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"I wanna pierce my tongue, it doesn't hurt, it feels fine"

"I wanna pierce my tongue, it doesn't hurt, it feels fine"

Since hearing that popular song by the band, Harvey Danger, i have began

wondering if he really has pierced his tongue. Because although the initial piercing isn't too bad, the next few days are a trip to hell and back. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love jello, ice cream, potato soup, and chocolate pudding but come on, after three days of this for lunch and dinner i wanna vomit all over that dumb cd! i know what you're thinking "why'd you do it then?" let me tell you why:


Being a typical punk kid addicted to shoving needles through my body i was already the proud owner of a pierced lip, both eyebrows (barbells), both nipples, and 4g earlobes. everyone i met always asked me why i had all this done and not my tongue, after months of this interogation i gave in and decided to do it, plus i've had girlfriends with tongue piercings and i know how awesome it is to have a significant other with this piercing done. but i didn't want a typical center tongue piercing so i decided to look through BME (the greatest ezine ever) for some ideas. when browsing through the offcenter piercing gallery i fell in love with the venom style piercing. it looked so awesome and i knew i had to do it if i was gonna do anything.


Now, i'm a freshman in college and don't have the best financial situation so on Jan 22 i went and donated plasma at the local medical center to earn some extra cash. i made off pretty well from that and so that night i decided, on the spur of the moment, to go get the first of my two piercings done in my tongue, (this would be piercing #8) that way i could leave about a week or so for healing then go back and do the other side. i called up my favorite local shop (skinsations) and told them my plan, they were excited that i was interested in a double and also stretching my ears again, and told me to come on in and they'd stay open for me.


when i arrived at skinsations they were really nice to me like normal, (i had my right eyebrow done there a couple months ago) the piercer was really cool and we talked for a while about the whole procedure and the placement and all that stuff. then he took me in the other room to do the deed. we got in there and i rinsed with listerine, tastes good when you have cool mint, i remember piercing my lip and having to use the other stuff that tastes horrible. then he sat me down in the chair. I happened to look down to the next chair(in the same room) and there were these 4 girls about 20 or so and all were really hot, one of them was gettin a tattoo, they were all excited that i was doin my tongue and came over to watch. cool i thought cuz they were all really sweet to me tellin me "it's alright sweetie" "you'll be ok darling" and stuff like that. (i guess i looked kinda nervous). i was all psyched about it then and he put the clamps on (which did not even hurt AT ALL, whoever said it did is a baby and i don't know how they made it through the actual piercing) so there i am tongue in clamp, beautiful girls standing around, piercer poised above me with needle in hand, and what do i do? well of course, what any guy would do in that situation, i began to druel all over myself. i couldn't help it, my tongue was out in the clamp and it's hard to swallow without it. then the guy shoved the needle through, which didn't really hurt till it broke the bottom layer and then it did. he put the jewelry through which i didn't feel at all, and then removed the clamps. all the girls were asking me if i was alright and if it hurt. it wasn't too bad at all. except for the fact that i drueled all over, but they didn't say anything about that, i was still kinda embarassed tho. the piercer told me to come back in a week and a half, and he'd do the other side, (he did the right side this time) and he'd gauge my ears to 0g for me then too.


Day 1:

That night i was having trouble swallowing cuz my tongue was so sore, and there was not much swelling, i had bought listerine and glyoxide which i use religiously. it always feels good after i listerine, i sucked on a lot of ice and popsicles and it mostly just hurt ALOT that whole first night. i was hurting constantly. i also couldn't talk very well at all. mostly because the guy used like a one inch barbell which hindered my speaking alot,( i couldn't understand why he used such a big barbell until the next day when my tongue was so swollen it nearly filled the barbell) i couldn't say "s" "d" "y" or "r" very well at all.

Day 2:

The next morning when i woke up it didn't hurt as much, swelling was way up tho, (ibuprofen helped with the pain and swelling) i had to try and eat tho and lunch and dinner was nothing but jello, soup, pudding, and icecream, there isn't much selection in the cafeteria at my college. my speaking was a little better but the swelling still made it difficult, i continued to use glyoxide and listerine all the time, a little more ice.

Day 3:

The pain is almost completely gone, only hurts when i talk excessively or eat. The swelling is pretty bad still and my talking is a little bitter again but i still am not back to normal :( where the ball comes out the top the hole has gotten a little bigger i think i may have either torn it just a little eating or catchin the barbell on my teeth or something. although when i got my lip pierced the hole migrated just a little in a process called nesting where the jewelry shifts to a more natural position, i'm wondering if this isn't a similar process happening in my tongue. i ate my first solid food at dinner today, pizza with a fork and french toast , mmm it was sooo good after all that jello, ice cream and soup.

Day 4:

No pain unless it I catch my barbell on my teeth. be careful with those fresh piercings, the barbells are long and catch easily on your teeth. it hurts!! i'm eating solid food again (very slowly and carefully) and i've been using listerine all the time and my glyoxide too, the swelling is down a little but not much. speech is still a little slurred mostly cuz of the size of my barbell. soon i'll be able to do the other one i hope!! i wanna get this pain over with and start enjoying them.

PIERCING #2 of 2

Day 10(sorry to skip 5-9 but it was the same old thing)

i am kinda sad because my piercing is totally healed as far as pain and swelling, i feel like my old self again, tonight i went in to do the deed and get that second piercing done. looks like it's jello for me again, well, after a full dinner (the last supper) i took off to go back to the piercing shop with some of my friends. when we got their the piercer was doing a tattoo but he let the guy take a break, the guy didn't seem to mind much and he joined the crowd in watching this "venom tongue piercing" come to it's conclusion. i did the listerine thing and sat in the chair. i was kinda nervous cuz i always get a little jumpy when i see that darn needle. he clamped my tongue which kinda hurt, well it was more a discomfort then hurt, it felt like it was right on a fat nerve or vein or something which kinda worried me. then without any delay he grabbed the needle and shoved it through, it hurt this time and my friends were kinda freaking out saying something about it bleeding alot, that kinda freeked me out but when i looked in the mirror it wasn't bleeding that bad, more then the first time but not that bad at all. i examined the piercing and the top looked good, the bottom was just barely off center with the left piercing but it's alright because you can't tell unless i pull my tongue all the way out of my mouth so it still looks good, the pain was bad again right afterwards as it began to throb but i took advil right away this time and drank a bunch of cold water and now my tongue doesn't hurt at all.


the rest of the healing procedure went like the first one, i was eating and talking well again in about 3 days, swelling was gone in about 5-6. i downsized my jewelry and it looks awesome, i would highly recommend a venom piercing, they look awesome, and there double the fun when it comes to girlfriends (hint hint guys) get her the gift that keeps on giving. well kids, that's my tongue piercing story in a nut shell, actually that was long as hell.

keep on piercing, darren questions or comments? email me at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Tongue Piercing

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