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Maybelline's Tongue Piercing

belline's Tongue Piercing

Okay, for those of you who are reading this because you're debating getting your tongue pierced, I'm gonna start off by admitting that under most circumstances I'm a pretty big wuss. I always thought tongue piercing was awesome but I was positive I'd never have the guts to go through with it, & never even really considered it. I really wanted to get my bellybutton done, & I have no idea what made me just out of nowhere decide to get my tongue done instead. I just woke up one morning & decided that I would go do it...but I was pretty scared & thought most likely I'd chicken out. I didn't tell anyone I was going to, either. But when it came down to it, I felt I'd be less nervous if I had some moral support, so I called up my friend Rae & asked her if she wanted to go to Van Wert to Professional Touch (the place I got it done) with me. She asked if I was gonna get another tattoo (I have 2 & I had gotten them there too), & I said, "No, I THINK I'm gonna get my tongue pierced!" She was like, ""Haha, what do you mean you THINK you're going to?" but she said yeah & we were on our way.

So we got there & lucky for me there was a chick just finishing up getting hers done, & her b/f was getting ready to get his done. I asked her did it hurt very much & she just shook her head no, but she looked a little woozy & that didn't sit too well with me, so I asked her b/f if he would mind if I kinda peeked in while Billy (the Piercing Guy) did his, & he said no he didn't mind, so Rae & I watched him get it done...he kinda flinched a little when Billy stuck him, & again I was nonplussed, so when Billy got done & looked out at us I pretended like I was looking at some tattoo books. Well obviously he knew what was up because he came out & asked if I was ready to get pierced, & I was like um, I dunno dude. I told him I was pretty nervous about it, I had heard that you can bleed to death if they hit a vein or something, & I asked him if that ever happened to him, & he goes, "Only twice, last week" & then laughed & I felt like a real ditz, which he no doubt thought I was as well, but he was SOOOO nice. He said it doesn't hurt as bad as biting your tongue does, which I found hard to believe although he seemed very earnest about it. The guy who had done my tattoos came out & I waved at him & told Billy he had done both of my tatts & he said that if you can stand a tattoo then a piercing is NOTHING. So I said f*ck it, let's do it.

I did the ritual of waiver-signing & ID-showing (I'm 27 but I get carded all the time so I wasn't too surprised), & Billy asked me if I had eaten good that day, but all I had eaten was some french fries early that afternoon, & this was about 7 PM. He said I should go get something to eat first but I knew if I left without a bar through my tongue I'd never come back! I told him as much, & he thought that was pretty funny too but he warned me that I'd regret not eating first & I said that was ok, I'd deal with that later.

Now for the gory detailz...I went & sat in The Chair, it looked like a dentist's chair kinda, & he had me rinse with Gold Listerine, & told me to stick out my tongue as far as I could. So I did that & he goes, "Jesus Christ I could pierce that f*cker 4 or 5 times!"! He was so awesome, I mean he made me feel so much more comfortable than I thought I would be! He had put on some latex gloves at some point, probably when I was eyeballing the hellacious needle in my jewelry packet, & he marked my tongue with a dot. Oh yeah & whenever I first laid eyes on the barbell I was getting, I told him it was going to be way too huge but he said you need to have a longer one to start out in order to accomodate the swelling, because a too-short barbell can cause alot of problems when it's swelled. So I said okay & he then had me stick out my tongue again & put the clamps on it, which did NOT hurt by the way. I wouldn't even say it was really uncomfortable. Anyways, he got the needle & when he got it close I kinda went, "WAIT!", but he just kinda whispers like a lover, "Just close your eyes..." & when he said that I have to say I wasn't thinking about that needle anymore cause he was a hottie, I forgot to mention! hehe! So I closed my eyes & it's hard to describe the feeling. I felt it but it wasn't pain, it sort of felt like pushing on your tongue with a tongue depressor, & a VERY SLIGHT sting, that I didn't consider painful either, & he goes, "That's the pain!" & dropped the barbell through the needle, put on the bottom ball, & that was that. I started to get up but he told me to sit tight for a second while rinsing with more Listerine & oh yeah some Gly-Oxide, & he went to get my aftercare packet. I looked over at Rae & she asked if I was okay, & I said heck yes, & it was real weird because I felt sorta light-headed, almost like I had a buzz on or something...maybe an adrenaline rush, I don't know. Pretty soon Billy came back & gave me the instructions & told me what NOT to do that night (no oral sex or whiskey), & I talked to him for a few minutes then we left to get my Gold Listerine (he told me NOT to use the green or blue kinds!) & some Gly-Oxide. I couldn't believe it didn't hurt!

As Billy had warned me, I got extremely hungry that night but I wasn't about to jeopardize my new piercing, so I went to bed hungry, & was alarmed when I woke up the next morning because there was some crusty-looking blood around the top hole, & it hurt a little, but I figured that was to be expected. I ended up eating cold spagetti-o's ALL DAY LONG, & that wasn't too tasty but again I thought it a small price to pay.

The next day the pain was pretty comparable to the 2nd day. I had started taking about 800 milligrams of Motrin every 4 hours the night I got it done (kids don't try this at home), but it seemed after the 3rd day it was worse & worse every day! I started to think there was something wrong with it, because it got to the point that I couldn't even talk, but there was no discharge from it & I didn't think it looked like it was TOO swelled, so on Friday (the 6th day) I called up Professional Touch & asked them how long is it supposed to hurt, & they said up to 10 days although it doesn't bother some people at all. Lucky them. Anyway, Friday night I went out drinking with my friends, & when I woke up Saturday it didn't hurt at all. Cool.

I've now had it done for 2 months. Last week it started hurting again but I think that was because I ate some Hot Fries & got them down in the hole or something, & I couldn't get either one of the balls off to check it out. So today I went & got the barbell downsized. The post is shorter but the balls are much bigger & it's WAY more comfortable. I totally love it, & have no regrets whatsoever. Even knowing about the pain afterwards I'd still do it again, although I'd eat first this time.

Today when I was in there getting it changed, a 16-year old & her moms came in to get the daughter's tongue pierced, & I thought that was so cool of her mom to bring her. I have a 2 year old son, & when he gets older I will take him if he wants it done. I mean, Parents, if your kid wants it done bad enough, & you tell them no, they're going to want it even more, & they'll go to some crappy place that doesn't care about age or cleanliness or anything but the money, & they could get into real trouble with it...so ya might as well do your part to be sure they get it done by a professional in a professional atmosphere. That's just my opinion.

Email me if ya want! [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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