gals helped me out more than you will ever know.

Well this is my story. I am a 23 year old wife and mother of two children (age 5 and 3). I married when i was 17 and that is where the partying ended. It was time to grow up and put priorities first. So I never had any rebellion days. Here I guess in the last six months or so I decided it was time for ME!!!!!

I had seen girls with tongue piercings before and thought how cool, but on the other side I was thinking oooo how painful! Yikes! But yet there was something that just kept pulling at me and putting that thought right in my head. I called a few places and asked about it and the pain and they all told me the same thing, "Oh it doesn't hurt!" To me I just knew that they were being paid to say that. Yet I didnt stop there I decided to go to the internet and that is where I found this sight.

I decided I would read up and see how they compared. So I sat and read every story through and through and thought well if all these people can do it then so can I. So I decided I would go to the tattoo and peircing shop in my town.

So I was off... Got there and there was just something in the air that made me feel kinda creeped out. But I stayed. Then this woman comes out and oh man let me tell you she was just way to freaky. But again I didn't let that stop me I knew that sometimes these people can be a little weird. UNTIL she told me to sit and stick out my tongue and then through the needle out onto the table. Oh i just knew Id die right there. Then she went to reach for my tongue with her BARE hands well that is when i got the hell out of dodge.

Yet as I set in my car in that parking lot I still wanted it. My tongue being pierced just was all that was on my mind. Then I remembered about a place I had heard about called THE EDGE in columbia tennessee. I knew they were very reputable and decided that that was where i would go. It was an hour and a half from where I lived but I didn't care. So off I went.

An hour and a half later, there I was in their parking lot. Ready to go in I braced myself. I was so siked. Then I walk in to the awfullest scream. I jumped about 10 feet. I asked this guy what is she doing Killing herself he said no she is just getting her naval pierced. I thought to myself OH MY GOD is she nuts ?? then I remembered where i was. I hear my name called...

Then I go back. It was so totally different than the other place. They were so much cleaner and I must say nicer. I climb onto the table. And Chris the guy doing the peircing explains to me what to expect.

Well he finally gets the clamps on ( Oh yeah after he puts on GLOVES ). Tells me there would be a small sting but no sooner did he get the words out than boom he was finished. Now i will be honest it did sting but no worse than a mild bite on the tongue and a whole lot less than having my ears pierced. He then handed me a cup of listerene and said wash and spit so that is what i did..

I was so excited I jumped off the table hugged and thanked him and Ran to my car to get my first peek. The first look was so weird there I am with this huge bar through the middle of my tongue and thrilled to death. Now you have to understand where i was raised. My father is a thoroghbred HILLBILLY through and through. so this was a big taboo. but didnt care after all i am 23.

well it is now the day after the peircing and it has a mild amount of swelling but it feels totally awesome.

I would totally recomend this to anyone and especially to those who where scared of pain it is virtually pain free. HONEST


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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