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self tongue piercings

I became interested in body modification, mainly piercing and tattooing, when I was abou 12 years old. I remember the first time I saw a pierced tongue. the chick on the real work got one and they showed her getting it done. from that day on I had always wanted my tongue pierced my only problem was that I was so young and my parents were so against it. So, obviously, tattoos were also out of the question. But, eversince that day I have been experimenting with usually safety pins, I guess you would call it play piercing. I would just pierce verious parts of my body just to see what it would feel like and once I got a safety pin stuck through my tongue and realized how little it hurt I didn’t understand why every one that saw one made such a painful face. it truthefully hurt less that piercing my own ears. but, any ways I was still in the situation of not having anything pierced, but my ears, and now I am seventeen. so here is the story of my first kept body piercing besides my ears. I hope you enjoy.

over the summer I came acrossed a nice looking barbell in my girlfriends

jewelry box. she had no use for it and told me that I could have it if I wanted it ... so I took it not knowing what I was going to do with it. at the time I was kicked out of my house and homeless. so, I was sitting up late in a park contemplating what I should get pierced. I was thinking about my eyebrow, but I didn't really want it that bad. I thought about a lot of different piercings until I thought of my tongue... and I was like fuck yeah. and then is when I pull the safety pin off of my back pack and held it over my lighter (just so every one knows, I highly do not recommend doing this. if your going to do a pierce by yourself, at least get a real needle and make sure it is sterilized) trying not to get the pin all black. after a bout 30 seconds of that I let the pin cool down and sat down on a park bench and started feeling my tongue for a good place. I wanted to put it towards the front. so I took the pin and used my fingers to guide it to its new home (I also recommend using a mirror) I felt the prick in the bottom of my tongue making sure it was dead center. then I shoved it through... now comes the difficult part. I would say the safety pin was about 18g well my barbell was 16g, but I had to try to push the safety pin out of my tongue with the barbell not 30 seconds later...SUCCESS!!! on the first shot straight through till I got to the bottom hole the hole didn't want to give...so I pushed harder until....POP (literally the noise it made) it went through ... so after I screw the ball on to the bar I go to the nearest public restroom to see how it looks. PERFECT straight up and down with just and just slightly angled back. I was so excited. it didn't effect my speech till about ten minutes afterwards. and my speech was only effected for about 45 minutes then I got used to it being there. after about 2 days the swelling was almost nonexistent but I could feel a little swollen area about the size of a little marble around the hole... it was gone in about 3 more days.

since then I have moved back home and gotten a job.  I bought a new curved

barbell that would be for my nipple at the store one day and went home and pierced my nipple the same way I did my tongue. it was surprisingly less painful than it looks. but after about two days of having it I ran out of money and cleaning products. so immediately took it out taking no risk for infection. then I was just messing around with the barbell I put it in my tongue and it fit so perfectly into my tongue so now I had and extra straight barbell ... time to hit that tongue again :)

this time I had a mirror. and mouth wash. I washed my mouth out and cleaned the needle then went out to the garage where we have a mirror about 6 feet tall. I pierced it the same way I pierced my tongue before, put the safety pin through and follow it back through with a barbell. perfect ... went through and was done with out a hitch. I was so excited to have two in my tongue. it looked great it didn't effect my speech the second time but it was sore for about 5 days instead of 2 . just kept my mouth wash handy and I have had then both for quite a while now.

now that I have descovered BME, I think I am going to venture down below the

belt, before I saw BME there really was no info that I could get about the piercings so I was pretty ignorant when it came to that kind of stuff. but in february I am planning on getting a PA and two dydoes, thank you BME :)

thank you for reading my story


(please if you want to do a pierce by your self get a hold of someone who knows what there doing, that doesn't mean me, but if you want to ask me something email me at [email protected])


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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