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my tongue web piercing experience

'm a 16 year old female and i decided to get my tongue web pierced a few weeks ago. anyway, i decided i would share my story with you. ok, i wanted to get my tongue pierced the regular way but my parents wouldn't go for that. then i saw a tongue web pierce and i really liked it. so i decided nobody would notice that. so i went and got mine done.

when i went to my piercer, he talked to me for a while and made me feel comfortable before we went through with the pierce. after that he checked my tongue to be sure it could be pierced. it could, so i was really happy. then he asked me what kind of jewelry i wanted and i picked a 14ga sss straight barbell because i liked some of the pics i saw like this on bme. so anyway, he said it would be easier for him if he didn't use a clamp, but instead did it free hand. so he got the receiving tube and needle ready (sterilized of course, and he was wearing his gloves) and he told me to breathe in and let it out. then i felt not really a pinch, but it felt like something was slightly poking my tongue web. it didn't hurt, but it wasn't comfortable. then my friend squeezed my hand really tight and my piercer said i could close my mouth now. my jewelry wasn't in when i looked. i guess he couldn't get it threaded and something else happened, so he had to do it again. this time it was successful and it didn't hurt at all. i guess it was kinda bloody though. anyway, i looked at it in the mirror and i loved it. it was great. i tried talking, but i had a little lisp. it's the oddest feeling to have something foreign in your mouth for a long period of time. so, i talked a lot that night to try to get my speech normal for the next day when i was to see my parents.

later that night... i was really sore and i couldn't speak clearly when i spoke fast. i had some cold water and ice, which helped a ton. i took something to make the pain go away. i rinsed with listerine and went to bed. i also talked a whole lot more, which wasn't that great of an idea. it started getting really sore. i took some tylenol though and most of the pain went away.

the first week.. my tongue was really sore and swollen and my speech was affected. i wasn't really around my parents too much and when i was a put my retainer in to compensate for my speech impediment i also got this slimy white stuff around each hole. i took some of it off with a q-tip, which hurt a lot. then i got scared and had it looked at, but everyone said it was fine and it would go away. i also got some canker sores where the balls were rubbing the bottom of my mouth.

week 2... no pain, no speech problem, no white stuff. everything is just fine. i got some new jewelry at the end of the week. i got a black barbell with purple balls. it looks really good and it's harder to see because the balls are plastic or acrylic. anyway, i like it a lot and i hope it doesn't migrate out. the balls on this barbell are a lot bigger, so i got some canker sores again and had to get used to the new barbell, but it ended up being fine. i like it a lot and it's a lot easier to play with now. i like putting the ball in between my teeth. oh, i also showed a couple of my friends at school and they liked it, so they got theirs done too.

anyone who wants one of these pierces, i say go for it, but make sure you can handle the annoyances of the first week. also, be sure to know that you really need to keep it clean.

now the only thing i have to work on is getting my parents to agree to let me get my tongue pierced. otherwise i have about a year and a month to go. wish me luck guys.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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